Nutty in New Mexico: Judge Grants Bond to Muslim Extremists Running School Shooting Training Camp

Nutty in New Mexico: Judge Grants Bond to Muslim Extremists Running School Shooting Training Camp

Nutty in New Mexico: Judge Grants Bond to Muslim Extremists Running School Shooting Training Camp

Do you remember David and Louise Turpin? They were the pathetic excuses for human beings that kept their thirteen children chained to their beds and starving in California. They’re still jailed to this day—held on $12 million bail each—awaiting trial on 88 counts of child abuse, including of the sexual variety. You may also recall the more recent child abuse case out of New Mexico: eleven kids were discovered when authorities responded to a missing child report, only to find not only children living in squalor, but a jihad training camp. Victory Girl, Nina, wrote about the story here.

And just as we witnessed in 2016 where one of the presidential candidates was handed a pass for her obvious obstruction of justice and multiple felonies, while the other is still under a bogus investigation by the very same rogue agencies who handed Hillary a Get Out of Jail Free card, the treatment of the five adults arrested in this case is a glaring double standard. Why? Because a judge is allowing them to walk on a TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND. Yes, really. Because, wait for it…islamophobia or something:

I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

In a hearing Monday, a New Mexico judge found that suspects in a bizarre child abuse case were not a danger to the public, and released them on bond.

Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, “we might not be here today.”

Oh, but hold the phone. The Turpins fit that mold, albeit in a bastardized kind of way. So that argument, counselors, is pure horse manure.

The five defendants in the New Mexico child abuse and jihad training case. (Photo Credit: Vinnie Politan on Twitter)

And let’s not forget this little nugget of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

One of the defendants, Siraj Wahhaj, is his son.

And this:

The children discovered at an “extremist Muslim” compound in New Mexico earlier this month were both trained to use firearms and taught multiple tactical techniques in order to kill teachers, law enforcement and other institutions they found corrupt, state prosecutors revealed on Monday.

And this:

It was also announced Monday that 3-year-old Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, who had been missing since December, allegedly died amid a ritualistic religious ceremony intended to “cast out demonic spirits,” Reuters reported.

And this. Make sure you READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD, because Holy Bejeezus, what in BLAZES was this judge smokin’?

But wait, there’s more: Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe [Democrat] defended his decision NOT to search for the missing boy at the illegal compound, despite having permission to do so from the landowner:

Because—and I’m just gonna head out on a limb here—we wouldn’t want to be accused of “islamophobia,” a made-up Leftist term used to silence anyone who might question the intentions of those who’d see America brought to her knees. And the tactic is routinely exploited by the likes of CAIR and Linda Sarsour. Because I think by now many of us recognize that the Left would love nothing more than to see America flayed, and thus they give “minority” extremists of any stripe a pass if their goal is the destruction of America. Even if the life of an innocent child is at stake, apparently.

Something stinks in New Mexico. And it’s not the skunks.

Now, I don’t know about you, but a group of armed extremist Muslims training the children in their “care” how to shoot-up schools, and who have known ties to other Islamic terrorists is kind of, you know, a GIANT RED FLIPPIN’ FLAG. But, hey, their defense lawyer insists they aren’t planning any attacks or anything.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Despite law enforcement authorities saying that they believe that the children were being trained to attack innocents, and that the adults were radicalized, Judge Sarah Backus [‘Nother Democrat] released the suspects.

Prosecutors also said they obtained a letter from one of the suspects telling his brother to come to the compound and die like a martyr.

I think the 19 pieces of sewer-rat feces who murdered nearly 3,000 people back on September 11th of 2001 had similar thoughts of martyrdom. But what do I know. Political correctness is back in style.

Yes, there is a glaring double standard at work here; but it’s not the one the defense lawyers are pushing. And should these would-be jihadists harm anyone else—how much shall we wager the first thing they do is cut off those pesky little ankle bracelets?—the blood will be on the hands of the bone-headed judge who released these obvious threats to our nation back into the wild. Just as with those who released this man, who went on to rape a five-year-old child

Aren’t sanctuary cities the bomb?

…and with those who refused to prosecute a woman who clearly endangered national security.

