Officer Darren Wilson had “orbital blowout fracture to eye socket” – Everyone put your hands down

Officer Darren Wilson had “orbital blowout fracture to eye socket” – Everyone put your hands down

Hey people with black skin rioting with their hands in the air against white people?  You can put them down now.

I’m a broken record about what got you into the latest self-created mess of misery you blame, yet again, on whitey.

So just stop. Before you completely collapse what little self-respect you do have for yourselves.  All of America and the world is watching you loot, riot and act the fool because you cannot bear to look at the real reasons this is happening and prefer to place the blame on whitey for a crime committed by an thug.  Yes, sadly, it appears that Cuddly Thug didn’t quite have his hands up in the air.

First ever orbital blow out fracture ever done by hands in the air.
First ever orbital blow out fracture ever done by hands in the air.

Of course looking at the real issues would involve taking a long hard look at what exactly happened in Ferguson and then figuring out who is to blame for all your perceived woes.

White people don’t kill your young men.  You do.  And why do blacks kill blacks at such an alarming rate?  I don’t know.  Ask Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama. After they take your money and your vote, maybe they can explain that in order to keep your subservient to them, they have to keep you dependent, agitated, and hopelessly enraged by their racist rhetoric.  Then they turn around and promise you “hope and change”.

By the way, how did that “hope and change” work out for y’all?

You aren’t slaves and you aren’t victims.  And you aren’t special snowflakes entitled to special treatment.

You want change and opportunity?  Stop voting and thinking liberal.  That backassward “philosophy” has brought you nothing good, but plenty of despair. If all your support for racist liberal causes has worked so brilliantly and “hopefully”, why the hell are you looting and rioting?

You aren’t entitled a free pass to loot, rob and riot because some black punk punched out a cop and got shot for it.  Anymore than if it was a white, green, yellow, or purple punk.  And speaking of punks, start raising your children (the ones you haven’t aborted) to be citizens and not free roaming animals.  Stop embracing your ever-lasting victim-hood and start living your own life free of racist and opportunistic people like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder constantly reminding you that you are poor helpless victims and aren’t capable of thinking or acting responsibly and they’re there to “help” you.  They and their ilk are no different than the cruelest, self-serving plantation owners that kept your great-grandmothers in slavery.  It’s not the conservatives that think you aren’t capable of anything but accepting welfare and violence.   You elected your own new bosses.  It’s time you fired them all.  They are NOT interested in you…they are interested in themselves.  Figure it out.  And while you’re at it, kick those preening New Black Panthers to the curb.  They aren’t helping you achieve ANYTHING.

You want “change”?  You better start some introspective thinking and voting for a better life.

One that is better than looting, rioting, and blaming others.  So put your hands down and get to work on what really is the problem.

Liberal policy and liberal politicians – they are the real racists.

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  • Jodi says:

    Spot on, Catherine. Wake the hell up, already.

  • Tina says:

    No you are the real racist. Not everyone is looting. White believe that the Constitution only applies to you.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      explain, exactly, in words, why you think what I wrote was racist.

      • Catherine Wilkinson says:

        and while you’re at it, how do you justify rioting and protesting over this? Even before the true facts came out, as they are now? How do you keep blaming horrible behavior on “racism”? Have you stopped to consider the reason why young unemployed black men murder one another? Is everything about race and blaming all black problems on white people? Explain all of that.

    • Merle says:

      Quite frankly we need to return to the policy of shooting looters on sight. See how long the crap goes on after the first few get put down like the animals they are.


    • Xavier says:

      Tina, are you so blinded by hate and racism that you cannot see the truth? You have the ear of the President, the Attorney General is in Ferguson today, and there have been three (!) autopsies. The police have bent over backwards to avoid hurting anyone during the protests, to the point of ignoring looting and being attacked themselves.

      Yet the Constitution is only for white people?

      And I’d like to point out that the police asked the protesters to demonstrate during daylight hours to prevent a few bad apples from endangering everyone else.

      That sounds reasonable, don’t you think?

      And what did the protesters do? They continued to protest at night, enabling violence against themselves and the police.

