Ghoul Needed – Planned Parenthood To Lose Head

Ghoul Needed – Planned Parenthood To Lose Head

Ghoul Needed – Planned Parenthood To Lose Head is reporting that the Head Ghoul (President) of Planned Parenthood is planning to step down.

From the article:

She has served as the president of the women’s health and reproductive rights organization since 2006. Richards, 60, has informed at least some members of the organization’s board of directors, one of the sources confirmed.

In a statement provided Wednesday afternoon, a Planned Parenthood official said, “Cecile plans to discuss 2018 and the next steps for Planned Parenthood’s future at the upcoming board meeting,” which is scheduled for late next week.

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood head ghoul

Nearly a dozen years as the head baby-killing ghoul at Planned Parenthood, Cecile is surely going to be in a lower circle of Hell than I will be, if you follow Dante’s Inferno. According to Buzzfeed, during her tenure at Planned Parenthood, “Richards greatly expanded Planned Parenthood’s political prominence, as well as its organizing and fundraising capacities, during her time leading the organization.” Well, isn’t that just precious, bless her heart. Nothing says “we care about women” like murdering them in the womb with money plumbed from dupes and dolts and innocents. Speaking of the American taxpayer, Jodi wrote yesterday about the states being given back the right to defund Planned Parenthood. You can read it right here.

Future Olympic athlete?

Let us not forget that while Cecile Richards was steering that Ship of Lost Lives and raising the political prominence, Planned Parenthood was “selling” baby parts for material gain. Please watch this video.

To those of us for whom every life is important and has meaning, it is gutting to watch a soulless meat sack who is seemingly without any feelings or humanity speak of murdering babies while noshing a salad in a trendy California bistro. And, think, this is only one video.

What are the requirements for the next President of Planned Parenthood? Be willing to sell your soul for $600,000 or be a soulless meat sack already. Be telegenic. It’s necessary to smile and look good while you beg for money to kill babies. Be creative. It’s necessary to find new ways to panhandle for money as the public becomes more aware of your capacity for evil and science proves that life begins at conception. Unfortunately, Cecile Richards will be all too easy to replace.

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  • parker says:

    I nominate Michelle Obama as ghoul in chief.

  • Scott says:

    So Parker, you’re saying that gorillas can apply?

  • Johnny says:

    Satan doesn’t want her in Hell – he’s afraid she’ll take over.

  • michael says:

    But wait, you didn’t mention the other “qualifications,” as demonstrated by Richards. You must be a wealthy, painfully white person who’s a progeny of a wealthy activist lawyer & a Democrat politician, attended an expensive prep school and has an Ivy League education in Liberal Arts, is a deeply connected, life-long Democrat officially active in the Party, and involved in Anti-Christian-Right and Labor Union organizing. These “qualities” provide you with a perfect understanding an insight into the vast majority of PP prospects/clients: The poorest, poorest educated & most desperate minorities. Who else other than someone with such fine qualifications can “help” poor minorities?

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