No Sweet Cheeks, It’s NOT Ok That Conservatives Aren’t Welcome On College Campuses

No Sweet Cheeks, It’s NOT Ok That Conservatives Aren’t Welcome On College Campuses

No Sweet Cheeks, It’s NOT Ok That Conservatives Aren’t Welcome On College Campuses

Conservative speakers aren’t welcome on campus, the most recent being the Grand Canyon U flap regarding Ben Shapiro. Conservative students on campus are also being marginalized. According to Sean, a Washington University student, he’s totes fine that conservatives aren’t welcome on campus.

Some conservatives at Washington University feel this way. An article in the WU: In Focus issue from late last semester—which I just read last week, so maybe take that into account when you’re evaluating my credibility—profiled several conservative students who’ve experienced negative social ramifications for their politics. They feel their beliefs aren’t welcome on our campus. And I’d just like to say: That’s fine.

Well, isn’t THAT special??!! True fact. Our college campuses these days are now cesspools of political correctness. Evergreen College, University of Missouri, Harvard, and more. Marta just wrote yesterday about Yale and the evil hiding among the student ranks. Vermont’s Dickinson college newspaper published an article titled “Should White Boys Still Be Allowed To Talk?” 

But what if a student doesn’t want to toe the liberal line? What if a college student wants less government, is for a strong defense, wants border security and a WALL??!! What if said student is against abortion and tax increases?

The knives would be out in FORCE. Just look at what happened to a young conservative when he dared to ask who the other woman in the photo was at the SOTU?

That was a Congresswoman who essentially threatened a college conservative. I bet Sean is fine with that as well.

Several conservative college students, when asked, offered the following after reading the op-ed.

  • If students are Trump supporters, they literally have to keep that information to a select few
  • Want to talk about who is oppressed? Conservatives while every other group under the sun gets flags and parades
  • Academics has gotten political, which has led to stifling debate. Which is against our First Amendment rights
  • All belief systems, political or not, are important to ALL academic discourse UNLESS you are conservative
  • The entire world is actively ensuring safe spaces, trans-gender accommodations, and more. but let conservatives have a voice? NOPE!

Their rebuttal?

  1. To have a good idea, no matter the premise, you need to be able to defend it. Sean is refusing to do so
  2. Sean won’t even do research to figure out WHY his idea is better than others. *hint, it’s not
  3. Conservatives, unlike everyone else, don’t demand extra special consideration, they just want to be afforded the SAME consideration
  4. If you are/were an Obama supporter, WOOT! A supporter of conservatism or Trump? BAN!
  5. the ‘poor people will DIE’ because Republicans/Trump/conservatism argument is… very dumb
  6. Young conservatives want to have a voice, yet today’s climate is teaching us to say and do nothing
  7. Conservatives encourage discussion of liberal ideas. Why? because it forces conservatives to think, research, and ensure that what we believe is fact instead of feeling based

Does Sean consider any of the above? No. Instead he slams his ‘token right-wing’ pals and finishes with this comment:

The Republican Party primarily exists to enrich a small group of already-rich people, and does so quasi-democratically by scaring old white folks about people with darker skin. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that’s a party or an ideological flank that I’d like to offer a whole bunch of special treatment to.

Folks, unless the young man is a 100% scholarship student, he is the very thing he hates. You see, the annual tuition at Washington University was $52,400 for the 2018 school year.

Conservative speakers welcome questions from all, no matter the political affiliation.

Bret Weinstein (who is not conservative but has been treated as such) or Jordan Peterson welcome debate of all kinds as well. They don’t want to shut down debate they don’t agree with. But that’s what Sean wants to do.

Guess what sweet cheeks? That’s not how any of this works.

The student conservatives above? Given Sean’s commentary, it’s understandable that they feel marginalized and discriminated against. Yet THEY are the ones advocating for our First Amendment rights of Free Speech for EVERYONE while Sean and all those on the left are …NOT.

It is noteworthy that a significant number of comments on Sean’s article are not in favor of his stance. Well worth reading.

Our First Amendment gives EVERYONE a voice. Those on the left and those aspiring to the left as Sean is, want to ignore that. You see, their motto is, everyone but conservatives are welcome at our counter.

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  • zenman says:

    The reply to him should be “you’re a white male, so your voice doesn’t belong on campus either.”

    oh, now you don’t believe in viewpoint discrimination… funny how it’s different when it’s used against you.

    • gnome says:

      Won’t work. These snowflakes know their place and if they are told to shut up because they are white males, they apologise and shut up.

  • Hate_me says:

    I read through all the comments (I’m very bored, today), and I was amazed that only one person called him out on the fact that leeches are still used in modern medicine.

    • cthulhu says:

      Years ago, I was the CFO of a company that made video transmission gear. We had an employee in Colorado whose brother had been out water-skiing when a congenital weakness in his aorta blew out…..and was likely dead before he came to a stop, never mind drowning or rescue.

      Our guy checked into a hospital because he could clearly hear his heartbeat. They decided to keep him in a room overnight and were transferring him from the admitting wheelchair into the bed where they planned on monitoring him, when his aorta blew out. Full hospital facilities and crash cart already in the room. Leeches saved one joint of each of his ten fingers, and probably his arms — because he lost both legs below the knee.

      • Yes leeches do work in some cases in the modern medical world. And what will really appall you is that maggots are also used sometimes when cleaning out wounds that are so close to gangrene nothing else works except amputation.

    • Gwyllm says:

      So are maggots, because they are very good at their jobs.

  • GWB says:

    Call me crazy
    Well, ok. You’re crazy. I also think you’re a brain-washed imbecile, throwing your parents’ money away into the pockets of credentialed charlatans.

    (Actually, leeches were not used in “modern” medicine until some people decided to do some more research – you know, against the conventional wisdom of all those scientist fellers – and found there was actual benefit.)

  • Tom G says:

    Conservative students need to file discrimination lawsuits against their colleges.
    And win.
    Because they ARE being discriminated against.

    And only when the colleges are paying out Big Bucks, enough to get their PC Presidents fired by their Boards, will the colleges start reducing their discrimination.

    Reps in Congress should be advocating removing tax exempt status for colleges which have been discriminating against hiring Rep professors — it’s an “open secret” that virtually all colleges have been doing so.

    • Pragmatic says:

      There is no law against political discrimination unless you live in California. In fact, making one explicitly goes against the right to freedom of association and so, because we don’t believe in stripping others of their rights even as they strip us of ours, we’re screwed. The nice thing is? If you are a business owner or a person who hires, you can also politically discriminate.

    • SDN says:

      And when someone says “conservative is not a protected class”, the instant response should be “Based on your writings and those of your comrades, I’m being discriminated because I’m one or more of white race, male sex, or Judeo Christian religion……. which ARE.”

  • ruprecht says:

    Wonder if Sean’s parents are happy about the devaluation of his degree they are no doubt paying for.

  • Craig Austin says:

    Rights are subject to obligations, to enjoy the right to speak freely you have an obligation to let others do so. If you don’t know the obligations, you don’t have the rights.

  • Merion says:

    How are these wimps going to handle the real world?

  • Ric Westhoff says:

    I was a teenager in the 60’s and had a “shush, he is a socialist but he can’t say it” because of the law against socialism in the 60’s history teacher. I had to speak up because I thought that being a conservative was considerably more important than remaining silent. Needless to say, there were some fascinating and stimulating debate in the classroom. I have a really sad feeling about the changes toward socialism and communism (same thing really) and a sinking feeling about what is coming down the road.

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