      So don’t try to play us with that “not everyone is looting” BS.

  • Tony says:

    I say this as a black man; this blog entry is 100% correct. We now have evidence and witnesses to back it up, that Michael Brown assaulted the police officer in his car, breaking his orbital socket and then later charged at him; this was not an execution of a gentle, unarmed, black teen by a racist cop, this was the justifiable shooting of a thug by a police officer who had just been assaulted in the line duty, and who was in fear of his life.
    Mark my words, when the entire truth of this matter comes out, it will not matter a whit, people will say it is all a concocted story made up just to justify killing a black man, The truth matters not with these people; they have been told what to think by the their progressive media masters, and that is as far as they will think in the matter. You can present all the truth you want to these people, and they will not listen or think for themselves.
    People have called the rioters and looters in Ferguson animals; that is incorrect, animals don’t destroy their own homes and loot their own businesses, but savages do, which exactly what some, not all, but quite a few, in Ferguson are acting.

    Large portions of the American black community have a slave mentality. For a few moments, the black community shed it’s slave shackles, and was ready to take their rightful place in the American society, but for reason’s I don’t understand, did a 180 and took themselves right back to the plantation. The difference is that this time they willingly placed themselves there, and the plantation is the plantation of the democrat party, and the massa is progressiveness.
    They are given the shackles of low expectation, are told that they don’t have the ability to make it one their own merit in the world, and that the only way they can make it, is if this democrat politician or that one gives them what they need, at the expense of the one’s supposedly holding them down. They then gladly attach these shackles to their own legs, and then settle in to gratefully accept the scraps from the massa’s table.
    The Sharptons and Jessie Jackson’s of the world are nothing more than house n*@@a’s, much like Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie Django Unchained.
    What we are seeing in Ferguson is the massa yanking on the chain and the slave at the other end barking; they don’t even know what they’re barking at, and don’t realize they are being used, lied to, and manipulated.
    The greatest tragedy is that they don’t even realize they’re slaves again, or that it is their own doing.

    • John Newell says:

      “Nuff” said! Well said!

      It is easy to paint with a broad brush when it comes to the black stereotype because, when one uses the broad brush, it is right 85-90% of the time.

      If you were to generalize and use that 80-90% figure in business or politics you would be wildly successful – but you’d better not use the same accurate figures when it comes to race or you will be racist or an “uncle tom”.

      I remember when black folks were not different from white folks in their family structure, crime rates or politics. With over 70 years of liberalism and being taught that America is not great but, it is oppressive and needs to be punished. It doesn’t take many years for charlatans like Obama and Holder to step in to fulfill that destiny of failure of a once great society (pardon the irony that LBJ’s “great society” programs kicked the failure into overdrive).

      The whole world is decaying around us and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have become complacent and ruled by the media and popular culture, instead of morality and absolute right or wrong. We have allowed the beast into our homes and it is now devouring us. God help us.

  • virginkiller says:

    Only blacks and white leftist are protesting along with a few communist and marxistist mixed in here and there. Blacks are cry babies non stop. Blacks kill blacks way more than whites kill them yet this is ignored by the black who has an agenda though they do not know what it is. Blacks comming to white neiborhoods to loot is a stupid idea as I kill, I kill everyone. No hidden agend, just death to all who oppose my cause.

  • mike says:

    your tone… watch it.. that is what makes you racist.. “people with black skin”… fuck off with that

  • Gina says:

    Tony, you spoke nothing but the truth. It warms my heart that you and black men like you notice what’s happening in the real world. Ever since the 70’s, I’ve noticed how countless blacks bring problems upon themselves which have absolutely nothing to do with white people, racism, nor slavery. Those are just excuses these blacks use to overlook their own behavior and actions.

    Ignorant, greedy, freeloading blacks cause more destruction and pain on a daily than any white supremecy group. IMO, blacks have surpassed the KKK at killing other blacks. Plus, the Klan nor other white supremecy groups never, ever intentially stalked, hunted, and killed their own kind. This is what blacks have down since, what, the late 60’s?

