Pivot! Fauci Says We Should Assess Our Own Risk

Pivot! Fauci Says We Should Assess Our Own Risk

Pivot! Fauci Says We Should Assess Our Own Risk

Pivot! That’s what Fauci did this morning on ABC News. After two years of issuing dire warnings and mandating lockdowns, masks, testing, and vaccines forever, suddenly he’s changed his mind.

As we’ve written MANY times, Fauci was the worst possible choice for the pandemic response. He royally, and I mean ROYALLY screwed up the AIDS response and research. What he’s done with the Covid response is one that will take years if not decades to recover from. Just a couple of weeks ago he arrogantly opined that we were only harmed a little bit by the shutdowns. 

“You know, I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to determine what the right balance is,” Fauci responded. “I think the restrictions — if you want to use that word, which I tend to shy away from, lockdown — they certainly prevented a lot of infections, prevented a lot of hospitalizations, and prevented a lot of deaths.”

As we ALL know, our children have regressed in multiple ways. Many kids across the country are now at LEAST a grade behind because of the lockdowns and ineffective ZOOM classes. The numbers regarding mental health, depression, suicidal ideations and more skyrocketed across ALL age groups. The increase in anxiety due to all the pandemic porn won’t abate any time soon. So, for Fauci to blandly state that even though there were “unintended negative consequences,” that’s fine because we should be thrilled that lives were saved and fewer people are in the hospital. My blood pressure went through the roof.


But now let’s pivot!  Fauci is now telling us that we should assess our own risk and go about our lives. Yes folks, he really said that this morning. Granted, he’s now saying that because others, some of whom have been the most strident adherents for lockdowns have now pivoted as well. 

It should be clear by now that anytime we interact with others indoors and without masks, there is a risk of covid-19 transmission. That risk falls if there are lower levels of infection in the surrounding community and if the space is well ventilated. Conversely, the more people we engage with, the more likely one of them could be carrying the virus and that we could contract it, too.


I also think it’s acceptable if event organizers choose not to exercise precautions, and instead put the onus on individuals to decide the acceptable risk for their own medical situation. A lot of people will decide that because they are vaccinated and boosted, it’s extremely unlikely that they will become severely ill and that they are fine with the increased possibility of infection.

That was written by former Planned Parenthood chair Leonna Wen, who was advocating for the government to force vaccine compliance in July 2021. Go from forced compliance to ‘let’s just live our lives’ is quite a pivot. 

Well, Fauci is now on the pivot bandwagon.

What’s interesting and very infuriating about this, is this is after the Gridiron Dinner has now become a super spreader event. 

At least 67 people who attended the Gridiron Dinner last week have tested positive for the virus, according to The Washington Post. They include several White House officials and congressional lawmakers in Washington.

I wonder how Nancy Pelosi is doing? By the way, if you didn’t watch the interview for fear of throwing things, this interesting little tidbit was dropped. We knew he was, but it was verified this morning. 

It turns out that both Jonathan Karl and Fauci were at the Gridiron Dinner. Want to bet that Fauci was glad handing all over the room and NOT wearing a mask??

Oh, well, isn’t that special! Needless to say, many who attended that dinner had obviously assessed their own risk and acted accordingly. One of the latest to test positive is NYC Mayor Eric Adams. 

WHOOPS. Not a good look Mayor Adams! 

Meanwhile, Fauci’s pivot does come with warnings about infections, tests, and vaccines.

Fauci’s pivot comes as we are watching China destroy themselves from within as they lockdown Shanghai leaving people desperate for water, medicine, and food. 

Fauci still wants to force more lockdowns and face diapers on us. But even he recognizes, very reluctantly, that we are DONE with the fear-mongering. His power is definitely waning and we are seeing that in action with the Democrats partying it up in DC and elsewhere. 

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