American Muscle or American Hustle?

I marathon watched the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction last night.  I love classic All-American muscle cars, known for their power, engineering ingenuity, and tremendous display of chutzpah and sheer style.  These cars sold at auction for incredible prices.  Because they rarely build American cars like that anymore, people will pay big bucks for the memory and the quality.  Those were cars that were lavished with the All-American tradition of big, bad, and beautiful.  I watched the bidders – mostly men, of a certain age, who idolized the classic American muscle car.  I’m betting they are as pissed off as I am at the state of American muscle.

There used to be a day when cars like this ruled the road and were admired and coveted by Americans.  Packed with all-American power, design, engineering and bravado.

Pussy gettin’ machine

Not cars like this.

Pussy driven machine

It didn’t take very long for me to compare the rare and classic All-American muscle car to the diminishing All-American non-automotive muscle in the world we live in now.

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Breaking up with Barack

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Suspects arrested in Kroger beatings – will NOT be investigated as hate crime

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Pakistani boys raped and abused by Quran reading pedophiles

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What does Allah say?

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Rick Perry hires conservative bashers Steve Schmidt and Haley Barbour

Rick Perry hires conservative bashers Steve Schmidt and Haley Barbour

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Possible Chicago Mayoral candidate Karen Lewis believes smaller government is racist

Possible Chicago Mayoral candidate Karen Lewis believes smaller government is racist

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