Media Ignores Fact That Cops And NBC Reporter Were Attacked At Charlottesville [VIDEO]

Media Ignores Fact That Cops And NBC Reporter Were Attacked At Charlottesville [VIDEO]

Media Ignores Fact That Cops And NBC Reporter Were Attacked At Charlottesville [VIDEO]

Last night there was a rally for the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville VA protests. Was it peaceful? Not by a long shot. No, there weren’t any vehicles set on fire and no real vandalism to speak of. However, there were verbal and physical attacks launched at cops and the media. Does the media report on this? No, instead they have their narrative which includes terming events in Charlottesville ‘peaceful’ and lecturing Trump.

President Trump on Saturday condemned “all types of racism and acts of violence” on the first anniversary of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, calling for the nation to “come together” after a week in which he stoked racial divisions with attacks on black athletes and other minorities.

‘Racially-tinged remarks’ is how the WaPo termed it in the headlines. As Powerline points out, a remark is either racial or it isn’t. WaPo definitely weaseled on this one. Quite frankly, Trump was correct last year. Both sides, ALL sides were wrong in how they handled themselves at Charlottesville then, and they are wrong now.

So how exactly did the Washington Post report on the ‘peaceful’ vigil?

The caption under the video is notable for the spin. “police presence,” and ‘anti-racists calling for end to white supremacy.’ Well, ok. Yet they weren’t the only ones.

Here is a compilation of headlines regarding Charlottesville.

CBS: Hundreds march in peaceful protests in Charlottesville with police in riot gear nearby

CNN: In their own words: Charlottesville, one year later

U.S.News: Tense Confrontation Amid Peaceful Vigils in Charlottesville

A protestor confronts riot gear clad police on the campus of the University of Virginia during a rally to mark the anniversary of last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Here is what the headlines gloss over.

Shortly before a planned evening rally to mark the anniversary of a campus confrontation between torch-carrying white nationalists and counterprotesters, activists unfurled a banner that said, “Last year they came w/ torches. This year they come w/ badges.”

Is it any wonder that the police were in riot gear and prepared for anything? Exactly who is formenting hatred against whom?

But you see, it was the cops fault that no one intervened last year. Never mind the fact that they were told to stand down by their bosses and the democrats leading the state government. That’s a fact to ignore.

Do any of the media headlines focus on what the so-called ‘peaceful’ protestors are saying? No. The headlines are a complete and utter dismissal of reality. Did anyone in the media complex ie; ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News … headlines point out the violent rhetoric? Not that I can tell. Did they report that a reporter was shoved and screamed at?

In fact, what was one of NBC’s headlines on this?

Activists Rally Against Hate On Charlottesville Anniversary

Was there any mention of one of their own being attacked at the ‘rally?’ NOPE.

Has the media reported that a several of those ‘peacefully rallying’ attacked a police officer?

Exactly. The media has set their narrative, and it absolutely does not include facts nor reality. And they wonder once again why we don’t trust them.

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  • SDN says:

    “Both sides, ALL sides were wrong in how they handled themselves at Charlottesville then, and they are wrong now.”

    Including the side that followed the law, got a permit, and were set up to be attacked? Your false equivalence is nauseating.

    • cthulhu says:

      Yep. Railroaded into a “kill box” — a guy panicked when he realized where he was and ran over someone getting out. Classy all around.

  • Fake says:

    More reporters and photographers on scene for the march in DC than there are white nationalists.

  • GWB says:

    Police officer in Charlottesville beaten by Antifa gang members
    And, if he had done what he should have done and defended himself, he’d have been pilloried in the press for his actions of self-defense.

  • Oldhawker says:

    Let them fire first. Just be thankful that our return fire will be more accurate, more volume, and more justified.
    ANTIFA is going to regret the civil war they so desire.

  • ScienceABC123 says:

    Two take a ways…

    1) Media: “If we don’t report it, it didn’t happen.”

    2) Protesters: ” The Police being prepared for our planned violence is a sign of their racism!”

  • MarkInKansas says:

    The first Charlottesville event had more groups present than the white nationalists and antifa. The original Charlottesville event was going to be people gathering to protest the removal of historical statues. The protest was coopted by other participants who wanted to make political statements by word and deed.

    When President Trump said there were good people on both sides, I took this to mean that he recognized that the people who were because of the statue removal were the good ones on the right. I also took this to mean that acknowledging there were good people on the left in attendance was political expediency. I don’t know of any good leftists, and I’m likely related to folks who abhor historical revisionism.

  • […] of the real neo-Nazis to punch, since they already turned up to the protests with banners reading “Last year they came with torches, this year they came with badges” and “Behind ev…. Needless to say, they were clashes with the “Nazis with badges” – and an NBC […]

  • […] Speaking of hateful scumbags, yesterday was the one-year rally of the infamous white supremacist march in Charlottesville. Anniversary marches were planned for Charlottesville and DC. Due to an outbreak of good sense, no white supremacists showed up in Charlottesville. About 20 showed in DC. Antifa, however, had no issues with sense, logic, or even reality. Several hundred Antifa showed in Charlottesville and thousands in DC, along with plenty of Black Lives Matter. The Antifa protest in Charlottesville immediately turned into an anti-police protest. The black-clad thugs attacked anyone who attracted their attention, including an NBC news camera crew. Interestingly, NBC news decided not to mention the attack. […]

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