Trump Putin Presser Reactions Go Full Hair on Fire

Trump Putin Presser Reactions Go Full Hair on Fire

Trump Putin Presser Reactions Go Full Hair on Fire

The media, our overpaid political class, and everyone in between is lambasting President Trump’s presser aside Russian president Vladamir Putin yesterday. Why? Because he refused to condemn Putin on camera for interfering in our 2016 election, and questioned the Russia Meddling narrative.

And here’s Chris Wallace’s interview with Putin last evening:

In response, some in the DNC, including this buffoon, apparently advocate for what amounts to a military coup against Trump:

Because that’s not at all fascist.

Oh, of course. You’d never say anything so hyperbolic, now would you? (insert eye roll here)

So, let’s think about this for a moment, shall we? Firstly, Trump insists the meddling issue was raised behind closed doors. I’ll take him at his word. Secondly, what was Trump supposed to do, on camera, in front of the world? Body-slam Putin on national television, kicking himself in the teeth, and endangering hope of averting war in the process? We’ve no idea what the pair of them discussed for two hours while cameras were not rolling. So given that Trump’s ACTIONS

…have been far tougher than anything Captain Flexible did in his eight years as United States Apologist in Chief (that’s U-SAC for those of you who enjoy acronyms), I’ll take a few silly words of flattery any day. Bears like honey.

And then there’s former CIA director John Brennan:


Firstly, Captain Commie, we’re not at war with Russia. Secondly, you clearly despise Donald Trump. I think you’ve done whatever you could to undermine him. And I think you STILL believe you’re somehow protecting America from a tyrant. So why wouldn’t you say and do whatever you thought was necessary to hamstring Trump? You’re saving us from a treasonous strong-man, right? Anything is on the table against a despot. At least in your mind. Admittedly, Trump handed you a word-salad ball-peen. So, naturally, you whacked him with it. But let’s not forget, you’re the same man who voted for the Communist Party’s candidate in 1976…

…and oversaw this:

Thus, you’re about as credible as Comrade Putin in my eyes. Pravda Peas in a Pod and all.

Nope. No hyperbole there. (Click to Enlarge. Photo Credit: Twitter)

And make no mistake, President Obama said similarly bone-headed things in the presence of tyrants. A lot. Exhibit A:

Yes. That.

And Obama’s boot-licking was just as irksome. But the difference was the media yawned. It made excuses. It kissed his ring. It ignored Obama allowing Putin’s repeated aggressions. Because much of it wants our nation on its knees just as much as their Golden Boy did, and thus he could do no wrong in their eyes. So the reaction to Trump’s soft, on-camera tone toward Putin is yet another example of obvious media bias. Because were the person who met with Putin yesterday named Hillary Clinton, and the Uranium Queen behaved the same way, we’d be hearing from all the same spittle-spewing pundits about how a woman’s softer touch is what’s needed right now, because gosh darn it, we’ve got to mend those fences that toxic masculinity has set aflame. And oh, by the way, please make your big fat check out to the Clinton Foundation. Thank you very much. We’re doing charitable work here, doncha know.


Here’s the truth: the Obama Administration weaponized our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Millions of rational Americans like myself have precisely zero faith in their leadership at this point. So while Trump used words that some of us found incredibly distasteful, the questions he raised regarding Hillary’s involvement with the now-infamous dossier, and the FBI’s neglect in reviewing the DNC’s server, is fair game. We saw last week a plea deal that let Imran Awan off the hook for what looks from where I’m sitting like a massive breach of national security. A breach that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the current California attorney general, and dozens of other sitting Democratic congressmen and women have worked to bury. With an assist from the FBI and the DOJ. Again. All of these injustices are still occurring under these very same intel and law enforcement agencies. Is it that big of a stretch to question whether or not we’re getting the Truth of what really happened in the “Russia Hacked Our Election” narrative? I certainly don’t think so.

To be fair, this was not Trump’s finest moment. He’s gonna have to fix it somehow. And yep, he should have said this, along with a swift metaphorical kick to the Bear’s nuts:

The Left now thinks it’s got Trump by the short hairs. But they’re wrong. Again. Because he’ll keep doing what he’s been doing behind the scenes regarding Putin’s aggression, the media will continue not reporting it, and he’ll remain complimentary to Russia’s president in public. Trump is no Obama, who exposed his rear to any petty tyrant he could for eight years, both in his words and in his actions. So unless and until Robert Mueller presents us with irrefutable evidence that anything untoward occurred between Trump and Russia—which would have been dribbled out by now via the Leaky McLeaksters over at the FBI and the DOJ—they can all pound sand.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    Remember when advocating for a coup was treasonous sedition? Good times. The military would tell the attempted “putsch” members to go to hell.
    The left is getting so crazy I’m surprised they don’t wheel out an embalmed Lenin with pomp and circumstance.

    • Jodi says:

      Yep. But at least they’re finally showing us who they really are: exactly what they accuse Trump of being.

  • MikeyParks says:

    I believe that President Trump said and did the right things in well measured if not unconventional language. His level of play is above most people’s heads and his strategies are unfathomable to most of us. Rand Paul thinks Trump did well and that’s a pretty good endorsement.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Isn’t it interesting that Sen. Paul has become such a champion for Trump? He criticizes him when he feels it’s necessary, which I appreciate, but he gets him. As do most in the “Freedom Caucus.” I think that’s telling of how wrong so many people are about him. I was one of those people; but now I can see he really does want to MAGA. And he’s doing just that. That’s not to say I won’t watch him like a hawk; but thus far he walks the talk.

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