Media Demand Conformity Amid Confusion

Media Demand Conformity Amid Confusion

Media Demand Conformity Amid Confusion

We all know that the mask has completely fallen off the media. If you thought that they would even attempt to hide it now that the election is over, you were wrong.

As I have said before, mainstream journalism is dead because the journalists killed it in a ritual suicide pact. And now that the mask has fallen away to show the rotting corpse of media decaying under it, we are supposed to pretend that the era of “civility” and “unity” has come. As in, “How DARE you not congratulate Biden and join us in happy unity?!?! HOW DARE YOU.”

Oh, but don’t point it out, or else the deflections begin. You see, it’s okay to make a list of the non-compliant when you are demanding CLASS and UNITY.

We’ve been over this again and again and again. The media is not looking for unity. They are looking for compliance – with THEM. You “chumps” watching them don’t know any better, so you need THEM in order to tell you what to think.

And yet the election results have not been finalized. North Carolina’s Senate race has only just TODAY been concluded with Democrat Cal Cunningham conceding to Republican Thom Tillis. Pennsylvania’s results have not been certified and are now in court. But, you know, UNITY.

Which leads to the confusion. You see, having carried Joe Biden across the finish line of the election and declaring him the winner, the media are now all confused. Like so many other days in this year, Joe Biden’s staff called a lid – which means no media interaction for the rest of the day. This now has Ryan Lizza of Politico and CNN scratching his head.

Excuse me, I need to compose myself. I can’t type through hysterical laughter.

After committing seppuku in order to give Joe Biden every single advantage possible in this election cycle – up to and including the outright suppression of Hunter Biden’s profits from Ukraine and China and Joe’s own possible profits from those same ventures – the media is wondering why the old man is not making himself available to them? As if he owes them, now? For covering up and burying every single gaffe like a cat turd on the beach?

The biggest problem with the media is that they love the smell of their own bullshit. They really truly believe that what is coming out smells like roses, and why wouldn’t anyone want to unify around that??? After all, ORANGE MAN BAD! Now that they think the Orange Man is defeated, we’re all supposed to unify on their command.

Except that they can’t get the unity they think that Joe Biden deserves, and now Biden won’t even talk to them. The media put out for Biden, and now he won’t even look them in the eye and give them just a tiny little press conference.

One could feel bad for the media, if they hadn’t screwed themselves and their credibility over so utterly and completely. So, don’t feel bad for them. Mock the crap out of them. And – better yet – start giving up your cable plans. You want to really sock it to the media? Whenever you pay your cable bill, you’re paying helping keep CNN and MSNBC and Fox News on the air. Tired of them all? Get rid of cable. Unsubscribe from your newspaper. Find and pay for alternative media, or watch clips off YouTube later. Turn your radio back on – it’s free! Do not give any of the old mainstream media your money. They’re dead by their own hand, and all that we’re doing now is just waiting for them to realize that. Cut them off monetarily, and they’ll realize it even faster. They want compliance and conformity, but we have the power to turn them off and ignore them forever.

And we all know that being ignored is the media’s real nightmare.

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  • BillH says:

    Great writing, love it , to follow VGB.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU! This is my first VG article…where have you been all my life? Thank you for your common sense approach. Thank you to calling it like it is. It’s wonderful to find other bloggers with similar values. Let’s Make American Journalism Great Again!

  • Jay Dee says:

    A crew from a local TV appeared at my father in law’s door after he & friends witnessed a robbery. When asked for his reaction, he told them, “I don’t talk to parasites.” then closed the door. Somehow this didn’t make the evening news.

  • Crazymind99 says:

    How did Nazi Germany come into power ? Corona Virus is a farce to economically damage and force compliance without individual reason. If the Democrat/Republican/ media complex can openly steal a presidential election, the concentration camps will be the new Medicare-For-All. It is a code to allow who the government to decide who will live or die. So fight for your life and Trump to defend democracy.

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