Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

A fantasy image for your challenge this week. What story springs to mind? Share your 100 words in the comments.

I’ll start with a story:

“There’s a door under my bed.” Her 4 year old’s voice curious, not afraid. Her parents took her back to her room, showing her the floor beneath her bed was occupied with but a few stray toys.

Disappointed, she didn’t tell them when the door returned under her tea-party table or the back of her closet.

Or all the times she slipped through the door to play for weeks, months, then years. Schooled between the stars, riding comets with her friends.

She always came back the moment she left.

Her 5th grade teacher wrote, “She’s so patient. An old soul.”

Now, it’s your turn

Written by

  • Robert Schieble says:

    Oh My I See, The Fairy Princess of The Tree. Who Would believe the Story of You & Me? Why Not even me as I declared on to the “If you be True to the Imagination of Me, Send Lady Caroline to the Arms of Me…. Built of the Wood of the Last Standing Liberty Tree.” As the 13th & Last Tree to Fall, You became the Tiny dancer of My Imagination and My History Teacher After all. 13 Years after Calling You Out, you leave me Speechless and Without a Doubt. I Cant Help my self. I want to Shout & Let It all Out. You Have Delivered on Such an Impossible Mission, I conformity with American Tradition; Knowing You Have My Permission, I Thank-you for The Love which Made My Life Incredible Fun…. The Spirit Of the Tree, Lady Liberty, Miss Caroline & Me, on a Never Ending Journey. With Love Always Robert Schieble.

  • Andrew says:

    “Dr. What?”



    “Who. Look, do you want to come with me or not?”

    “You want me to go with you, in that creepy room that you built in that tree?”

    “It’s a Tardis. We’re going to London—“

    “—100 miles that way—“

    “—in the future. Five hundred years in the future.”

    “I see. Why me?”

    “Because I need a female companion. And help. Future Britain is under attack from aliens. Uh, from beyond the heavenly spheres.”



    “Ok. Let’s do it.”

  • Krübert the Elf says:

    Krübert the Elf moved to a treehouse in Shangri-La so he could finally have peace and quiet. Getting away from the shit ridden RAT race was the best thing he ever did. So what if you win the RAT race if it means you’re just a big RAT.
    Krübert became fast friends with the owl who was very smart. He also placed various food gibs around for the stray cats who were very hungry.
    People always called Krübert names and he realized there was no fitting in with the profane and the ignorant.
    He wanted no part of the Fakebook look at my butt selfie world and enjoyed the sounds of the forest while sipping a delicious green tea.

  • Sam Fletcher says:

    Under the oak, out in the wood,
    past the brown cow chewing her cud
    lives Balter the bauxite
    drinking sweet nectar as Bauxites should

    His britches are baggy his, shirt too tight
    His pockets all empty, his wallet too light,
    His countenance fallen, his eyes cast down
    for beloved Petunia has crept out of sight.

    He hops ‘stride a ladybug bound for home
    Rides with distress across the green loam
    Crying his anguish – loud to the sky
    “Petunia, Petunia – Oh, where do you roam”

    But then the wise owl – in a voice very stern
    Says, “Balter the Bauxite, listen well to my word!
    You have no Petunia – your thoughts are all funny
    You imagined her dreaming – you nincompoop ninny!”

  • Frank says:

    Deep in the forest, seemingly asleep, larger than most and stronger than the many who populate these woods, a true sentinel, secure in age, a faithful witness, a light to woodland grace and home it seems to a keeper, intent on preserving same. Steadfast trunk, lofty limbs, stout branches, push countless leafs soaring high above to form a canopy, and a cavernous staircase hidden within allows the keeper vision true, to warn of enemies of woodland peace determined to slay and burn with reckless and wanton disregard for time honored rings of history. Woodland, safe it is, home to keeper.

  • Dave says:

    It was known as the Wandering Tree. Its roots crawling over the earth taking it on a path only the person dwelling inside knew where. Wherever it went it left behind death, prosperity, plague, or bounty, and no one knew why.

    Legends said that if you were lucky enough to meet the tree’s occupant then you would receive a boon. Tan needed that blessing, or rather, Tia needed Tan to get it or she would die.

    The problem was the roots; they kept moving, consuming all they touched. If Tan wasn’t careful both he and Tia would soon be dead

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