Oscar Nominations Are Here! Movies Glorifying Statutory Rape and the Anti-Trump Media Are Up for Best Picture … Plus, There’s One Important Snub

Oscar Nominations Are Here! Movies Glorifying Statutory Rape and the Anti-Trump Media Are Up for Best Picture … Plus, There’s One Important Snub

Oscar Nominations Are Here! Movies Glorifying Statutory Rape and the Anti-Trump Media Are Up for Best Picture … Plus, There’s One Important Snub

Oscar nominations came out yesterday, and the list of best picture nominations is a mixed bag.

I was thrilled to see that Dunkirk and Darkest Hour made the cut. These two highly acclaimed films about some of Britain’s darkest days in World War II proclaim the value of virtues like courage and sacrifice. They show what it means to be persistent, good, and noble-hearted in the face of danger and evil. They are inherently worthwhile films and a net benefit to the human heart.

Here’s a look at Dunkirk:

Here’s the trailer for Darkest Hour:

Another wonderful nominee is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It’s a great movie about a desperate mother urging police to find her daughter’s murderer. I went into the movie thinking it would be a giant slam against police, but it turned out to be a humble and empathetic story that emphasized all humans are 1) intention-driven and 2) both good and bad. Sam Rockwell’s role as Dixon is, all by itself, worth seeing the movie. Here’s the trailer:

Get Out is also a good nomination for best picture. It’s an intelligent and nuanced film that critiques how progressives attempt to understand the cultural experience of African Americans. Plus, it’s a very enjoyable thriller and a solid film in general:

Lady Bird is another best-picture nominated film that has been received well by critics. The Shape of Water and Phantom Thread are also critically acclaimed.

But I strongly doubt any of the best picture nominees above will win. Why?

Because a movie about a seventeen-year-old boy having a sexual affair with a grown man is nominated for best picture:

And a movie about brave and inerrant journalists taking on a corrupt White House is also nominated:

I predict, here and now, that either Call Me By Your Name or The Post will win best picture. They’re not Oscar bait… they’re Oscar chum.

Fact: Hollywood is perverse. It will overlook the fact that the explicitly sexual relationship in Call Me By Your Name is between an adult male and a minor. If the movie glorifies the gay experience, who cares if the boy can’t consent? The same industry that applauds (and covers for) predators like Harvey Weinstein apparently also has no problem celebrating a story of blatant pederasty. This movie has been praised by critics as a fresh, heartfelt, and spirited coming-of-age love story, but if Call Me By Your Name happened in real life, people would be screaming for the adult male to go to jail. Why glorify something in film that you condemn in real life?

Because Hollywood is insane.

And of course, The Post is liable to win the best picture Oscar because it is a stuffy, pro-media, pretentious Trump bashfest helmed by two of the most liberal celebs in Hollywood.

It’s all about the progressive narrative. You tow that line, you get the Oscar. That’s the deal. Every year.

By the way, you’ll be unsurprised, I’m sure, to discover that Wonder Woman received exactly zero nominations at all from the Academy. Because why give positive attention to a solid film about a gorgeous, strong, intelligent, and capable super-heroine?

You’d think that, with Hollywood so fixated on gender issues, women’s rights, and #metoo, they’d be all about nominating Wonder Woman for at least one Oscar. Maybe there could be a nomination for best director (considering how Patty Jenkins is a rare and much desired female director)? Best sound mixing? Best cinematography? Best makeup and hair? Best costume design? Best score? Anything? Anything!?

Seriously, in terms of movies released this year that make women feel empowered, Wonder Woman is tops. It’s a solid story. The acting is extremely good for a superhero movie, especially in terms of the two main leads. Gal Gadot is dazzling as Diana Prince. Chris Pine is charming as Steve Trevor. David Thewlis is an interesting and unexpected villain. The score is one that fills you with frisson. The visuals are stunning. The CGI is believable and it encompasses you.

In general, it’s a movie that is beautiful, compelling, and inspiring. It makes viewers want to be more noble-hearted. Why wouldn’t Hollywood– and namely the Academy– want to praise any of that?

Maybe because Gal Gadot is Israeli and unapologetically pro-Israel?

That very possibly had something to do with it. I cannot imagine Wonder Woman getting zero Oscar nominations if someone like Margot Robbie or Zoe Saldana had played Diana Prince. If Laverne Cox, the transgender actress from Orange is the New Black, had played Diana Prince, Wonder Woman might have even received a nomination for best picture.

Like I said, winning Oscars is all about the progressive narrative and towing that line.

Liberals and conservatives alike are understandably pissed that Wonder Woman was snubbed:

Now, some of you might be thinking that superhero movies or comic book adaptations don’t really get Oscar nominations and, therefore, the fact that the Academy overlooked Wonder Woman actually isn’t a big deal. The reality is, however, that superhero movies and comic book adaptations do regularly get Oscar nominations. Sure, they don’t often get best picture nominations, but they get nominated for other things, like sound editing, makeup, or cinematography. Suicide Squad, all three Iron Mans, Hellboy II, the Nolan Batman trilogy, The Avengers, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange all received at least one Oscar nomination. Just this year, Logan was nominated too. And there are plenty of others.

The reality is that Hollywood cannot look outside its agenda long enough to actually be able to value films realistically. Maybe one day they will realize that a movie about Winston Churchill standing alone and outgunned against the Nazis or a movie about an otherworldly princess knocking villains’ heads together are both more beneficial to the human soul than a movie glorifying a sexual relationship between a man and a boy that would be illegal in real life.

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  • Scott says:

    Great post! the only part i’d disagree with is that if the relationship between the 17 y/o boy and the grown man was real life, the lefties would NOT be “screaming for the adult male to go to jail”.. they would celebrate it just like they are this movie.. they are just that sick…

  • GWB says:

    winning Oscars is all about the progressive narrative and towing that line
    That, and patting themselves on the back.
    Which is why I wonder why anyone ever bothers to report on it, at all.

  • scottst says:

    You toe a line, you don’t tow it. Unless you’re on a boat.

  • Jim says:

    ‘Because Hollywood is insane.’

    I suggest that the collective that is ‘Hollywood’ is morally and intellectually bankrupt as a ‘community’ of ‘arty’ and business people. I can understand insanity and excuse the behaviour of those who are insane and are thus mentally ill. Hollywood’s denizens are just deviant opportunists.

  • parker says:

    the oscar statue is definitely XY, misogynistic! Down with white male hegemony!

  • Johnny Lumber says:

    Kevin Spacey gets blackballed for pursuing younger male actors while a movie glorifying a relationship between an under 18 male and an older male bets an Oscar nomination. Go figure. Hollywood is so eager to celebrate the gay agenda that it loses site of its previous stands.

  • MikeE says:

    Yes, the snub is because Gal Gadot is an unrepentant Israeli. No question in my mind.

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