Ferguson Protests Continue: National Guard Called In, Eric Holder Arriving Wednesday

Ferguson Protests Continue: National Guard Called In, Eric Holder Arriving Wednesday

Ferguson Protests Continue: National Guard Called In, Eric Holder Arriving Wednesday

Seems Mr. Obama is getting a taste of his own nontransparent medicine. In Ferguson, Missouri, Governor Nixon, without informing Dear Leader, has called in the National Guard to help restore order in a town that has been aflame since the August 9th shooting of reportedly unarmed teen Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. But that most recent decision is not without its own consequences. Shortly after learning of the enlistment of the National Guard, some protesters—some trying to quell the rioting, some changing their chant to “Hands Up, Shoot Back,” some not even residents of the city—promptly tried to storm Governor Nixon’s office.

Ferguson 1Ferguson 2And let’s not let scientific evidence get in the way of a good, albeit likely inaccurate, story. Preceding the multiple autopsies done on Brown’s body which proved inconclusive in confirming either side’s narrative of what really happened in Ferguson—one was performed by Dr. Michael Baden, a renowned forensics pathologist—a woman known only as “Josie” phoned in to a St. Louis radio show and relayed what the officer involved in the shooting allegedly told her, while also buttressing the autopsy findings:

And a recent CNN report appears to confirm “Josie’s” narrative mirrors what the officer involved has reportedly stated:

“…CNN’s Don Lemon reported on Monday that a ‘source with detailed knowledge of the investigation into the Missouri shooting of Michael Brown’ confirmed that the caller’s account ‘matches the account of officer Darren Wilson as to what happened at the time of the shooting.'”

Meanwhile, Eric Contempt-of-Congress Holder will be arriving in Ferguson on Wednesday sporting his Magic Cape of Justice, because, you know, he’s so much more competent than local authorities to conduct a thorough, transparent, and unbiased investigation, as only he can. The earworm “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” plays repeatedly in my head as Obama and Holder desperately continue grasping for their manufactured Civil Rights Moment Redux. Surely Mr. Contempt has good intentions. Surely his Department of (In)Justice Tour 2014 will include Chicago, then New York City, then Detroit where multiple murders of young black men occur weekly with relative anonymity, right? Don’t hold your breath.

Chicago, just this past weekend:

Shootings leave 3 dead, 16 wounded.

Three people were killed, including a 16-year-old boy, and sixteen others injured in shootings across the city between late Saturday morning and early Sunday morning, police said.

The majority of the victims—and most probably the shooters—in Chicago were black; the others Hispanic. And yet, except for grieving family and friends, a protest or two by some local religious person–nothing.  Reverends Jesse Jackson Senior and Al Sharpton had nothing to say; they were silent on the destruction of the black family, teenagers having children, lack of fathers.

President Barack Obama, was too busy vacationing in his 1% locale to mourn the loss of males who looked like the sons he might have had.”

But then, there’s nothing to be gained politically by fearlessly confronting some of the true reasons behind the epidemic of black-on-black crime exterminating our black youth. Rather, addressing it would only serve to highlight the complete and utter failure of leadership and thoughtful problem-solving brought to us by the man who was twice elected to help bring unity to our nation, but has instead brought it anything but.

What’s happening in Ferguson is disturbing, but not surprising. There are numerous valid social and political explanations for the reactions of some of the “liberators,” as Al Race-Baiter Sharpton prefers to call them, who have continually looted local shop owners’ wares, and lobbed Molotov cocktails at police officers. And one of them is this: When we have a federal government who continues to blatantly violate its own federal laws, then the people will eventually feel that they need not obey them, either. And I’m afraid that this most recent round of rioting is just the tip of a growing national iceberg, for we’ve morphed from a country whose citizens, including its police officers, used to be innocent until proven guilty, to one that automatically tars and feathers, regardless of evidence to the contrary, at the whim of some in a lawless mob, fanned by complicit politicians and community organizers, who arrogantly see themselves as judge, jury, and executioner.

State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal retweeted this gem following her F-bomb laced rant at Governor Nixon.
Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) reportedly retweeted this gem following an F-bomb laced rant directed at Governor Nixon. Tweet now appears to be missing from Nadal’s Twitter account.


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