Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Jew Hatred, Promises to Make it Less Obvious

Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Jew Hatred, Promises to Make it Less Obvious

Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Jew Hatred, Promises to Make it Less Obvious

Just when you think Minnesota Rep Ilhan Omar couldn’t get more repulsive, hateful, and loathsome, she says “hold my dawa” (yes, I know it’s Kenyan, but al-Shabaab hangs out there as well, and there is no real national booze in Somalia), and dials the EBIL JOO enmity to ELEVENTY!!1!11. Finally, sick and tired of rightful accusations of hypocrisy, after Omar posted several disgusting anti-Jewish tropes on Twitter, the Democratic leadership slapped Omar upside the mouth… sort of, forcing her to apologize… sort of.

Twitter feed screen cap

The backlash came after Omar used Twitter to promote her anti-Semitic agenda, including perpetuating twisted, filthy tropes about Jews and their money.

But much like her excuse about not knowing how the whole “Jews hypnotizing the world” trope would play on the national stage, she once again claims she had no idea that accusing Jewish people of using their vast wealth to bribe politicians, this filthy, evil hag’s supposed “apology” rings hollow.

And by the way, AIPAC is a non-profit, so it doesn’t donate directly to candidates, although it does promote a pro-Israel agenda, which that venomous twat Omar must hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

More likely than not, that twisted sow simply thought she had the momentum, as a hijab-wearing, Muslim woman, to say whatever the hell she wanted, and the Democrats would be too scared of her brother-humping minority vagina to criticize her.

Not so much.

Twitter screen cap

Even Chelsea Clinton took to her Twitter account to condemn Omar’s comments. And when you’ve lost Chelsea Clinton…

…you spin yourself to be a victim of “GOP smears” like you said nothing wrong.

Note that Omar studiously ignores her own anti-Semitic spew and attempts to drive attention to supposed “smears” from the GOP.

Well, the Democratic leadership wasn’t going to stand idly by and watch this hateful, repugnant ISIS fellator ruin their drive to recapture the full legislature in 2020.

So, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to have a conversation slapped Omar’s tits hard and told her to shut her ignorant yap keep the Jew hatred to a dull roar.

Because how can the Democrats purport to be defenders of minorities and have shrill Jew-haters, such as Rashida Tlaib, who – it turns out – once wrote an op-ed for virulent anti-Semite “Jews are termites” Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, publicly vomit forth venom about people who have been targeted for extermination, denied asylum by leftist hero FDR, and even targeted for mass slaughter (bet Omar and Tlaib were secretly applauding that incident)?

They can’t – especially not after the entire House condemned the not-so elegant comments about white nationalism by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who subsequently was stripped of his committee memberships, that were much more innocuous than the consistently open and public anti-Jew hostility exhibited by Omar.

And while the Democrats’ supposed “condemnation” of Omar’s comments is welcome, it’s too little too late.

Omar has been a malignant anti-Semite for years. She is a supporter of the bigoted BDS movement, and her hatred for the Jews has never been a secret, so for Pelosi and crew to slap her lightly on the wrist, and yet keep her on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is insulting to the Jewish Representatives in the House, and to the Jewish people in America.

And while her “apology” claims she’s “listening and learning,” she’s cunning enough to claim she’s “standing strong.”

Do you wonder what she’s standing strong against? Standing strong against condemnations of her malicious, abominable hostility toward the Jews? Standing strong against rightful criticisms of her open enmity toward a people who have been systematically abused throughout their history?

She’s certainly not sorry for her condemnation of Jews and her claim that they wield undue influence in Washington, even as she turns the issue around and highlighting alleged “attacks” against her and condemns conservative lobbyists for their “problematic role” in our government, focusing her venom on the NRA, AIPAC, and the fossil fuel industry, while studiously ignoring Planned Parenthood that pours millions of dollars into its lobbying efforts to preserve the ability to murder fully developed infants.

Fact is that until being slapped down by Pelosi and the Democratic leadership, Omar simply doubled down on her anti-Semitism, and although the public rebuke is a good start, she needs to get booted from her committee assignments until she learns to be a human being.

And even after the leadership condemned Omar’s comments, some leftist scum are still defending her. Witness Rep Deb Haaland’s mumbling defense of Omar’s poison.

And then there’s Dan Kildee (D-ickweed, MI), who claims he knows Congresswoman Omar and just can’t believe that rancid bigot could be an anti-Semite, despite her overt history of being just that.

The Democrats have confirmed that they are noxious, prejudiced cowards, who won’t wholly condemn or take action against the poison among them, even as they squeal for the GOP to address the problematic Steve King comments that got him roundly condemned and deprived of his committee assignments.

The left has proven they are hypocrites. Let’s hope they’re held accountable for their hatred next year.

UPDATE: Of course, she’s not sorry! Just hours after issuing her non-apology “apology,” Omar is at it again.

