Biden Announces End Of Pandemic In July

Biden Announces End Of Pandemic In July

Biden Announces End Of Pandemic In July

All hail the magnificent graciousness of President Joe Biden, who hath announced the end to the scourge that travails our lives!

And you thought the Fourth of July was lit last year.

How nice to know that if we just do everything Biden says, this will all be over on Independence Day. But only for small groups.

Biden, in his first primetime address as president, said every U.S. adult should be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine beginning May 1 and that it’s possible family and friends may be able to safely gather together in small groups by July 4.”

The big goal, he said, is to have some level of normalcy by July 4.”

“I promise I will do everything in my power — I will not relent until we beat this virus, but I need you, the American people. I need you,” he said. “I need every American to do their part. I need you to get vaccinated when it’s your turn and you can find an opportunity. I need you to help your family and neighbors.”

“If we do this together, by July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your family, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or park and celebrate Independence Day.”

He was careful to mention that he’s not promising large group gatherings, but small groups.”

“That will make this Independence Day truly something special,” he said.”

This is quite possibly the dumbest and most unscientific thing that Biden could have said. First of all, he clearly doesn’t listen to his own CDC and their guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. The bottom line is that IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED, YOU ARE PROTECTED. This arbitrary and stupid limit of “small groups” is just silly. Why limit people if those involved are all vaccinated? If a group of 20 people from multiple households get together for Memorial Day weekend, and they are all vaccinated, then what is the danger? Second, as time goes on, and vaccination becomes more and more prevalent, the artificially imposed limitations are just exposed for the dumbassery that they are. After all, the new CDC guidelines say that even if a vaccinated person is exposed to a confirmed case of COVID, they don’t have to quarantine!

Also, I don’t think that Joe Biden has noticed, but we’re going back to normal life, no matter what he says.

Imagine that. Opening Day of the baseball season, and FULL STANDS. If that isn’t a full declaration of “normal,” I don’t know what is.

And Grandpa Joe, I hate to tell you, but when you announce a date like that, there are no takebacks.

Whether he likes it or not, Biden just signaled the end date for the pandemic. Even those who are eternally locked down because Amazon and Door Dash have provided all their needs for the last year, just heard the magical date of July 4, 2021, as the end. Even if it is becoming clearly obvious that the end is much closer than July, naming a date gives it a sense of finality. It might be one that Democrats come to regret, and they will likely find ways to try and extend and milk the last moments of the pandemic for all they are worth. But between the pledges of vaccines for adults being available by May, and the obvious signs that the vaccines are doing the job they were supposed to do, this pandemic is ending.

And thank you to President Trump for that, not Joe Biden.

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  • DrSamHerman says:

    Gee, I went through over 18 years of medical training and (inclusive of that) 50+ years of practice, and NOBODY ever told my profession you could just legislate the end of a microbial pathogen’s pandemic. Whodathunkit?

    Leftists are idiots, but all y’all know that. Sorry for redundancy.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Kayleigh McEnany: ” We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here. We will not see terrorism, and isn’t that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of Barack Obama?”

    Trump: “You know a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat – as the heat comes in. Typically that will go away in April.”

    Trump: “..when you have 15 people and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

    Oh, excuse me. Sorry to interrupt your Biden bitchfest. At Victory Girls every day is Festivus!

    • Jack says:

      4 years of Trump bashing. Every single day by MSNBC, CNN, panels of haters all day long, the nets; ABC NBC, CBS PBS relentless hate and fraudulent accusations. Every single day. All day. Curated news 24/7 designed only to provide support for Dems and damage to cons. And this pea brain gets his panties in a bunch if someone dares to point out a flaw in President Earpiece. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Rascon Jon says:

    Well considering the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or the virus from spreading… you’re no less likely. We need to stop tying ‘vaccine’ to freedom. That’s buying into the hype just as bad as Biden. The majority of Adults and children that aren’t fatties have nothing to worry about. Now that being said, almost the majority of Americans are fatties… which is why our numbers are worse then healthy countries like Canada.

  • Minatina says:

    Nothing is normal until masks are gone.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Jack, thanks so much for your response. You sound like a nice person! My point is that Victory Girls rags on Biden all the time but usually gives Trump a pass. You have a wonderful day and keep grabbin’ em by the kitty! By the way, do you have a thing about men in panties? I mean, you’re the one who brought it up…

    And Scott, the lead chip thing was funny the first time i heard it, but by now it’s been used to death. Be original! BE BEST!

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Scott, you missed the point. I haven’t heard it directed at me except for your comment. I have heard it used many many times directed at other people. You have a great day!

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