Rand Paul Refers Fauci To The DOJ

Rand Paul Refers Fauci To The DOJ

Rand Paul Refers Fauci To The DOJ

Yesterday’s fireworks between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci got plenty of coverage.

It is plain to see just how much Fauci is trying to split a proverbial hair here regarding who funded “gain of function” research in Wuhan. However, Rand Paul is done with the semantic game playing, if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s hearing. So even though this action will probably go nowhere, Rand Paul is making a statement: he means business and will not put up with any more of Fauci’s obfuscations.

Sen. Rand Paul said he will send a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

“I will be sending a letter to Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress. We have scientists that were lined up by the dozens to say that the research he was funding was gain-of-function,” the Kentucky Republican told Sean Hannity of Fauci on Tuesday evening’s “Hannity” program.”

“He’s doing this because he has a self interest to cover his tracks and to cover his connection to Wuhan lab,” Paul continued.”

Is this the right move to make? Absolutely yes. We know that Fauci lied to cover for the NIH, because he believes in the bureaucracy that pays him so well. He and other public health officials can’t wrap their lofty egos around the fact that the general public considers their credibility well and truly trashed. We have eyes and ears, Dr. Fauci, and we can clearly see and hear what you have said in the past.

Even some in the media, like the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin, is saying the obvious part out loud.

Now, will a Biden Department of Justice, who is very busy trying to sue Georgia over its voting laws, actually do anything on the recommendation from Senator Rand Paul? No, absolutely not. Not unless things become so politically unpalatable that a scapegoat must be used.

The only court that is left to render any kind of judgement on Dr. Anthony Fauci is the court of public opinion. I think it would be appropriately fitting if Fauci was forced to wear a mask for the rest of his life because he was afraid to show his face in public. He has soaked up all the adulation and glory that the media gave him, and it went straight to his head. If the public went out of its way to shun Fauci and his colleagues from this time forward, it would be no more than he deserves.

He didn’t just lie to Congress and Rand Paul. Fauci lied to all of us, because his belief is that the general public is too stupid to know the truth. We have watched him for over a year now, flip-flopping like a fish desperately gasping for air. It is well beyond time that his ego has some of the air taken out of it, and a little humble pie gets shoved into his face.

Between the continued media-fueled panic about COVID, and the absolute weak-kneed waffling from the Biden administration on China, it is likely that no one is going to be held accountable for the virus’s origins anytime soon. I hope that Senator Paul does not let this issue go, and does not fail to keep rubbing it in Dr. Fauci’s face every chance that he gets. Perhaps some other senators could start asking Fauci some tough questions as well. He should be made to own his comments on “gain of function” and the NIH’s funding of that research. An honest media would do so, but we don’t have that. The best we can hope for is a few more senators to come and help Rand Paul out.

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