New Mexico Terror Camp Razed By Authorities – Why? [VIDEO]

New Mexico Terror Camp Razed By Authorities – Why? [VIDEO]

New Mexico Terror Camp Razed By Authorities – Why? [VIDEO]

Something is rotten in the state of New Mexico. First, we learn of the terror training camp run by family members of the unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and how it gets glossed over in the media once they learn it isn’t the NRA training children to be school shooters, but Islamic extremists.

Then, we learn that Judge Sarah Backus decided to release the suspects – who are accused of child abuse and murder of a child, incidentally – out on bond because she claimed that the suspects were victims of “Islamophobia.” The judge’s ruling sparked an outcry, and threats to the judge.

In the meantime, we have learned that these people are truly nuts and allegedly let a disabled child die.

A woman who believed her husband’s dead toddler would be reincarnated as Jesus to attack “corrupt institutions” like banks and schools apparently spurred the creation of a fortified compound in northern New Mexico, prosecutors said Monday.

The discovery of the toddler’s body in a 100-foot-long hand-dug dirt tunnel beneath the compound built by the Muslim group sent shockwaves through the rural area, where five adults are accused of raising 11 other kids in filthy, dangerous conditions, surrounded by loaded rifles and handguns.

“Each of the five defendants is collectively responsible for building this compound . . . and keeping this child hidden from his mother and the police,” prosecutor Tim Hasson argued.

Police and prosecutors say the group was led by Jany Leveille, 35, who believed the boy would be reincarnated to attack banks, schools and government agencies, an FBI agent testified.

Police took the 11 kids into protective custody from the compound after an Aug. 3 raid that ended with the arrests of Leveille, her husband, his two sisters and another man. Leveille’s husband, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is separately accused of kidnapping his son, Abdul Ghani, 3, from his former wife in Georgia late last year and fleeing across state lines.

Police say the other children told them Abdul Ghani died sometime this spring following a seizure. Because he was already wanted on a Georgia kidnapping warrant, Wahhaj may be kept in custody instead of being released with his family members.

According to police, Wahhaj’s former wife gave birth to the Abdul Ghani several years ago, but Leveille believed he was actually her child.

Adbul Ghani suffered from chronic illness and seizures, and in pleading for his return, his mother in December warned he would die if not given medical treatment. Instead of medical treatment, after kidnapping the boy and taking him to New Mexico, Wahhaj read Quran verses to the toddler while laying his hand on his forehead as the boy had seizures and foamed at the mouth, police said.

“Jany had a message from God that they needed to leave and head to New Mexico and that Abdul Wahhaj, once the demons were expelled from his body through religious rituals, that he would become Jesus and once he became Jesus he would instruct the others on the property, the family, what corrupt institutions to get rid of,” testified FBI agent Travis Taylor, who interviewed two of the oldest children.

Jany Leveille, who believed her husband’s child was “stolen from her womb” and was really hers, is an illegal immigrant from Haiti who has overstayed her visa by…. 20 YEARS.

Jany Leveille, 35, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Taos County on Tuesday and must appear before a judge to resolve her immigration status, according to a statement by ICE.

The immigration proceeding, which could lead to Leveille’s deportation, follows a raid on the compound Aug. 3 in which police said they found 11 children living in dirty conditions with no food or water. Three days later, police unearthed the body of a toddler at the ramshackle settlement north of Taos.

“Leveille has been unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than 20 years after overstaying the validity of her non-immigrant visitor visa,” an ICE statement said.

Kelly Golightley, Leveille’s lawyer, declined comment.

Leveille moved to Brooklyn from Haiti in 1998 after their father died, according to her brother Von Chelet Leveille. She then moved several times between Georgia, Philadelphia and New York, following her separation from her first husband, Von Chelet Leveille said in a phone interview from Haiti.

So, neither she nor the child’s father – who has a kidnapping warrant on him from Georgia – will be making bond, despite the judge’s efforts.

But apparently, the authorities have decided they have learned everything they possibly can at the compound, so… they just destroyed it.
What. The. Hell.

What are the New Mexico authorities trying to cover up? We’ve already had the sheriff walk out of an interview when pressed on why he didn’t move on the compound as soon as he had the land owner’s permission, we have the judge saying that prosecutors haven’t proved an “imminent threat” and can go on bail (the DA is planning an appeal), and now the RV at the camp has been seized by court order and the rest of the compound razed.

This isn’t “Islamophobia,” this is political correctness run amok because the suspects are Muslim extremists. And despite the best efforts by the ACLU, only one innocent child died at the hands of these lunatics. We dodged a huge bullet when this compound was exposed. Why are the New Mexican authorities so anxious to not come down hard on the suspects, and why isn’t the media all over this? Yes, those are rhetorical questions.

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  • GWB says:

    partially bulldozed the #NMCompound
    Well, that sounds a lot worse than it likely is. They had to knock down some things to get the RV out.
    And the key here seems to be that they’ve brought the RV in for some reason. But no one (in the video) even seemed to ask questions about what that reason might be.
    Typical hype-it-to-the-Nth degree reporting is what that video looks like. (So did the other one I saw, which – despite the headline on it – didn’t even really explore the “razed compound”, and mostly talked about how the judge was threatened.)

    the rest of the compound razed
    Not by that video, it wasn’t. The compound is still intact in that video – EXCEPT for the RV and the tire walls they knocked down to get the RV out.

    The more I hear about this, the more I suspect these folks were just top-level nut-jobs, not serious jihadis. Yes, they were training the older kids to assault some evil banks and schools – but only when the dead toddler led them as Jesus reincarnate. Hoo boy, that’s some bat guano level crazy there.
    And it sounds like the sheriff’s office might have hyped this internally, initially, then discovered they don’t have nearly the evidence they thought they did. (And, no, I don’t mean ‘islamophobia’.)

    These are bad people, and need to go to a deep, dark hole. But there seems to be plenty of hype, too.

  • Same as the Las Vegas Shooter, and Whitey Bulger: The FBI was trying to use them, and they don’t want people to know that the FBI new how bad they were and did nothing.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Why? My guess is that this ties in somehow with the other usual suspects (the so called Democrats).

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