Marjorie Taylor Greene Burned For Being Transphobic – The Real Story

Marjorie Taylor Greene Burned For Being Transphobic – The Real Story

Marjorie Taylor Greene Burned For Being Transphobic – The Real Story

Freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green is being fried in the Democrat/Media/Big Tech Industrial Complex for being transphobic. The real story is far different, but you wouldn’t know it if you relied on the reporting.

There is an old Southern saying that generally applies to anything that Democrats do, but is particularly apropos in this situation:

“The ones doin’ the accusin’ are usually the ones doin’ the doin’.”

Here is what the Washington Post is reporting:

After a contentious debate on the Equality Act, which would extend civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community, Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.) on Wednesday raised a transgender pride flag outside her office — which happens to sit directly across from the office of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), one of the bill’s most vocal opponents.

Marie Newman just innocently placed a transgender pride flag outside of her office. The office just by coinkydink just happens to be directly across the hall from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office. Just an innocent coinkydink, right? Not so fast. Congresscritter Newman had to play 13 year old mean girl when she tweeted:

See, now, maybe it’s just me, but if I had a winning argument, I wouldn’t need to act like I didn’t have any home-training and pull a childish stunt. But, maybe Marie Newman wasn’t raised right. At least she didn’t stick out her tongue and say, “Nyah, nyah.”

The hamster in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s wheel isn’t running at full speed. As Kim wrote, Taylor Greene’s brain droppings are way out of the mainstream. Mrs. Taylor Greene played tit for tat and hung up a sign:

I am going to quibble here. Gender has through history been somewhat fluid. Biologically, there are two sexes, that’s science. I have too many friends who are differently gendered and I am not going to dump on them.

But, who is the bad person in this scenario? The Republican, naturally. That is, according to the Washington Post because Newman’s daughter is transgender:

Newman’s fellow Illinois Democrat, Rep. Sean Casten, called Greene’s poster “sickening, pathetic, unimaginably cruel.”

“This hate is exactly why the #EqualityAct is necessary and what we must protect [Newman’s] daughter and all our LGBTQ+ loved ones against,” he said in a tweet.

Might there be other reasons why Taylor Greene and other Republicans don’t support the bill?

The Equality Act has strong Democratic backing in the House and Senate, and a past iteration of the bill drew support from a small number of Republicans. But many Republicans — from moderates like Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) to hard-liners like Greene — oppose the bill and argue it would threaten religious liberties.

There is the religious aspect. There are also no protections for women who would have to compete against biological males in sports. It’s bad enough in side by side sports like track and field. Transgender MMA fighter has broken the skulls of two biological females in competition. Maybe, just maybe, Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t transphobic. Maybe she loves biological women, wants to support them, and indeed wants them to exist.

In the latest, Marie Newman’s video has been removed from Twitter and she is protesting:

I am going to use small words for Marie Newman: Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean you hate it. Marie Newman started it. Majorie Taylor Greene finished it. Get over it.

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  • Markone1blog says:

    A phobia defines as an irrational fear. I don’t see anything that she has done as being based on fear or as being irrational.

    • Toni Williams says:

      The left claims we are phobic about everything.


      • GWB says:

        Because the Progs get their definition of “rational” from its religious priesthood, instead of from reality. They worship “reason” but refuse to actually practice it, preferring feelings based on what their priests and prophets tell them to feel. By their definition, what we say goes against “reason” and therefore must be a phobia.

        (It’s also a totem word, like “bigot”, or “racist”, or “misogynist”.)

  • Skinnymulligan says:

    The satanic left wants everyone to worship their perverted idols.

  • Sparkle Spangles says:

    I really don’t care what Marjorie Taylor Greene’s opinion is about anything after seeing some of her videos in which she bought into conspiracy theories. This woman is not just unhinged, she’s stupid as well.

  • DonM says:

    Mammals have sex. Words have gender. Perverts have mental illness.

  • GWB says:

    being fried in the Democrat/Media/Big Tech Industrial Complex
    That bit right there usually makes me say “Why do I care?” They are definitely not the folks I turn to for moral judgments.

    extend civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community
    Ummm, no it wouldn’t. It would extend them special rights not afforded the rest of us who aren’t on the outer fringes of the bell curve.

    called Greene’s poster “sickening, pathetic, unimaginably cruel.”
    Here’s the thing. One person puts up something dumb (and I’m not talking about Green’s poster, here), and it becomes this “OMG! We have to stop this nation of haters!” crap. The Progs do this all the time using some small thing and turning the moleanthill into a mountain and proclaiming it’s “the most hateful thing ever!” “Unimaginably cruel”? REALLY? I don’t think your imagination is very good, then. (And “sickening” and “pathetic” are … well, just pathetic descriptions of that poster.) It’s what they’re doing with this bill, too – blowing up rather diminutive incidents and feelings into some major push.*

    (* Also, of course, it’s not really about their rights, but about one more way of breaking the back of the traditionalists/constitutionalists in this country, so they can achieve total power.)

    “This hate is exactly why the #EqualityAct is necessary…”
    No, this is exactly why we need actual fact-based education in this country, so people get that saying “there are 2 genders” is not hate, but fact.

    Supporting transgender Americans is NOT hate speech.
    Neither is advocating actual facts.

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