Roundup Time: All Racist All The Time

Roundup Time: All Racist All The Time

Roundup Time: All Racist All The Time

The Left isn’t just beating the drum of “racist” in regards to any non-leftist American behavior or thought, they’ve marshalled a 24/7, 140 decibel drum corps. Not just painful but damaging and something we have to stop tolerating.

It’s racist to complain about anti-Semitism …

The writers seem to have taken a clue from NYC Mayor DeBolshevik that Jews with funny hats and beards are nefarious bigots. OMG, they won’t even save themselves from crippling cuz of their own racism!!! [cue the clutching of pearls] Let’s not let the reality that there is nothing in Jewish law or tradition that supports this view interfere with this brilliant scene showing how backwards, stupid and racist religious people really are.

Of course, the Leftwing trolls on Shapiro’s thread are attacking him with enough strawmen to rival Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

… but anti-Semitism is bad when it’s about making a tasty cookie

Bon Appétit goes full Ministry of Truth after a Twitter Mrs. Grundy finds a 5 year-old recipe.

And no charge of cultural insensitivity is so far-fetched that it won’t force a magazine into self-abasing self-expurgation. What Bon Appétit blithely calls its “Archive Repair Project” is, according to HuffPost, an effort to scour “55 years’ worth of recipes from a variety of Condé Nast magazines in search of objectionable titles, ingredient lists and stories told through a white American lens.”

George Orwell warned in “1984” of a world in which “the past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.” At the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith was obliged to rewrite what had been said about sweets — chocolate, not cookies — to hide the fact of ever-dwindling rations.

Don’t you DARE wish to own a home in the ‘burbs!

Yes, I know, it’s Vox so there’s a lot of irrelevancy to fill column inches, but these usual race-pimp collectivists are lobbying the Biden admin to control local zoning by any means necessary.

Single-family zoning, which means it’s illegal to build anything other than single-family homes, is prevalent in the suburb. Single-family homes are more expensive than apartments, townhomes, or duplexes, and that makes rent costly, too. (snip)

Exclusionary zoning laws essentially trap many Black families into low-income neighborhoods by pricing them out of richer ones.

Cuz as we all know, black folk are always poor and wypipo are always rich.

there’s actually a lot President Joe Biden’s administration can do about it right now. Biden can tie public concern over racial justice to tangible changes people can make at the local level. He can also tie federal dollars to mandates to reduce exclusionary zoning. And if all else fails, his administration can sue the jurisdictions that are knowingly perpetuating segregation.

Only White Leftists are capable of the moral authority to right this terrible thing by destroying the ‘burbs for the benefit of all!


Well, yes, black folk can be racist, too

Victory Girls has covered the epic disaster of Soros’ puppet, Los Angeles County DA George Gascon, several times. This latest is a real winner …

Tiffiny Blacknell, a Public Defender up until this hire, worked on Gascon’s campaign, was behind a secret “sweetheart” deal with a gangbanger murderer, and now is given a DDA IV job without meeting the minimum requirements. And, it should be noted, she hates cops, prisons and legal responsibility. Note the date on this rant

Racist Tiffiny Blacknell
Facebook screenshot
Racist blacknell
Facebook screenshot


Melanin level is no indicator of character in an individual. So understand that the Left’s everything is defined by race is an anti-individual ideology. “Race” is the new “class” as promulgated by Karl Marx, one of the 19th Century’s great monsters responsible for 100 million murdered in the 20th.

Recognize evil for what it is and respond appropriately.

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  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Using the word “cuz” in an article is at the level I’d expect from somebody who was so proud of herself for wearing a mask with penis graphics that she felt the need to share a photo of herself in the penis mask.

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