Trump Donates Paycheck To National Parks For Historic Battlefields [VIDEO]

Trump Donates Paycheck To National Parks For Historic Battlefields [VIDEO]

Trump Donates Paycheck To National Parks For Historic Battlefields [VIDEO]

Remember when President Trump stated he would work for free?

Do you remember the gnashing of teeth when it was assumed that he wouldn’t keep his promise? I sure do. They just willfully ignored one important item.

Then, it was announced that President Trump would donate to charity organizations and perhaps the press could advise on the best ones? Well that totally caught the liberals flat footed. Their only recourse was …


Fast forward to today. While the media is salivating over the prospect of fireworks concerning the potential Gorsuch nuclear option/filibuster, freaking out over the First Lady’s portrait, and doing their absolute damnedest to ignore the Susan Rice story…this happened.

President Trump will donate his first three months of salary to the National Park Service, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced Monday.

However, it’s not a blank check.

The funds will be used for a very specific purpose. 

Spicer handed a check for $78,333.32 for the National Park Service to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Spicer said the paycheck starts from Jan. 20, when Trump took office, until now.

At Monday’s briefing, Zinke said the donation will go to the maintaining historic battlefield sites.

As one who has visited several battlefield sites, I can tell you that even a few thousand dollars will go a long way to preserving some essential pieces of our history.


Hampton Battery F Monument Gettysburg Battlefield

Little Bighorn National Monument

The battlefields of the American Revolution, Fort McHenry where our National Anthem was written, many Civil War battlefields and so much more.

There are 25 National Battlefield monuments across this great land. The Park Service has been struggling for years to decently maintain those and our national parks. One of the reasons has been that priorities prior to now haven’t been for the parks or battlefields. Nope, politics has been in play. When Interior Secretary Zinke took office he found that over $229 million in maintenance spending had been deferred for months if not years. And of course some aren’t happy with this donation.

The Center for Western Priorities, a conservation policy organization, quickly criticized the donation as a “publicity stunt” in light of budget cuts the president has proposed for the Department of the Interior.

“You can’t propose $1.6 billion in cuts to our public lands, then pretend a $78,000 donation makes it better,” said Greg Zimmerman, the center’s deputy director. “The White House needs to protect America’s parks and public lands, not pay lip service to them.”

Ok then. If you want to criticize then you’d better ask the previous Administration, if they aren’t too busy trying to cover up Susan Rice’s shenanigans, what they were using the $229 million for instead? Oh I know, they were proclaiming new national monuments right and left, so I bet that money was sent that direction instead of being used to keep our history intact.

Fact is, President Trump is keeping his promise. And that’s a good thing.

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  • VALman says:

    If President Trump gave it to the DNC, the left would twist in such a way that they would attempt to cast him in a negative light.

    When he meets various persons and at rallies, he’s known for giving the thumbs up. This one is for him!

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