Kneeling For The Pledge To Protest Donald Trump

Kneeling For The Pledge To Protest Donald Trump

Kneeling For The Pledge To Protest Donald Trump

In a completely witless attempt to up her “woke” street cred, a local Connecticut selectwoman (city council critter) took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance. Kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance? Sweet Tea in the morning, what in the world is wrong with these leftwits?

“The Hartford Courant” filed the report:

Selectwoman Melissa Schlag’s decision to take a knee to protest the president during the Pledge of Allegiance last week has sparked an uproar in this small town and launched a spirited debate on social media about rules of protesting in the Age of Trump.

Schlag said she acted in response to President Donald Trump’s defense of Vladimir Putin after the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered with the 2016 election.

For reference, Haddam, Connecticut is about an hour East of Fairfield, where I lived for a bit (gave me a shiver just thinking about it). The town is between Hartford and New Haven with a population of about 8,000 people.

Ever since the mental midget Colin Kaepernick started this moronic knee taking it has been a brainless way of virtue signalling. Which is getting ever so dull. You should read Jenny North’s great take on the Kaepernick fracas from last year. It’s really good and it’s right here.

WTNH News8 filed this report:

Below are the two pages of the lengthy letter mentioned above, in case you need to murder a few brain cells:

Every single bloody freaking word makes me want to scream. She has served her Country because serving your Country doesn’t mean carrying a gun. No ma’am. I have never served by “carrying a gun” but it does mean you have put a little more on the line. Like, say, your life, you twit.

She “knelt out of extreme sorrow” is repeated ad nauseam. Because repetition makes it more important, don’t you know, and proves the deep well of intellect that lies beneath the moo-moo gown and long ratty sweater. This is the Hillary Clinton approved uniform of the perpetually aggrieved. And then there is also the pose. Behold.

This is virtue signaling at its most cringeworthy. The head slightly down and tilted so you can make sure the cameras get your humble yet pained for the world look. So woke, so humble, so Mother Theresa.

There is nothing about this that is appropriate. This is not a First Amendment right issue. She can say and do anything she wants and Melissa Schlag says she will continue. She may not see it, but she is disrespecting every member of her town. The flag of the United States represents everyone of us, not the President or those in power.

Miss Schlag has said she will continue kneeling as long as Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America. Well, Melissa, good luck with that. If I were you, I would invest in a good pair of kneeling pads. I am praying that you have another six and a half more years of kneeling. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

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  • Bill Cook says:

    I don’t remember many (ok, no one) kneeling for the Pledge during the reign of Obama. I think many of us were extremely sorrowful that that empty suit was president for 8 endless years. Still, we stood for the Pledge and put our hands over our hearts for the Star Spangled Banner.

  • hans pfall says:

    This person should be thrown off the city council. We don’t need “democratic socialists” or radicals of any kind (and trust me, she is a radical) on city councils. This is where the destroy-America power base starts: Locally, in city councils, school with leftists teachers, etc. They are the gangrene to the national body…and you don’t negotiate with gangrene. You either remove it or it kills the host. No other options.

    This woman has zero business being anywhere near societal decision-making. Period.

  • Skid Marx says:

    This heroic resistance comrade is kicking against the white male patriarchy represented by the diabolical KGB agent TrumpHitlerSatan.
    The members of the French resistance of WWII salute this brave comrade and her great sacrifice.

  • Steve says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how she does in her next bid for reelection. However, if Haddam is anything like the rest of CT, she may well win in a landslide….. What has this Nation come to?

  • Jeffrey F says:

    Looks like she shops for dresses at the same place Hillary does.

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