Pandemic Fatigue And Government Control

Pandemic Fatigue And Government Control

Pandemic Fatigue And Government Control

We have put up with a whole lot since the first Covid-19 case was diagnosed in Washington State on January 20, 2020. Don’t mask, Mask up. Stay home. Close all businesses, except the big box stores. It’s all a bunch of nonsense, not fit for a free people. President Donald Trump has suffered the brunt of the incoming, but we all get blamed and shamed for wanting to live, while we kill off grandma. Now, the “experts” are worried about pandemic fatigue. How in tarnation do these people live with themselves?

Of course, the New York Times is sounding the clarion call:

In the beginning of the pandemic we rallied, sending loved ones rolls of toilet paper and handing out fruit to delivery drivers. Now, living under a blanket of restrictions has become a way of life, a daily routine of risk calculation and caution. But cases are once again spiking around the world and many people have what some call “pandemic fatigue.”

Ya think? It’s all been a confused, major clustercluck since we first heard of the Wuhan Lung Rot. Dr. Anthony Fauci (grrr!) told us not to wear a mask. Then, we were told to wear a mask to slow the spread. Then, came the mask-shaming Karens. And, Joe Biden and Fauci are still advocating a National Mask Mandate.

Eleven days after the first case was diagnosed, Trump shut down travel from China. Biden called him xenogphobic. Trump, on the advice of Fauci and scarf-lady Birx, called for 15 days to slow the spread of the pandemic, on March 16, 2020. Governors like Whitmer, Cuomo, and Newsom imposed anti-American, draconian shut-downs on their states.

Here we are in late October, still shut down, and the “experts” are warning us to not get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, is warning us about a “dark winter”. Our Deanna wrote about the dark winter of Joe Biden, read it here. Besides being dumb as a post and possibly, allegedly suffering from dementia, Joe Biden is a Debby Downer.

Speaking of Debby Downer, 2020 has been one crisis after another. We have had the Impeachment Crisis, Hurricane Crises, Western Wildfire Crisis thanks to Governors’ mismanagement, murder hornets, a bus-sized asteroid, and the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to pandemic fatigue, we have fear porn fatigue.

Well, not everyone. The Kens and Karens of Twitter are still claiming we want more dead people:

No, Ken, I mean, Mike, it was never about stopping deaths. We were asked to “flatten the curve” so we didn’t overwhelm hospitals. Pandemics kill people. One is too many, as they say. My Uncle Gene’s final co-morbidity was the Wuhan Flu. I get it. But, how many people are dying because they can’t see loved ones or won’t/can’t get needed treatment.

I am with Joakim on this one:

ABC’s medical expert, Dr. Jen Ashton has some spectacularly unhelpful pandemic fatigue advice:

Talk about your feelings? Give me a break. We don’t want to hear anymore feelings. We are done with feelings. Here is a quote about feelings from musician Brian Eno:

“Feelings are more dangerous than ideas, because they aren’t susceptible to rational evaluation. They grow quietly, spreading underground, and erupt suddenly, all over the place.”

Here is another quote from Bear Woznik:


You can stay in your apartment, spraying everything with bleach and water, and wearing your mask. Or, you can get out and live life. I swear to you that I went to a horse show this summer. Outside. Not only did they make us wear masks, but the Kentucky Dressage Association had “officials” in club cars driving around with a six foot pole to make sure we were all “socially distanced”. I was far more worried about one of those beautiful, 1000 pound beasts going rogue and trampling me.

Whatever happened to Americans? I realize not everyone was down with the American Revolution at the time, but we beat the greatest Army the world knew, at that time. We told the King of England to take his taxes and shove them where the Sun don’t shine. The men and women at the time of the Revolutionary War were made of far sterner stuff. Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Can you imagine what the Founding Fathers would say today. I know for a fact they would not say, “Give me safety and put on your mask.”

Pandemic fatigue. No thank you, you nattering nabobs of negativism. Hat tip to William Safire.

Featured Image: Meme currently circulating on Facebook. Original author unknown.

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  • Pam says:

    Add Ohio’s Mike DeWine to that list of nanny state governors. He is in love with the Covid. He gets to be on national TV. He gets weekly press conferences where mothers of children hang on his words for any indication that he is going to up the color status of their county so schools close again. Despite the mounting evidence of the health risks to the healthy of these damned masks he insists they are “working” yet “cases are rising” so we have to take this “seriously”. And bars have to close at 10 cause after that people get drunk and stand close to each other. So he has state police going under cover to bars and restaurants to “police” his mandates and suspend licenses. All the while he supposedly lifts restrictions on capacity but maintains a social distancing requirement which in effect means that his restrictions on capacity are still in place. It goes on and on. It is draconian and enraging to say the very least.

  • Ding says:

    Getting the China virus is not the same as dying from the China virus, though some microscopic percentage of those who get it do. Yet, the Harris/Biden belch promotes it as if getting the bug is a death sentence. Panic porn, indeed.

    It’s more about dishonesty fatigue.

  • GWB says:

    Now, living under a blanket of restrictions has become a way of life, a daily routine of risk calculation and caution.
    No. It’s become a daily cause of chafing and anti-social sentiment toward those who keep us in this predicament.

    It’s all been a confused, major clustercluck since we first heard of the Wuhan Lung Rot.
    Funny thing is… no, it hasn’t been for me. I’ve had it figured from the get-go. Skepticism is a very handy way to face life, especially when faced with fear-mongering and hysteria. (I advocated for WTF ‘parties’ to spread the disease in a controlled fashion right from the beginning. Spread it, give people the treatment – the first mention of HCQ came out before things even got stupid in the US – get herd immunity, and be done.) We had the cruise ship info, we had treatments for SARS2, and we could have handled this well. But we don’t put people like me in charge, we put Safetyists.

    Pandemics kill people.
    Well, no, actually, they don’t have to, to be called a pandemic. But that’s how everyone thinks about a “pandemic” so that term is useful to spread fear so the usual suspects can use gov’t to “save” us.

    One is too many, as they say.
    No. We’re all going to die. Safetyism’s greatest lie is that somehow you will stay alive for, if not eternity, then at least longer than any of your parents did, as long as you stay “safe”. Avoid merry-go-rounds, haggis, eating dirt, falling off your bike, salt, fat, germs, ozone, lack-of-ozone, warming, cooling….


    Whatever happened to Americans?
    Amen, sister!
    Where are the Americans that went to the moon? That set out with Lewis and Clark? That mined Colorado mountains? that “tamed” the West? That drove thousands of cattle from the Rio Grande to Chicago? That broke the sound barrier? That invaded Saipan and Juno Beach and the Philippines? That broke the back of the USSR?
    Fie on the mask-wearers (that aren’t actually vulnerable) and those who insist on the mask-wearing (I’m looking at you, all my local stores/restaurants). I will not feel any mercy for you.

  • NTSOG says:

    GWB: “That invaded Saipan and Juno Beach and the Philippines?”

    I believe the British Second Army, which included Canadians, landed at Juno beach on D Day, whereas US troops landed on Omaha and Utah beaches. However you did leave out the two hells of Peleliu and Iwo Jima.

    • GWB says:

      LOL – of course I got the beaches wrong, dagnabit!
      As to Peleliu and Iwo, I was grabbing islands off the top of my head. An exhaustive list would be as long as the rest of the comment. (I also should have mentioned Bloody Ridge in Korea, at least, as I have a family connection.)

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