Just hours after apologizing for making comments deemed anti-Semitic, Rep. Ilhan Omar retweeted a thread defending her claim that campaign contributions from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee buy support for the group’s positions.

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  • Chris says:

    Hm. Someone whose culture uses broken bottles to cut out the clitoris of little girls, and where magicians chop body parts off living children to make ‘magic’, criticising Jews is truly awful.

    Islamist extremism is like rabies. And the treatment for infection is…

  • Wozzup says:

    ” Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Jew Hatred, Promises to Make it Less Obvious”

    You mean like Hitler did, even after he came to power, at least until he was convinced that his control of the reigns of power was sufficiently strong to counteract the backlash from moderate Germans that he expected? (Which is wny German Jews were for some time not persecuted in the same brutal was as those from other countries came to be persecuted – he too was convinced of the need to use subterfuge to advance his filthy cause). Of course once he was convinced that he had all the necessary power and could exercise it in a naked and unrestrained way it was a slightly different story if my memory of history is correct.

    So its an old story – anti semites seldom declare up front, their full intentions. But they they know exactly what they would like to do once they have the power to do it. (Hint she has already told us where her sympathies lay).

  • Pi Guy says:

    “…brother-humping minority vagina…”

    *opera applause*

  • Mark Shaw says:

    Just a point of order: she’s not a “fellator,” she’s a fellatrix.

  • Line Inthesand says:

    The reaction by the rest of her loathsome party is why Mr. Trump got elected.

  • […] Ilhan Omar Apologizes for Jew Hatred, Promises to Make it Less Obvious […]

  • GWB says:

    AIPAC is a non-profit
    Well, technically, so was the Clinton Foundation. It’s not the “non-profit” status that makes it not-a-lobbyist-tool, but the actual actions of the organization – which in this case spends more effort lobbying the electorate than the elected, imo.

    slapped Omar’s tits hard

    keep her on the House Foreign Affairs Committee
    Especially when Omar and Tlaib are probably the most foreign-influenced pair in the entire Congress.

    pours millions of dollars into its lobbying efforts to preserve the ability to murder fully developed infants
    And, more importantly, to keep that sweet, sweet gubmint lucre flowing into their coffers.

    “I wouldn’t take it as anti-Semitism”
    There IS a difference between being anti-Jewish and not supporting Israel. But when you’re tossing out bon mots about how Jewish Money is buying politicians, you’re pretty much treading on old KKK ground and being anti-Semitic. (Which, btw, is not really accurate. They’re anti-Jew. “Anti-Semitic” is properly being against the entire group of peoples descended from Shem – Arabs, Jews, Syrians, Armenians, etc.)

    This is what “multi-culturalism” gets you, folks.

  • jth says:

    This muslim, like all who are true believers and follow the koran, hate all “infidels” or non-believers. Topping the “hate” list are the jewish people. There is no compromise with muslim fundamentalists. They are not radical. The cult is radical. It is not a religion. If unleashed, islam is a threat to western civilization and human rights. The two recently elected muslim representatives have displayed that hatred, and the msm gratuitously presents it. The only benefit is that their vitriolic hatred of America and segments of Americans reflect negatively on the entire democRAT party. Voters, remember that on election day.

  • Bruce House says:

    We never should have put a person in congress that will not support our long lived allies because of Islam! She is fully into Islam and considers Israel their enemy! and if you look at it closer we are all not part of Islam and were considered infidels and are the enemy of Islam and should be killed if not converted! Why would we put someone in our government that would do anything to demise the American way of life? Socialism is a very big part of their way of controlling people! We the people of the United States will not bow down to socialism and allow the Elites and false individuals out side of the our constitution should have any right to tell us how we should run our country!

  • Connie Darr Lape says:

    Racist, is Racist against all groups — no matter what color, what religion, what abilities one has is wrong it’s not just a black and white issue. It’s all in one !!! We are all equal in Gods eyes!

  • donald says:

    muslims are the same as the kkk but you don’t hear of anything happening to this hateful group

  • Philip Simon says:

    The past of anti-Semitism is back only in full throttle, It is legal in Russia, Germany and other places back then, but now it is law. Remember jews, today it is Germany, tomorrow the world, it has happened, Today the Soviet Union, tomorrow the world, it is now law.

  • Gerielou says:

    Soooo the hatred is ok. Just showing it proudly is the problem??????
    Do you really think she’d be able to keep her personal bias out of her political decisions?
    Do you really think she would have apologized had she not received so much backlash?
    Don’t you think her opinions would have become more vehement had no one stood up to her hatred?
    She has to go!!!!

  • lee says:

    Omar should never had been given citizenship. she needs to be stripped of it and deported to semolia. her husband and children must go with her. not ever allowed into our country again, cancel their passports. we cannot allow anyone in our country like this.the other one in congress same thing. get out of our country!!!!!!

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