Psaki Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Vaccines

Psaki Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Vaccines

Psaki Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Vaccines

Queen of “circling back”, Jen Psaki, also has another talent. She circles and spins so hard that she is trying to desperately erase ANY credit the Trump Administration should have in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

While we watched Biden all but drool on himself, staring at a Jumbotron with his wee-beady eyes, dodging questions from reporters this past Thursday evening, Jen Psaki took one for the team for Friday’s briefing. Fast forward to :39 in to hear Psaki talk about more vaccine supply:

Allahpundit of Hot Air raised two questions regarding this briefing.

One: She acknowledged that a Democratic White House is poorly positioned to convince Republican vaccine skeptics to get their shots, which is true.
Two: (When) Invited to remind those Republican skeptics that their hero had a major role in this vaccination program, she passed.-Allahpundit

The “truth teller” Psaki, spinning her web again. Trump supporters are super spreaders and COVID deniers. They’d be hard-pressed to get their shots. The mass roll-out of vaccines had NOTHING to do with the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed. Nope. Although some will give credit where credit is due.

We’re grateful for the work that came before us and are doing the best we can to continue it and accelerate it. I would absolutely tip my hat. … The Trump administration made sure that we got in record time a vaccine up and out. That’s a great thing and it’s something we should all be excited about.”-Andy Slavitt, senior adviser to the White House’s Covid team

While Slavitt tips his hat, Psaki cannot much less bring herself to acknowledge that the Biden Administration did not do this. While Trump was out hustling, catching COVID-19 and being hospitalized himself, Psaki is still as ungracious and bitter as the long, dark winter was indeed long and dark.

What Joe Biden meant to say: ‘Thank you President Trump for your whole of government approach to fighting #COVID19 which led to historic public/private partnerships and Operation Warp Speed giving us the vaccine and plans to get it out to the nation.'”-Paris Dennard, Republican National Committee Senior Advisor for Black Media Affairs

Here’s a news flash for Press Secretary and Truth-Teller, Jen Psaki: if the Trump administration did not fast-track with major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer to develop the vaccine, the supply never would have been ramped up to the numbers we see today and will see in the future. Joe Biden has nothing to do with this and no business taking credit at all for any of it.

Typically, vaccine manufacturing doesn’t begin until a candidate has proved to be both safe and effective in animal and human testing. In the past, that process could take ten years; Pfizer’s vaccine, which was developed in collaboration with BioNTech, a German biotechnology company, took a record ten months. The vaccine received emergency-use authorization from the F.D.A. on December 11th; two days later, the company began shipping tens of thousands of doses, all of which had been made while clinical trials were still under way.”-Sue Halpern, The New Yorker

By my calculations, the emergency use approval and “record 10 month-turnaround” did not happen on Biden’s watch. Once emergency use was authorized (on Trump’s timeline), vaccines were shipped. This gave the companies a chance to ramp up demand and manufacture more. See how this works? Biden did not snap his fingers from his basement in January and call for more vaccines. That’s not how this works, Ms. Psaki.

But Democrats would like the American people to believe Donald Trump and his administration had nothing to do with the mass roll-out of vaccines. They would like the American people to believe that there still may be those damn Trump supporters roaming the Earth, mask and vaccine-free, spreading hatred and droplets of germs, germs, germs and COVID, COVID, COVID. If President Trump was such a COVID-denier, why on earth would he get behind fast-tracking a vaccine? A vaccine that some thought was “not safe” and wouldn’t take it but miraculously jumped the line and got it anyway? Keep circling, Psaki. I hope you fall down because you get so dizzy.

My husband, son and I had COVID-19 back in January. Admittedly, it’s been two months since diagnosis and some days, I still come home with the raging headache that is reminiscent of the dreaded thunderclap headaches I had two months ago. Admittedly, I was on the fence about getting the vaccine until an argument with someone I care about greatly. The argument went something like this: another loved one is afraid of seeing anyone not in the household and will only do so when all others are vaccinated. To have this condition placed on me and my husband I felt was a little absurd but this is what happens when the retirees we love are placed on lockdown with a steady diet of CNN and in fear of their lives. This is what happens when their friends, from mainly one political persuasion, are on the phone with them daily, perpetuating this fear and panic.

I work in a profession that allows those of us to be eligible for the vaccine in my state. I got the first round of the Pfizer vaccine a few days ago even though I was coming into work locations all throughout this pandemic while some of my peers were working from home. Admittedly, I was also not confident in the information regarding how long antibodies are present after COVID-19 infection, which also pushed my decision to get a shot in the arm.

But the “once we’re all vaccinated” remark resonated in my head. The thought that someone dear to me does not want to see me until I’ve had two shots in my arm was mind-blowing but in the end, I did not want to argue. Life is short. I want to see my loved ones. So, I’ll take two shots in the arm.

Unlike Psaki and the Democrats, I will credit former President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their administration for fast-tracking my Pfizer vaccine. Not President Joe Biden. Not Vice President Kamala Harris. And certainly not Jay Inslee in my state who still has things locked down. I will never forget the doom-and-gloom they all spread last year, locking us down, telling businesses they could not stay open, telling teachers and students that it simply was not safe to be in a classroom and effectively canceling school early spring and criticizing the very administration who got this show on the road, while spinelessly swooping in to “save the day” and steal the credit in 2021. These are the lowest of the low.

In the end, I told my loved one that I will get a shot in the arm for her but I will forever credit it to former President Donald Trump for dealing with the $hitshow that 2020 was and getting the job done because the senile old fool in The White House now did not lift a finger. I could feel the silence on the phone miles away. I also told her that if we all get vaccinated, there is NO excuse why our kids should not be in school come next fall. There is NO excuse for restaurants, gyms and businesses to not be 100% open. There is no excuse for those stupid masks we have to wear. They may continue to believe the fiction Psaki and the Democrats spin but we know the truth. And, regardless of circumstances, I WILL celebrate Independence Day. This is not a maybe in my book. Ever.

Psaki and her cronies may not have the class or grace to thank the Trump administration for the hard work they put forth to get us here but some of us will.

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  • xsnake says:

    Psaki psux.

  • RigelDog says:

    Please re-think getting a second vaccination shot. They are finding that those who have already gotten Covid, and then get a vax shot, are having severe reactions to the second shot. Which only makes sense, because that’s like getting three vax shots—your immune system is going to go nuts. Honestly I don’t see any convincing science that the recovered should also be getting the vax at all. But if you do go for a shot, consider only getting one. Even for those who haven’t had Covid, the first vax shot gives almost full protection anyway. The second is kinda like topping off the tank.

  • Cameron says:

    It’s not surprising at all. For the past few years, Democrats have been pushing for removal of monuments and street signs and are trying to rewrite history. So they can’t give Trump any credit because that disturbs their narrative.

  • Ed Tao says:

    Are you going to have to show your vaccine card before you can see your frightened relatives?

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