Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Released, Liberal Heads Explode

Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Released, Liberal Heads Explode

Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Released, Liberal Heads Explode

Ever since about 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time on November 9, 2016, our liberal friends (and I use that in the collegial Senate sense) have been in a lather and showing themselves to be poorly raised. Melania Trump’s official portrait was released by the Trump Administration and liberal heads are exploding as they show their ugly. To quote the eminently quotable Dorothy Parker:

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

Keith Olbermann, who is currently a special correspondent for GQ magazine, tweeted.

And, then there were a couple more ugly tweets that I could actually use, if you take my meaning:

Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller scolded Olbermann:

You may not be sure how Melania is “billing us,” considering the fact that First Lady of the United States is an unpaid position. And you may not know which duties she’d be billing us for if she were billing us, considering she doesn’t actually have any duties. (No, Michelle Obama didn’t get paid to tell schoolchildren what to eat for lunch. She just likes bossing other people’s kids around.) But the point is…

Yeah, I dunno what the point is. Keith is just determined to be pissed off about everything at all times, I guess. He wanted Bill Clinton to be the First Gentleman, and he didn’t get what he wanted, so now he’s just going to pout.

Mr. Treacher, I am almost a professional pouter. I know a pout. Olbermann is not pouting about Melania Trump’s Official Portrait. Keith Olbermann is having a full on toddler-type meltdown. He needs a nap in his room. Once he is rested, he needs a calm talk about not acting ugly. It’s one thing to act ugly in the privacy of your own home, but acting ugly in the town square (Twitter) disgraces your relations.

What is this portrait that has so unhinged our liberal friends. Voila!

Melania Trump Official Portrait

Doesn’t look at all Glamour Shots-type to me. It’s lovely. I would have lost the sequined scarf, but that’s a personal thing. Love the window behind her. Love the suit. Love the lighting. I certainly won’t call out any First Lady by name who was famous for her gun shows, but often looked unfortunate.

NPR wrote up an article about First Lady Melania Trump’s first official portrait. NPR included a link to the White House online history gallery of First Ladies. That is fascinating. Follow the link here.

It’s going to be a difficult four years for our liberal friends. Their heads exploding and acting ugly in public is not going to get them money and power, which is their heart’s desire. Acting ugly will only get them sent to their rooms. Bless their hearts.

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  • Kodos says:

    Olbermann doesn’t need a nap.

    He needs to be smacked in the mouth, have his ass whupped, and be sent to bed without supper.

    I’ve had enough of these brats.

  • Scott says:

    I’d argue, Olbermann does need a nap.. a dirt nap.. that’s the only thing that will make him change, cause as you pointed out above, his ugly goes to the bone!

  • GWB says:

    Well, I think it does look a bit … “pushed“. As a decent amateur photographer over a number of decades, I think it was airbrushed/photoshopped a bit. Which is a shame, since it probably didn’t need to be. But the person taking it either had one of her photogs looking over their shoulder, or one of the people she knows in the industry took it, and they default to making sure they eliminate all imperfections. (Though it is possible it’s her makeup that’s that perfect.)

    And, yes, it is a glamour pose. That is NOT a First Lady look, but a Cosmo cover pic. It’s ok, I don’t mind too much. *shrug*

    Getting upset over it in a public space? Oy vey. Olbermann really should get a different hobby.

  • Now that’s one glamorous First Lady; wouldn’t you say so, Eleanor?

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