Obama Speaking IN Paris: Other Countries Don’t Have Mass Shootings [Video]

Obama Speaking IN Paris: Other Countries Don’t Have Mass Shootings [Video]

Obama Speaking IN Paris: Other Countries Don’t Have Mass Shootings [Video]

President Clueless has struck again. As we all know, he jaunted off to Paris last weekend to join other world leaders in discussing the failed science fear mongering that is climate change. However, he just can’t seem to resist the lectures!


This morning in Paris, fresh from yucking it up with Sec of State John Kerry and the President of France, Francois Hollande at a dinner that runs about $275-$350 a head, including a $36 sorbet…

the Lecturer in Chief had this to say:

Oh yes indeed he did! The world was just informed that America is once again the ONLY one with a mass shooting problem! Keep in mind he said this while IN Paris, just two days after he visited the memorial site for the victims of the Paris attacks.


Keep in mind he said this IN Paris less than a year after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. One truly wonders if he or his speech writers even pay attention to their surroundings. One wonders if he or his speech writers even THINK for one second about how something like this will come across to others???!!! The lack of optics is just breathtaking!



I think with the reactions we are seeing…he doesn’t and they don’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure he Just. Doesn’t. Care. about anyone else but himself. Oh but never mind all of that. You see, we are supposed to quit being so cynical!

“One of the enemies that we’ll be fighting at this conference is cynicism,” President Obama said at the conference. “If we act here, if we act now, if we place our own short-term interests behind the air that our young people will breathe, and the food that they will eat, and the water that they will drink, and the hopes and dreams that sustain their lives, then we won’t be too late for them.”

You know what? We’ll quit being so cynical when you quit making stupid statements. In doesn’t matter that you kinda sorta tried to walk back your idiocy. That fact is, IN Paris, twelve people were murdered by terrorists during the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January. On November 15th, 130 people lost their lives to terrorist attacks AGAIN in Paris.

But none of that, nor an unplanned visit to the memorial site of the attacks two days ago seems to matter to President Clueless. Nope. Instead, he has his agenda and he’s going to run with it no matter what. I’m beginning to think he and the rest of the Administration have their heads firmly planted under rocks.

I’m sure the citizens of Paris, especially the families who lost loved ones to mass shootings this year, are just thrilled by all this compassion and caring. Or not. In fact, I believe they, like the rest of us, really wish he’d back away from the podium and go find a golf course to wander around on. We’d all be better off if he did.

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  • OC says:

    To ol’ jug ears the Paris massacre was just another case of work place violence, just like Ft. Hood.

  • Merle says:

    This administration has their collective heads stuck somewhere far worse than under a rock. Their head is so far up their ass that their shoulders aren’t even visible any more!


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