Max Boot: Trump Wrong For Speaking Bad About Dead Terrorist

Max Boot: Trump Wrong For Speaking Bad About Dead Terrorist

Max Boot: Trump Wrong For Speaking Bad About Dead Terrorist

Don’t speak badly about dead terrorists says Max Boot. The ink had hardly been dry on the Washington Post’s obituary fawning all over dead terrorist al-Baghdadi when Max Boot decided it was time for yet another anti-Trump lecture.

According to Max, Trump messed up the announcement of al-Baghdadi’s death. 

“President Trump has a preternatural ability to turn any occasion, no matter how solemn or important, into a ridiculous, risible spectacle. He did it again Sunday in announcing the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. When he began to ad-lib about what happened near Idlib, Syria, he treated the world to his usual blend of braggadocio and bluster — dishonest and distasteful in equal measure.”

Well now, isn’t that something. According to Max, Trump was supposed to conduct himself the way Obama did and not display dead terrorists as trophies. By doing so, most of the media, and Max Boot, are telling us that Trump is creating a spectacle instead of being … diplomatic or something.

Obama administration folks have their shorts in a bunch because Trump is celebrating the death of one of the worst terrorists this world has seen. They refuse to acknowledge fact that Americans all over happily celebrated bin Laden’s death and continue to do so today.

Max Boot had to revise his opinion article after he got taken to the woodshed for this bit of verbiage.

It’s a good thing folks took screen shots of that article and Boot’s tweet. Why? Because after being called out, he went into CYA mode. He deleted his tweet and amended the relevant portion of his article. 

“A president who has never heard a shot fired in anger reveled in Baghdadi’s last moments, even claiming “he died like a coward … whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.” Trump could not possibly have heard “whimpering and crying” on the overhead imagery because there was no audio, and Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pointedly refused to confirm those details. (An earlier version of this column included a sentence questioning whether Trump was right to call Baghdadi a coward because he blew himself up. The line was removed because it unintentionally conveyed the impression that I considered Baghdadi courageous. As I wrote on Sunday, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was, as President Trump said, ‘a sick and depraved man,’ so his removal from this earth is good news.”)”

The operation was dedicated to Kayla Mueller, the young American girl who was kept by al-Baghdadi as his sex slave and then murdered by him.

As Powerline blog points out, the London Times hates Trump with a passion. But even THEY get it right when writing al-Baghdadi’s obituary. 

“The catalogue of car bombs, shooting and suicide attacks wreaked over recent years in the name of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) includes the Bataclan theatre massacre in Paris, the shooting of 38 western tourists on a beach in Tunisia, the blowing up of a Russian airliner over Sinai and the Easter Day bombings in Sri Lanka this year in which 259 people died — not to mention dozens of attacks across the Middle East, many of which killed scores of people although they often received scant attention in the West.”

Love that last line of the paragraph. The U.S. media has rarely reported in detail on the actual atrocities of ISIS. And in fact, goes overboard to NOT identify terrorists because, you know, we are supposed to think all these bombings and massacres were committed by Baptists.

So a dead terrorist, one responsible for an estimated 8,300 deaths since 2013, should be sympathized with according to Max Boot, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Bill Kristol among others.

Will they all take a good look in the mirror, and give themselves a reality check? Don’t hold your breath.

Max Boot is now scrambling to explain that, no, he doesn’t really believe al-Baghdadi was courageous. Except he DID write that.

The courageous ones in this are our soldiers, including one bad ass K9, who tracked al-Baghdadi down, made him run like the coward he is into a dead end tunnel, and then blow himself up rather than face capture.

The cowardly ones in all this? People like Max Boot and others who chose to take a dump on good news like this solely because …ORANGE MAN BAD!

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  • Scott says:

    Don’t forget, as Max and the rest of the WaPo, left, and Never Trumpers do that this piece of human refuse also killed three of his own children in the blast. Anyone sympathizing with scum like that needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Such an ideology is NOT compatible with civilization.

    On a related note, i’m VERY glad that we finally have a President that will call out these cowardly scum for what they are, and give credit to the warfighters (including that poor pup that will have to lick it’s own butt for a month to get the taste of that “austere cleric” out of it’s mouth!), instead of making the announcement like King Barack did…

  • One note Max Boot should begin every column, “Let me reiterate…”, as he rehashes his same old TDS.

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  • GWB says:

    A few bits….
    From one point of view, please don’t ascribe “responsible for 8,300 deaths” to the man, as – based on some info I’ve read – he’s more of a figurehead than the operational planner. Not that he isn’t wasn’t totally depraved and evil. But let’s not, as Marta noted get trapped into thinking we killed IS by killing its leader. There are plenty of other depraved, evil people who plan a lot of those operations that still need killing.

    Second, you point out the London Times, but not The Atlantic? Tsk, tsk. I mentioned in the post about the WaPo obituary that the Atlantic got it right with their “the hirsute rapist whom hundreds of thousands of Islamic State supporters considered their absolute leader” bit.

    Lastly, as I also mentioned there, I’m not a fan of Trump’s NYC bragging. (I think that’s true of a lot of people.) And I don’t think we should gloat. But, we should take a moment to pump our fists and do a little jig before we spit on his body (well, what of it you can find), then dump it in the midden, to be burned with the rest of the filth. Then we press forward to killing more bad guys.

    Oh, and Max Boot needs to go soak his head.

  • Nichevo says:

    Max Boot, 1944: No no no you idiots! Eisenhower isn’t going to land at Calais! Normandy! NORMANDY! Patton isn’t even involved! What are you so scared of?

  • Dan Rogers says:

    The Presidential psy-ops comment including the word ‘dog’ is the genius of insults to the piece of human refuse known as Baghdadi who earned it.

  • Penrod says:

    So, I take it that Mr Boot rejects the use of psy ops against the Friends We Haven’t Met Yet.

    Trump’s only major failure was in not videoing al-Bagdhadi’s corpse fragments being fed to pigs on the White House lawn.

  • Ravi says:

    Personally, I’m in favor of very low key in matters like this. Warriors dont gloat over their dead enemy. That aside, Trump has been under non-stop attack for his GWOT policy (as if anyone has a better idea). Its a rare moment he can rub his opponents’ faces in the dirt. So let him. Had it gone wrong, Trump would have been flayed and crucified. It went right. A C-in-C, its his victory. I did object to the “died like a dog” bit. When cornered, the smallest dog will fight to the end . Dogs are brave. And in any case, one of our dogs cornered him.

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