Media Buries Story On Imran Awan, Are They Protecting Debbie Wasserman Schultz Or Themselves? [VIDEO]

Media Buries Story On Imran Awan, Are They Protecting Debbie Wasserman Schultz Or Themselves? [VIDEO]

Media Buries Story On Imran Awan, Are They Protecting Debbie Wasserman Schultz Or Themselves? [VIDEO]

The story concerning Imran Awan  should be front and center in the news cycles. But it isn’t. Why? I mean it’s not like there isn’t any there there …right? Oh wait. Let’s recap shall we?

Cripes! That’s one heckuva major story! The Daily Caller has written over 20 stories on this subject, all of which you can find here. The rest of the media? SILENCE! Oh wait, this was the Washington Post’s take on the story yesterday.

Now that’s a serious whitewash folks! 

As Peter Hassan at the Daily Caller points out, the Washington Post’s motto is ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness.’ Well gosh, I wonder why they are working so hard to keep this story dark? I mean it’s not like there aren’t any major red flags to this mess is there?

Why isn’t the media asking why Debbie kept Imran on as an employee until AFTER he was arrested?

The media isn’t touching this story. At. All.

Concerning media coverage, Politico has reported something on it, but the big three—ABC, NBC, and CBS—have virtually buried this story, preventing the millions of viewers that tune into these respective networks from learning about it. NBC and ABC have been silent in their broadcasts, but CBS did devote 37 seconds to it. That’s it

Yep. That’s it. Oops, I almost forgot. Buzzfeed picked up the story…sort of.

That’s the most absurd spin I’ve ever seen. OOF.

Here’s the thing. The lawyer for Imran, Chris Gowen? Super connected to the Clintons. Big shock. His defense?

Gowen described Awan’s arrest as “clearly a right-wing media-driven prosecution by a United States Attorney’s Office that wants to prosecute people for working while Muslim.”

Wow. Now that’s a winning argument right there. Then again, Imran wrote about the same in an opinion piece for CNN in 2014!! It had the oh so lovely title of:

‘The Muslims are coming!’ Why Islamophobia is so dangerous

This guy and this case gets more interesting as each day goes by! Keep in mind folks, the media has been totally and utterly obsessed with the DNC hack and have been doing back flips in order to figure out how to blame Trump! But when it comes to those who work FOR the Democrats…

Why is the media covering for Debbie Wasserman Shultz? I mean she’s got to be frantic right about now.

Debbie, you’re going to need GALLONS of Bleachbit and it still wouldn’t help.

Roger Simon is correct. Crimes have already been identified, which would make the special counsel’s case a bit easier to get rolling. A special counsel would be able to find and connect all the rest of the dots. Would that lead directly to people in the media or to Debbie herself? That’s the $64,000 question right there.

The larger issue is this. The media has been blaring trumpets regarding all the wrong doings of President Trump. It’s been 24/7 times infinity. But when it comes to some major uncomfortable facts that touch Democrats and the sacred cow of the DNC? Lips are zipped. Why? Do THEY have something to hide?

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  • GWB says:

    Imran Awan went bankrupt in 2008, yet he and his family cleared $4 million in 2016 while working at IT advisors to a significant number of House Democrats.

    While I do think they’re dirty as can be, be careful with this line. The same thing could be said of Trump – more than once. There’s an 8 year gap there. Plenty of time to recover one’s finances and become a success.

    One of Awan’s friends worked at a McDonald’s before getting a job as an IT ‘advisor’ for $160,000 a year

    Same with this one. I was out of a job for 6 months at one point. I was applying to Taco Bell when I finally got the call to a well-paying IT job. (The computer teaching company wouldn’t hire me because I was over-qualified.)

    I mean it’s not like there aren’t any major red flags to this mess is there?
    picture of DWS

    Nicely done. Yes, DWS is a red flag, no matter what.

    I also thought I saw something yesterday (rumor alert!) saying this might be directly connected to the DNC leaks. Which connects it to Seth Rich. Which connects to….?
    (C’mon! Play Conspiracy Theory with me! It’s fun and it exercises your brain! 😉 )

    • Nina says:

      GWB – love your commentary! As usual you point out quite a few things that somehow I wish I could’ve written into the blog.

      That said…

      A. There may be an 8 year gap but I could’ve provided multiple links to info as to how they then started coming into the $$

      B. Awan’s friend went from McDonalds to a MAJOR IT position… background check? Not. So. Much.

      C. When Debbie is running from the media…there is definitely something there. LOL

  • Skillyboo says:

    Well if they’re trying to make it appear as another right wing conspiracy then run the story ad nauseam like all the other right wing conspiracies they so righteously claim are false so they can make the case for it being fake news.

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