DACA, Dreamers and Little Chuckie Schumer

DACA, Dreamers and Little Chuckie Schumer

DACA, Dreamers and Little Chuckie Schumer

Fresh off the heels of the compromise that reopened our government for three weeks, Senator Chuck Schumer (D) is doing his best Dickie Durbin impression. Unfortunately for Schumer, it’s close but not good enough. The only ones it’s fooling are his own party members in Congress. In the meantime, he’s hung his constituents, and the rest of the country, out to dry.

During negotiations with President Trump to end the government shutdown, Schumer put funding for the border wall on the table. However, once the government was back to work, Schumer did an about-face. “A staffer who works for Schumer called the White House on Monday and said the proposal, which Schumer put on the table during a Friday meeting with Trump, was no longer operative,” according to CNN.

This action should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind where Schumer’s loyalties lie – and it’s not with the American people. Schumer has an agenda and is more than willing to blame everyone but himself and his party for where the real problem lies. As seen in the video below, the shutdown was all the President’s fault because he “offered” a wall. Any bets on him saying the same thing when he winds up shutting the government down a second time in a mere three weeks from now?

The irony is Schumer doesn’t recognize the hole he has dug for himself and his party. DACA is their Sword of Damacles. It’s the issue they have decided to hang everything on. They held up the first budget, shutting the government down over the weekend, because their demands about DACA weren’t met. Now Schumer has backed out of an agreement with the President (never a good thing). Worse, at least from a Democratic standpoint, the Dreamers are angry with Schumer and company as well. They feel like they were sold out by the party with the original vote.

Poor Chuckie, he’s dancing on the head of a pin and about to fall off.

And, unlike Dickie Durban, he didn’t remember to claim the President used language so foul it would obscure what Schumer did.

Complicating matters more, Dreamers in California blocked the entrance to Disneyland yesterday. Engaging in what mainstream media classified as “civil disobedience”, Dreamers prevented buses of tourists from entering the park. Police responded and the happiest place on earth was anything but for a number of people, not just Dreamers.

What those protesters didn’t consider was how their actions would play out for all those families who’d scrimped and saved for a day at Disneyland. They didn’t consider they were alienating many who had once been on their side.

Yes, DACA is an issue this country has to deal with – thanks to the Obama Administration. The answer isn’t to tie the problem to our country’s budget. There is more at stake than the futures of the Dreamers and other illegal immigrants. This country’s future is at stake and it is clear little Chuckie Schumer doesn’t care. He’s going to do his best Dickie Durbin impression, at least until the Sword of Damacles falls on his head.

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    What is it with him and those obnoxious glasses down on the tip of his nose? I just want to slap them off his face.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I know, right? I feel the same way. It looks like he doesn’t care we can see him looking down his nose at the rest of us.

  • Scott says:

    Eff Cryin Chuckie, Eff Durbin the Dick, and Eff the so-called dreamers! ICE should show up in force at these protests, and start cleaning house! How dare these criminals block hard working American families from their vacations! This shit needs to stop, and America needs to wake up!

  • GWB says:

    Now Schumer has backed out of an agreement with the President (never a good thing).
    And the White House has now said no serious offer was ever made. Which is entirely true, even if UpChuck did say words to the effect of “sure, we’ll fund the wall, just give us 3/4 million Dreamers.”

    • Amanda Green says:

      Yeah, I saw that. The problem for Lil Chuckie is he now looks like a liar by all sides in the debate. The Dreamers are mad at him for “betraying” them by agreeing to stop the shutdown. The other side is mad at him for backing out of an agreement he made, by his own words. It won’t matter whether either side took the offer seriously. He came out and said it was on the table and then, after the doors opened back up, “poof!” it was gone. He’s going to find his credibility circling the drain like Little Dickie Durbin’s with the people who count — the voters.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    It’s always about putting party interests ahead of everything with the Bolsheviks. In that they’re no different than the Russian originals. They want those future voters badly and will destroy the nation in order to get them if that’s what it’ll take.

  • parker says:

    Well, they will always have the Paris Accords, play As Time Goes By, Sam.

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