    The Michael Brown’s of the world are feral, gang-banger males who feel as though they can do anything to anyone and shouldn’t suffer any consequences. And do you wanna know who teaches them to think that way? Black parents! They are the ones raising their children to disrespect the law or that it’s okay to disrespect the law. This way of thinking starts with elderly black people.

    I’m 50 now, but when I was a teenager, adult blacks were busy doing whatever they wanted to do instead of what they were suppose to be doing. Instead of taking working and taking care of their families, many blacks were running streets, bar-hopping, sleeping with this person, that person, and every person. Then blaming whites, racism, and slavery whenever they suffered any type of consequence. Back then, I knew that it didn’t make any sense to blame white people when we didn’t even live among whites nor did they coe into black neighborhoods causing any trouble. If there was any trouble, it was blacks causing it. Not whites.

    But you couldn’t convince black people to look in the mirror at themselves. According to them, they are perfect and right about everything. Nobody’s that perfect. If black people are so perfect, then why are so many black males out

  • JM says:

    You know the CT scan you posted is from 2007, right? Do your homework.

  • Ninjawombat says:

    You do know that supposed CT scan is a stock photo from the University of Iowa? These is no proof of any injuries whatsoever to Officer Wilson. During the George Zimmerman fiasco remember how quickly photos of Zimmermans injuries came out?

    During any officer involved shooting, EVERYTHING is documented. If he had any injuries they would have been documented, and you can be damn sure we would have seen the photos by now.

    • Xavier says:

      “During the George Zimmerman fiasco remember how quickly photos of Zimmermans injuries came out?”

      Yes, I do remember. They took weeks to be made public, and then every libtard in the world screamed “fake”.

      “If he had any injuries they would have been documented, and you can be damn sure we would have seen the photos by now.”

      Broken facial bones don’t present obvious signs initially and often go undiagnosed by even the victim until an x-ray is performed. As for the pictures and x-rays being made available, the media has no interest of publicizing evidence that’s contrary to their narrative – that St. Swisher was an innocent, unarmed, teenage victim of a brutal, racist, psychopathic killer cop.

      Oh, and you forgot to say, “There was no reason for the cop to shoot him 6 times!” Practice your talking points.

  • JM says:

    Even RedState is questioning this orbital blowout injury. Also, why is this site lying to its readers by showing a stock CT image and pretending it’s officer Wilson’s?

  • Gina says:

    of control, commtting crimes, and going in and out of prison? Being locked up is like being on vacation. It was black males themselves who proclaimed that you weren’t a real man until you went to jail/prison. And to hide these facts they’ll accuse the white man of “wanting to lock a ni**er up.” But they continued being a threat to society.

    If the officer had received any injuries, they should have shown them the very same day. I will admit that Zimmerman’s injuries looked fake to me also. There shouldn’t be any lies told on either side of this situation. The autopsy shows that Michael Brown was shot while facing/charging the officer. There’s also reports that Michael struggled with the officer in his patrol car. Those two things happening should be clear that officer feared for his life, especially since Michael went after the cop’s gun.

    So it doesn’t require to lie about a serious injury to convince us that this shooting was justified in order to clear the officer’s name. Unecessary statements and lies aren’t needed nor worth it anyway.

  • Adam says:

    To be clear: While this is a picture of an orbital blowout fracture, it is NOT from Officer Darren Wilson. A simple search reveals this exact image appearing in a slide deck from University of TX Medical School as far back as 2007. (See page 8). You’ll further note that it’s from the University of Iowa, which even appears in the image you posted above. We all have an obligation to do our homework.

  • Heather says:

    That was all the politically incorrect things I won’t personally say but will definitely put a huge smile on my face….thank you.

    Adam, the picture is an example of what an orbital blowout fracture looks like and the original website (gateway pundit) who broke the story was very transparent about that. It doens’t mean the fracture didn’t happen, as some have suggested, just because an “example” photo was used.

  • Gina says:

    There’s yet another fake photo circulating online. This pic shows a man in a hospital bed with an injury to his eye. But its not Officer Darren Wilson. According to numerous reports, this guy was a BMX rider who was killed back in ’05-’06. I forgot his name, but he doesn’t even resemble Wilson.

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