Officer Darren Wilson had “orbital blowout fracture to eye socket” – Everyone put your hands down

Hey people with black skin rioting with their hands in the air against white people?  You can put them down now.

I’m a broken record about what got you into the latest self-created mess of misery you blame, yet again, on whitey.

So just stop. Before you completely collapse what little self-respect you do have for yourselves.  All of America and the world is watching you loot, riot and act the fool because you cannot bear to look at the real reasons this is happening and prefer to place the blame on whitey for a crime committed by an thug.  Yes, sadly, it appears that Cuddly Thug didn’t quite have his hands up in the air.

First ever orbital blow out fracture ever done by hands in the air.
First ever orbital blow out fracture ever done by hands in the air.

Of course looking at the real issues would involve taking a long hard look at what exactly happened in Ferguson and then figuring out who is to blame for all your perceived woes.

White people don’t kill your young men.  You do.  And why do blacks kill blacks at such an alarming rate?  I don’t know.  Ask Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama. After they take your money and your vote, maybe they can explain that in order to keep your subservient to them, they have to keep you dependent, agitated, and hopelessly enraged by their racist rhetoric.  Then they turn around and promise you “hope and change”.

By the way, how did that “hope and change” work out for y’all?

You aren’t slaves and you aren’t victims.  And you aren’t special snowflakes entitled to special treatment.

You want change and opportunity?  Stop voting and thinking liberal.  That backassward “philosophy” has brought you nothing good, but plenty of despair. If all your support for racist liberal causes has worked so brilliantly and “hopefully”, why the hell are you looting and rioting?

You aren’t entitled a free pass to loot, rob and riot because some black punk punched out a cop and got shot for it.  Anymore than if it was a white, green, yellow, or purple punk.  And speaking of punks, start raising your children (the ones you haven’t aborted) to be citizens and not free roaming animals.  Stop embracing your ever-lasting victim-hood and start living your own life free of racist and opportunistic people like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder constantly reminding you that you are poor helpless victims and aren’t capable of thinking or acting responsibly and they’re there to “help” you.  They and their ilk are no different than the cruelest, self-serving plantation owners that kept your great-grandmothers in slavery.  It’s not the conservatives that think you aren’t capable of anything but accepting welfare and violence.   You elected your own new bosses.  It’s time you fired them all.  They are NOT interested in you…they are interested in themselves.  Figure it out.  And while you’re at it, kick those preening New Black Panthers to the curb.  They aren’t helping you achieve ANYTHING.

You want “change”?  You better start some introspective thinking and voting for a better life.

One that is better than looting, rioting, and blaming others.  So put your hands down and get to work on what really is the problem.

Liberal policy and liberal politicians – they are the real racists.

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