Prisons Are A COVID-19 “Death Trap”, According To Teen Vogue

Prisons Are A COVID-19 “Death Trap”, According To Teen Vogue

Prisons Are A COVID-19 “Death Trap”, According To Teen Vogue

When they’re not glorifying prostitution, encouraging sexting between teens, explaining how the Coronavirus demonstrates the failures of Capitalism and, how can we forget, teaching young ones on the joys of anal sex, Teen Vogue is sympathizing with criminals. The latest, “As Coronavirus Spreads Through Prisons, We Must Release Those We Can”.

In a prison in Michigan, Jerry West has long been fighting to overturn his murder conviction, and says he has a good chance of doing so. After decades behind bars, hope finally seemed within reach. But now West fears that the coronavirus pandemic may prevent him from getting out at all.

West, an asthmatic Black man in his mid 40s also has a number of other medical conditions. In a message shared with Teen Vogue, West said that he fears for his health and safety if the virus starts to spread in the prison. He says that the prison has not provided him with any additional soap, hand sanitizer, or toilet paper. ‘Security guards come to work coughing, sneezing, and [with] super invincible bad attitudes that lack empathy, compassion.'” –Kandist Mallett, Teen Vogue

In the article, Mallett states that “West” (a pseudonym) struggles with not having enough soap or hand sanitizer. He explains inmates in the prison are not allowed to wear masks. That they are placed in crowded spaces and sofa use is monitored. And, of course, quotes the ACLU:

Public health experts have made clear that the nation must take immediate steps to reduce the number of people in jails and prisons as part of the coronavirus response efforts…every day that passes without action puts thousands more at risk of getting sick or dying.”-Udi Ofer, ACLU Justice Division

This horse$hit drones on and on. The prison system is inhumane. People in prisons are systematically neglected in this country. Instead of praising New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom for their quarantine efforts, the author of this piece says people should question them on the inhumane practices in the prison system. These poor, marginalized criminals!

Loss of autonomy and individual consent? Sorry…but last I checked, the guy, West, referenced above, is locked up for murder. What about the autonomy of the individual he killed? Did this person consent to being murdered? Do rape victims consent to being raped? Do children consent to being molested? Where is their autonomy in all of this? How backwards are we when we release inmates from prison or from jails but neighbors threaten to call the cops on other neighbors who are “violating” a stay-at-home order and congregating in a park?

The individual autonomy and freedom of innocent Americans, however, means nothing to pro-communist, online rag (that plasters ads for Gucci and various other upscale designers on alternate frames), Teen Vogue.

What the coronavirus continues to reveal is how so many ideas that we were told were too radical have suddenly become practical as the pandemic continues to escalate. As we self-isolate for our collective survival, let’s make sure not to forget those who are unable to do so.”-Kandist Mallett, Teen Vogue

While there may be the off story of an individual being wrongly imprisoned, we Americans were given the option to self-isolate and we took it. We also have something awesome called God-given free will to do right or wrong in our lifetimes. We are afforded the freedoms in this country to make these decisions. The individuals in the “big house”, as it is called, made a decision to systematically neglect the law. These decisions are what landed prisoners in…yes…PRISONS! How DARE the prison guards COUGH, sneeze and have bad attitudes towards individuals who did some BAD things. These guards are deemed essential personnel and have to deal with working in the prison to support their families.

But Teen Vogue lobbies to release the prisoners. Hey, some aren’t in for rape and murder but are in prisons for petty crimes like theft. What’s the worst that could happen if we release these prisoners? They can break a window of a small business (that is struggling to stay open after the pandemic to put food on the table for their families that is now closed) and loot items from a shop? They can break into homes while children are home from school and their parents, both first responders at the local hospital, are working 12-hour shifts and rob the kids at knifepoint? So much for collective survival. They can get released to re-offend-again and again and again.

Yeah, sure. Go ahead and release the asthmatic murderers from the prisons. And give Bubba some hand sanitizer and that extra bar of soap to drop in the showers while you’re at it.

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  • GWB says:

    sofa use is monitored

    Public health experts have made clear…
    Uh, no. These are people with a title or a position. They are clearly NOT ‘experts’. And, of course, who cares what “public health” people say about “criminals in prison”? Those two fields overlap very little.

    the inhumane practices in the prison system
    Sorry, but the things called “inhumane” in so many cases are absolutely nothing of the sort. At least not to a real person with a view of things like ‘justice’ and ‘law & order’.

    the loss of autonomy and individual consent
    Well, yeah. That’s sort of the DEFINITION OF “PRISON”. You do bad things that hurt society or people, and they take away your ‘autonomy’ and your ‘individual consent’.

    so many ideas … have suddenly become practical
    Ummm, you keep using that word. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    How DARE the prison guards COUGH, sneeze and have bad attitudes towards individuals who did some BAD things.
    Well, honestly, I don’t think the guards should be allowed to work (un-covered) if they’re sick. And they should not treat people un-professionally. We really do need to do a better job of vetting, training, and supervising prison guards. (Though not so much better a job as the ACLU-types would have us believe.) Regardless of how awful the prisoners are.

    They can break a window of a small business
    And break in – because the owner and employees aren’t there. They can’t watch over their place of business because they’ve all been ordered home and the cops of the governments who’ve released these folks have said they won’t be arresting folks for their own safety. *Godzilla facepalm*

    Teen Vogue is nothing if not “bleeding edge” of whatever cool stupidity is out there. If it’s ignorant and hurts people, they want to try it.

  • Lloyd says:

    Good Grief….We have lost sight of who the good guys are…or, who the bad guys are. Reminder: The guys serving time in jail/prison are the bad guys. We should worry about them LAST! There are those who would like to turn the justice system into a giant Monopoly game, with many, many “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards. We will, no doubt, suffer if we turn the bad guys back out onto the streets.

  • Jim says:

    “The guys serving time in jail/prison are the bad guys.”

    They certainly are to you and me, but to SJWs they are an opportunity to demonstrate their moral superiority and virtue to each other. I consider them hypocritical idiots who would likely wet themselves if one these crims broke into their homes and then they would scream for the Police to come and save them.

  • windbag says:

    FWIW, my nephew is a guard in a federal prison where they have zero cases.

  • Anchovy says:

    So now they are against anal sex?

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