Liberals Clutch Pearls Over Satirical Interview Of Dem Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [VIDEO]

Liberals Clutch Pearls Over Satirical Interview Of Dem Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [VIDEO]

Liberals Clutch Pearls Over Satirical Interview Of Dem Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [VIDEO]

Liberals of all stripes have lost what little sense of humor they had, if they had any at all. In fact, liberals latest pearl-clutching caterwauling involves Allie Beth Stuckey’s satirical (defined here) “interview” with Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. From all the reaction one would think that Chicken Little was right and the sky is actually falling.

Here’s the original interview.

Here’s the satirical piece that Allie Beth Stuckey put together.

Now I dunno about you, but I certainly don’t need anyone to go into super duper explanation mode about how to discern what is real and what is fake on all this. Yet evidently that is what the media has chosen to do.

According to Alexandria herself, we Republicans and conservatives are SOOO SUPER DUPER SCARED of her, which is why we post fake news.

Can’t deal with reality?? Are your eyes rolling? Mine are so hard right now I’m about to give myself a concussion. Here’s some reality for you kiddo. I nor anyone else in our family or in our vast circle of friends is working two jobs to help keep unemployment low. But you go ahead and run with that and wait for the facts to whap you upside the head with a clue bat.

Holy smokes Batman! You had to take a few extra minutes on TEH GOOGLE to figure out that this was like ..NOT REAL? Get OUTTA TOWN!

The interview was supposed to have been labeled satire from the start!

Gosh, however could you have missed that satirical emoji? Mind-boggling isn’t it? The Washington Post has a ‘helpful’ explainer:

But the video did not depict a real interview, despite its caption: “Allie *grills* congressional hopeful and progressive it girl ‘Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ on her socialist agenda and knowledge of government … or lack thereof.” Instead, it used heavily edited footage from an interview Ocasio-Cortez did with PBS earlier this month spliced to appear as answers to questions read by Stuckey.

Gee, thanks. Much appreciated. Meanwhile current Intercept “journalist” really REALLY wants us to know this is fake and not satire.

Oh for Pete’s sake dude! You just can’t quit this can you? Ummmm… no, no he can’t.

As I said, the pearl clutching continues. All over a satirical video. But you see, Alec Baldwin doing Trump on SNL is peachy keen. Michelle Wolf’s vulgar anti-Trump screeds on Netflix and the White House Correspondents Dinner are genuine knee slappers! Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert are the comedy kings!

But any conservative who makes an attempt at satire or comedy. HOW DARE YOU!!

As for all the pearl clutches who are demanding that Allie take the video down and/or apologize to Alexandria?

This is a classic case of ‘you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.’ Liberals have spent the last two days showing themselves to be humorless pearl clutching whiners. All because someone dared make fun of their latest Dem Darling. Want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump.

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  • SFC D says:

    If you lack the intellect to see this as satire, you just might be to stupid to vote. Here’s your sign.

  • Steve says:

    “I can see Russia from my house!” Plenty of dumb Dems thought that was an actual quote from Palin. Need I say more?

  • Skid Marx says:

    The “dream date” with the lovely and talented (?) Cortez would be like hearing a great band that has practiced up and then the singer comes in and ruins it.
    Comrade Kommissarina would look sharp in her red dress and the rakish way she tilted her gold hammer and sickle red star beret would give her a real jaunty air.
    Once she started in with the dictatorship of the proletariat leading to the glorious workers utopia it would be time to get up and leave.

  • Wfjag says:

    It’s ABS’s fault for not doing something that clearly shows humor – a visual joke which any modern liberal would recognize as funny. She should at add at the end of the interview a scene of her standing, holding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s severed bloody head. Then everyone would know that it was a humor piece.

    • Casual Observer says:

      Heh. But you know full well they would be feigning the same shock at the head after defending Griffin’s “satire.”

      The left is incapable of finding the humor in satire directed at them. This particular piece reminds me very much of Tina Fey and the whole “I can see Russia from my house” bit. Both are funny. Both are lies. I see that; most on the right that I knew saw the humor in the Fey gag. The left is a humorless bunch. And really convinced of their intellectual superiority – a misplaced conviction. These same people, after all, watched The Daily Show (you know – satire) for their news.

      The left is nothing without double standards.

  • Zach says:

    The Daily Show was built by doing this exact same thing to conservatives. The left sure does get butt-hurt in a hurry when their own tactics get turned on them.

  • Pete says:

    Don’t they know that only Katie Couric can do this type of thing?

  • Carl Scott says:

    As for Ms. Stuckey’s joke: this kind of humor a la The Office that emphasizes awkward pauses is seldom funny or enjoyable. However, the original interview the footage was taken from was awkward in precisely the way Ms. Stuckey exaggerates. Ocasio-Cortez makes a good ad, and she or someone who works for her writes good copy, but with interviews, she not at all ready for prime-time. No evidence of either Bronx street-smarts or Westchester polish.

    As for the Dem outrage about this. It is deranged. This is the new strategic model? Support an ignorant/unready (and far-left) candidate, then when she’s mocked mockumentary-style for the ignorance/etc., present her as having been framed by fake-news tactics? I.e., defend her by calling attention to precisely the same raw material that makes her look dumb?

  • Snarkles the Clown says:

    Cortez better be careful, Slick Willie just got a fresh box of cigars. Have you seen the unflattering photos of Evita Cortez making “suggestive” gestures with her lips including finger licking and sucking? I feel dirty for looking at them and may have figured out what her talent is.

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