We’ve got double standards all right; and they’re blatantly biased toward those with violent intentions, but only if said cretins identify with the flavor-du-jour to which the anti-American nitwits over on the Left approve. So if you’re a woman who’s the preferred candidate of the Swamp Dwellers, an illegal alien, or radical Muslims running a Terrorist Training Camp for the kiddos on summer break, it seems the odds are ever in your favor. Unfortunately for the rest of us, I predict the next story we hear from these five creeps will not be what their defense attorney claimed.

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  • GWB says:

    eleven kids were discovered when authorities responded to a missing child report, only to find not only children living in squalor
    And one of them DIED. Let’s not forget that. (Has that not been charged? Seems pretty incredible, if so.)

    Their lawyer argued that there was a double standard in the case because his clients were Muslims. He argued that if they had been Christian and white, “we might not be here today.”
    And if I were the judge, I immediately would have held the defense attorney in contempt and sentenced him to 30 days in the slammer. “You’ll make legal, logical, and factual arguments in this court, solicitor, and not slander the court or its officers, nor the police or the prosecutors. You do it again and I’ll throw you in jail for 60 days. Understand?”

    One of the defendants, Siraj Wahhaj, is his son.
    I’m not going to hold the sins of the father against the son. Oddly, his father claims he’s the one that made the initial call to police (about the boy missing from Georgia).
    Now, if you can tie them together via evidence, related to current activities, I’m all for tossing them in the same cell.

    allegedly died amid a ritualistic religious ceremony
    Which would seem to be something you definitely wouldn’t allow people to walk free with that accusation. Oy vey.

    This thing does stink. I am VERY loathe to indict these guys just because they have firearms, or even are teaching their children tactics. And, no, being muslim isn’t an absolute indicator, either. But when the kids are being starved (I’m assuming they’re not using the CPS definition of forcing them to eat broccoli or they go to bed without their supper) and one of them died (I do have doubts about child testimony, but he undoubtedly died and the death was not reported), the prosecution really should have all the ‘argument’ they need to keep these goobers locked up until their trial.

    And, yes, I’ve got my skepticism about this one. Because this has all the earmarks of other child abuse cases of dubious provenance. But if any of the evidence that has been brought out so far is true, throw them in the darkest, deepest hole you can find, and fill it in with big rocks over top of them.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Agreed on all counts, GWB. I’m sure they’re busy abiding by all the brainless judge’s requirements right about now. /sarc

  • “Nutty in New Mexico” is an inaccurate title. “Evil in New Mexico” correctly characterizes the situation.

  • SFC D says:

    It doesn’t matter if the adults running this compound are Muslim, Christian, atheist or agnostic, or pray to the flying spaghetti monster. A child dies and nobody is being held accountable. I want to hear the rationale for that from the presiding Judge and the Sheriff. The defense attorney needs to be sharing a cell with his clients. New Mexico, we’re watching. Don’t screw this up.

  • Robert Jacoby says:

    Broward coward: “I’m going for most incompetent sheriff.”
    Hogrefe: “Hold my fair trade sourced, organic Chai tea.”

  • cthulhu says:

    Note that this is “signature bail” — they don’t need to pony up $20K unless they are found to have violated terms of their release.

  • Ming the Merciless Siamese Cat says:

    I can’t believe that the Sheriff actually believes that any evidence he obtained would have been inadmissible for lack of probable cause, WHEN THE SUSPECTS GAVE HIM PERMISSION TO CONDUCT A WARRANTLESS SEARCH. You don’t need a warrant or probable cause when you have permission to search.

    How can you be a law enforcement officer and not know this? How can you ever have watched a police drama and not know this? Jesus wept, I don’t know what to say.

  • Crocket says:

    The new push from the left in the criminal justice system is “bail reform,” by which they mean letting everyone* out prior to trial.** I suspect this judge was signaling to her fellow travelers that she is down with this struggle. She’ll get reasoned criticism from people with common sense, but from the legal clerisy she’ll get admiration and acclaim–“she’s so brave!” and that sort of thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a great career enhancer for her.

    *Except of course Paul Manafort.

    **Not to imply that they’d actually impose an appropriate sentence even after a guilty verdict.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      I have no doubt that the Left is cheering her, while they’re also cheering the unequal treatment of Manafort.

  • Tim says:

    Why the hell were they in court to begin with. They are domestic terrorist they should have put on a plane to gitmo without due process

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