PC Police: Marquette U. Prof John McAdams Sacked for Supporting Free Speech on Campus

PC Police: Marquette U. Prof John McAdams Sacked for Supporting Free Speech on Campus

PC Police: Marquette U. Prof John McAdams Sacked for Supporting Free Speech on Campus
Prof. John McAdams, fighting for free speech on campus (Photo Credit: Wisconsin Watchdog)
Prof. John McAdams, suspended for the high crime of supporting free speech on campus (Photo Credit: Wisconsin Watchdog)

Marquette University professor, John McAdams, belongs to an ever-shrinking minority: Conservative professors on college campuses. Like most campuses across America, Marquette, one of the ten worst colleges for free speech according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), is teeming with liberal profs, one of whom, a grad student, McAdams had the audacity to criticize. So now McAdams finds himself in professorial purgatory, suspended for high crimes and misdemeanors, without pay, from his position. His offense? Standing up for free speech:

Marquette University professor John McAdams has been suspended from his position. His crime? Writing on a post on his personal blog that criticized the actions of another professor, who had instructed her students not to voice their opinions if they were anti-gay marriage or anti-gay adoption.

It’s important to note that McAdams didn’t take a policy position in his post. He simply made the suggestion that – gasp! – students should have the freedom to voice their opinions in an academic setting. Sadly, as McAdams accurately points out in his post, “Of course, only certain groups have the privilege of shutting up debate.”

The university has said it will reinstate McAdams in 2017 if he issues a public apology and acknowledges his “guilt.”

Did you catch that? He took no position. He simply argued for the rights of all the students to voice theirs. And for that he got sacked. You can read McAdams’ entire blog post here.

Will McAdams issue an apology for…offering his opinion? Well, his answer to that ludicrous demand is unambiguous, and praiseworthy in a campus culture that routinely kowtows to political correctness:

Now in case you weren’t aware, as I was not…Marquette is a Catholic college. Talk about irony worthy of a double face palm.

Not only has Marquette cast aside constitutional guarantees to due process, where everyone is presumed INNOCENT until proven otherwise (and when did stating an opinion and expressing respect for free speech become criminal, anyway?), the university seems oblivious of the existence of the Bill of Rights, where our rights to free speech and religious liberty are enshrined in the First Amendment. There was a time when our campuses were bastions of free thought, at least in theory. But what they’ve morphed into is more reminiscent of the government-run schools in Cuba that Mr. Obama praises, where little indoctrinated Soldiers of Liberalism are cranked out like one-size-fits-all mumus, with lax critical thinking skills, an inflated sense of self-worth, and a demand that society conform to their distorted worldview OR ELSE!!!

And we are grateful for your voices in a sea of progressive group-think. By the way, this affront to free speech has been ongoing for over a year:

So much for robust dialogue, and differing points of view. You will be assimilated!

Meanwhile, Professor McAdams intends to sue Marquette, as he rightly should, citing the university’s promise of academic freedom that he says is part of the school’s policy. He also issued a chilling warning:

“This is reminiscent of the Inquisition, or the Stalinist show trials of the 1930’s.”

Resistance is futile! (Photo Credit: QuoteImg.com)
Resistance is futile, free thinker! (Photo Credit: QuoteImg.com)

Indeed it is. And the most ironic part? These totalitarian, anti-free speech campus Godzillas were created by their own liberal do-gooder Borg profs, enabling the masses of Bernie-loving entitled brats to demand suitable safe spaces, sheltered from any self-determined offense to their prog-thought that may trigger a self-induced panic attack. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Seems the snake is eating its own tail. And that may be a good thing.

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  • GWB says:

    I had to do some research to make sure this man was different from the Townhall writer who was an academic suffering from persecution by pedants. That guy is Mike Adams.

    This is going to get worse before it gets better.

    • Jodi says:

      Indeed it is. Hopefully McAdams will prevail in his lawsuit, and the publicity will cause parents not to send their kids to Marquette, just as with Mizzou. Money talks. And sometimes that’s what it takes to hear the shouts.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    I see no difference in today’s colleges in this country and the universities of China during their Cultural Revolution-aside from making people wear dunce caps.

    Kowtow to Chairman Mao! was the mantra then.
    Kowtow to PC! is the mantra today.

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