Biden Lurches Left To Curry Favor With Bernie Bros

Biden Lurches Left To Curry Favor With Bernie Bros

Biden Lurches Left To Curry Favor With Bernie Bros

Joe Biden is now the Democrat front runner. So what does the campaign do? Lurch left BIGLY in an attempt to curry favor and votes from Bernie Bros.

Within a day of Bernie announcing that his campaign was done, Joe Biden rolled out his new NEW campaign proposals. 

“Joseph R. Biden Jr. took some of his first steps to bring together the Democratic Party now that he is its presumptive presidential nominee, announcing proposals on Thursday to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 60 and to expand student debt forgiveness programs for low-income and middle-class families.

The proposals are part of an explicit effort to appeal to the progressive wing of the party led by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who dropped out of the race on Wednesday.

“Senator Sanders and his supporters can take pride in their work in laying the groundwork for these ideas,” Mr. Biden, the former vice president, said in a statement announcing the package.

Top Sanders aides had been intensifying talks with the Biden campaign in recent days to find common ground on policies. The Biden team’s willingness to move in Mr. Sanders’s direction was a key factor in the senator’s decision to exit the race.”

So Bernie’s campaign may be done…but his socialist agenda lives on. Wonderful. What’s next? Rent forgiveness for everyone when hard times hit? Oh wait, that was an Ilhan Omar move yesterday. 

This is where the Democrats are right now. Their only moves are to block more legislation slated to help the 15% of our economy that is out work. Yes, I know the stats showed yesterday that it was 10%, but so many unemployment claims were still pending, that I’d wager the number is closer to 15%. 

A second move the Democrats are making as noted above? Have the Biden campaign adopt some of Bernie’s socialist agenda. Why is he doing so? As a calculated gamble to unite the Democrat party and therefore ensure a win against President Trump.

Will it work?

“I think it’s going to be a real, real problem,” said Adam Jentleson, a progressive media strategist and former top aide to Mr. Reid. “Everything we do moving forward should be done with the full awareness that bringing Bernie’s people on board is the most important thing we have to do in the next few months.”

Mr. Jentleson, who backed Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, said he was encouraged by how strong the turnout numbers were in the primary elections among more moderate Democratic voters who supported Mr. Biden. “It does seem to validate the school of thought where if you give people a vessel to place their Trump hatred into, they will turn out in record numbers,” Mr. Jentleson said.

Oh. I see. Promise everything and the kitchen sink in hopes that all those following Bernie will trot right over to Biden and join in their hatred of President Trump.

It ….might work. Except that Bernie and his followers are so damned socialist that Biden will likely have to promise them EVERYTHING in order to get their votes. 

He at least has gotten some endorsements from prominent Never Trumpers who, back in the day, masqueraded as Republicans. 

“The Lincoln Project is an organization made up of Republicans that cites its mission as defeating “President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” The most high-profile member is George Conway, husband to White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and frequent Trump critic.

“We are proud to endorse @JoeBiden for President,” the group tweeted. “As America contends with unprecedented loss, we need a leader who can steady the ship, heal our common wounds, and lead us into our next national chapter. Joe Biden has the humanity, empathy and steadiness we need in a leader.””

Gosh, aren’t they so cute??!! 

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign hit the Biden team with this. 

Yes, he very likely is. But not before his campaign desperately follows Bernie’s lead and goes all in on socialism just to garner votes.

Bernie sent the signal. Go Left Biden! Go Left!

Unless Joe Biden goes all in on Bernie’s progressive agenda, Joe won’t get the votes. In other words, we are still looking at the idea of a brokered convention, especially since Bernie is still fundraising. 

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist, even as he attempts to disguise it under pretty sounding words. His agenda has always been government control over everything. For the Biden campaign to adopt at least pieces of his agenda for potential votes should be concerning to us all. 

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