Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Fear and Loathing in New York” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Fear and Loathing in New York” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — “Fear and Loathing in New York” Edition

Report from the Cuomo Hot Zone.  They love him, they love him, they really love him. Never mind the five thousand dead old people in nursing homes. The media LOVE him. State and city incompetence gets worse by the hour and they still love him.

Paladin can’t report on every resident of New York State, but Paladin is pleased to report, that unlike this resident’s public courage memorializing his poor mom, Paladin’s mom (88) isn’t sick. But then again, she lives in a house not a nursing home.The only way Cuomo could have gotten her into a facility would have been over her own dead body.

Moreover, Paladin isn’t sick, he isn’t going to get sick, of the thousand or so people Paladin knows, none are sick and at this point he’s going way out on a limb to predict 99.999999% of everyone he knows or passes by in the street AREN’T going to get sick either. But 99.999999% of them are totally sick of this lockdown.

However, Paladin does know at least three people who may have lost their businesses. (Not counting all the restaurateurs, hair salons, dry cleaners etc.) As Rick Blaine said, “I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Truer now, than ever before in the Cuomo Hot Zone.

In the eight or nine weeks of lockdown the stupidest thing said to Paladin was by a friend who virtue signaled his support for the quarantine, “Lives are more important than money.”  That was seven weeks ago.  Try living without money. Paladin prays his friend never has to find out this summer. But that was before –

A local busybody, KAREN type called the State Police on a gas station owner for not wearing a mask.

Before –

Every local restaurant fired half or more of its staff.

Before –

Those out of work in our tony little upstate town ran out of money and needed a food bank.

And before—

The Obergruppenführers of our election board, ratified permanent election fraud:



If Paladin is hunted down for defacing government property he wouldn’t be surprised.

In an act of state defiance, an elderly grocery store clerk and Paladin embraced in a long hug in front of people.  She smokes, she may drink, she never got sick. When Paladin asked his local grocer’s how many employees got sick over the last 9 weeks – the answer was NONE. Zero. Zip.

Some contractors came over to do some work at Paladin’s house the other day, let’s call them Mutt & Jeff.



They’re in a big outfit and do commercial work, and naturally that’s slowed, but not stopped entirely.

“Do you know anybody who got sick?” Paladin wanted to know.

“No.  No one. Oh wait, one guy about two months ago, but he was . . . (some exception no one could remember).”

Maybe one guy. But who cares right?

New York State is a corpse, and its citizens shackled to it.  Yes, it will eventually come back in some form, but between ruinous pension liabilities, predatory taxation, massively incompetent or corrupt government, disease and danger, New York State will be the Zombie Empire State.  Boarded up storefronts line Manhattan streets, sick NYPD, sick FDNY, and the living infrastructure crumbling to a point of no return. If they don’t open restaurants, and street level concerns, there won’t be a New York State to open.  And before all this happened, upstate New York, already looked like a hollowed out war zone. Upstate, there’s no dead to bring out anymore.

When our rulers refuse to open, or open at a snail’s pace they kill the body of our world. Societies are living creatures on a mass scale, the streets, and corridors, the elevators and marketplaces, the office spaces, the recreational spaces, parks and saloons, and theaters are its veins and arteries, lungs, heart and liver. And once the flow of the human species through its social organs and viscera and bowels comes to a halt – like a living body, it dies.

Way back in 2/11 American Gomorrah predicted this rough beast slouching toward Sweden, yet human commonsense allowed that country to basically escape from the fate of New York. Clearly, God must love Greta Thunberg – he spared Sweden or maybe he just likes Smörgåsbord.

More than New York:




Featured photo was shared by @DynastyDriven on Twitter. Other photos used include:  “Vote-by-Mail” letter and “Mutt & Jeff” which are personal photos of Paladin’s, and an online screenshot of the New York Post, dated May 15, 2020.





Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.




  • Kim Hirsch says:

    Dear Paladin,
    Please leave New York. Come to the Heartland, aka “Flyover Country.” Elites look down on us, so you know we’re doing something right.
    Lots of territory from which to choose: North Dakota way up ‘dere by Canada, down to Texas — which may be a whole other country, but it’s not New Yawk. You got Kansas on the western side, Ohio on the east. Forget Illinois though — Chicago is and has always been a NYC wannabe, and unfortunately it drags the whole state with it, along with taxes, corruption, and Wuhan flu lockdowns.

    Great article. The more I read about New York, the less I want to go there. Even for a visit.

    • Paladin says:

      Invitation! I’m honored! New York was once great. Now, not so much. We’re leaving eventually, various elements of our work life is hooked in here. My Spousie more than me. The Mountain states are calling. Not Colorado. Wyoming, Montana . . . something . . .

      • ubuMaccabee says:

        North Georgia is gorgeous. And freedom loving. Best of all worlds. Base of the southern Appalachians. Good people, very normal. Fly out of ATL airport easy then be right back in mountain paradise. God, family, country. Like it once was in NY and still is in the large parts of it. You’re outnumbered and it’s just going to get worse. Come to Dixie.

        • Oaladin says:

          Need mountains with big snow! Longmire Country—and you’re welcome to visit and stay a spell

  • Deanna Fisher says:

    Thanks for writing, Paladin! I haven’t seen my grandmother in three months because she is locked down in her adult care home (and I don’t have any power to remove her, as my uncle has power of attorney). Unfortunately, we live at Ground Zero for the nursing home breakout and watched as Life Care Center was ravaged, though thankfully, there was no mandate to move virus patients back to nursing homes here in Washington state.

  • Teslaca says:

    New York state is doomed. We were failing fast with the bloated government, outrageous taxes and corruption before this mess, but now we truly are doomed. This shutdown will kill off any of the entrepreneurial-minded and leave only those with their hands out, willing to give up any and all freedoms for a morsel tossed their way by the privileged in charge.

    I can’t wait to leave. This is a beautiful place to live, but the people keep voting in politicians hell bent to ruin it. They’re succeeding. Save me a seat in your caravan to the mountains.

  • Darleen Click says:

    Paladin – thanks for writing! As a current prisoner in the People’s Republic of California, I empathize.

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