Reactions To The Trump Putin Washington DC Summit Show People Don’t History Well [VIDEO]

Reactions To The Trump Putin Washington DC Summit Show People Don’t History Well [VIDEO]

Reactions To The Trump Putin Washington DC Summit Show People Don’t History Well [VIDEO]

The reaction, face palms, and HAIR ON FIRE! craziness regarding the Trump Putin Helsinki summit has been something to behold. People thought it was bad enough when President Reagan dared to meet with Gorbachev, but what is going on now is just unreal.

Do not get me wrong. Russia is and has been a threat for years. Gorbachev did his best with perestroika, and the Wall coming down in 1989 certainly set Russia on a different path. For a time. However, if one actually PAYS ATTENTION to what Russia has been doing since Bush 41, yes media and politicians I’m looking at you, then it would be very evident that Russia is in many ways reverting back to it’s brutal Communist ways.

I’m with Marta on this. Russia is a threat, and Russia does matter.

However, the past practices of cold shouldering Russia got us exactly WHERE? A Cold War rife with nuclear threats, espionage on unprecedented scale, a hideous WALL dividing Berlin and more.

While I personally thunked my head against desk six or five times at the Q&A portion of the Trump Putin presser, as the media reported it, if any and all would even bother to READ the transcript, one would find comments that are good, excellent, WTH were you thinking President Trump!?, and Putin is a sneaky SOB.

But NOOOO… everyone threw up their hands and either collapsed on their fainting couches or ran post haste for their Pause Pods.

Dialogue has been opened in a new and different way with Russia compared to the last eight years of the Obama/Hillary reset complete with selling US uranium interests to Russian conglomerates. Thus, news of a second summit was not really a surprise to me.

However, it was evidently a surprise and massive pearl clutching shock to many others.

Reuters said this about the proposed summit. 

An official visit by a Russian president to the United States is a rare event: the last time was in June 2010 with Dmitri Medvedev, now Russian prime minister.

There was another guy who came to DC for an actual summit. Let’s do a quick stroll through history shall we?

  • Eisenhower met with Krushchev three times, Kennedy met with him once.
  • Johnson met with Kosygin, Nixon met with Brezhnev, and President Reagan along with Vice President and then President Bush held more than a dozen meetings with Mikhail Gobachev.

But SUDDENLY! this whole summit thing is something new under the sun! You invited WHO to dinner? How DARE YOU!

Chuck Schumer is not amused.

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer criticized the invitation. “Until we know what happened at that two hour meeting in Helsinki, the president should have no more one-on-one interactions with Putin. In the United States, in Russia, or anywhere else,” he said in a statement.

Chuck, here’s the deal. You can’t say that THIS particular private meeting carries more weight than any other private meeting that any President from Reagan on had with Russian premiers. So the absurd idea to subpoena interpreters who are bound by national security to never ever say or write a word about what was said in those meetings needs to be booted to the curb ASAP.

Granted, California’s resident boneheaded Congressman (Adam Schiff) still thinks ordering an interpreter to testify was a grand idea. 

“This is an extraordinary remedy, I realize,” Schiff reportedly told his colleagues on the Committee. “But then it’s extraordinary for the president of the United States to ask all of his senior staff essentials to leave the room and have a conversation with an adversary, and then in a public conversation disavow his own intelligence agencies and in many respects disavow his own country.”

Good grief! Do you guys even HISTORY much if at all??!! Evidently not. Nor did anyone above bother to read the transcript of the presser? Nope.

Meanwhile, all of this is being treated as if it is new. But it isn’t. Cue Tingles Chris Matthews reporting on the invite three months ago.

The DC summit is being planned for sometime this fall. You can bet that the run up to this will have multiple contenders for the Best Pearl Clutching EVAH! award.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    It could always be worse. Thank God we don’t have the desire to control others like the leftists do.
    Being an ally with Russia is just good common sense. World peace anyone?
    Too bad so sad but the perpetual children of the left can’t get over an election from almost two years ago.

  • Russ Wood says:

    A certain English politician who also had troubles with extreme dictators once said “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war”. (hint, his first name was Winston…)

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