Latest #MeToo Scalp: Harvey Weinstein to Turn Self in Today on Sex Crime Charges

Latest #MeToo Scalp: Harvey Weinstein to Turn Self in Today on Sex Crime Charges

Latest #MeToo Scalp: Harvey Weinstein to Turn Self in Today on Sex Crime Charges

I don’t like Harvey Weinstein. I believe the women who say Weinstein sexually assaulted them. I think he should pay dearly for what he almost certainly did. For decades.

But I’ll also say this, and yes, I realize it may be an unpopular opinion: I don’t like decade-plus old accusations, especially when drudged up in an opportune moment when all eyes are on Hollywood’s biggest scapegoat. Because at least one of the charges that’ll be slapped on good ol’ Harv when he turns himself in to authorities today is just that: a fourteen-year-old accusation.

Weinstein’s two accusers in today’s impending charges allege this:

Weinstein is facing allegations that he forced actress Lucia Evans to perform oral sex on him in his Tribeca office in 2004, and that he raped actress Paz de la Huerta twice in 2010.

But aren’t these allegations out of the statute of limitations, you might ask? Nope. Not according to Yahoo News:

Since 2006, there has been no statute of limitations in New York for rape or aggravated sex abuse in the first degree. Crimes for which the statute had not expired on June 23, 2006, were included when the law changed, meaning crimes as early as 2001 can still be prosecuted.

“New York, which used to have some of the shortest state of limitations for rape cases, caught up with the modern world in 2006,” said former Manhattan prosecutor Marc Scholl. “Sex assailants can no longer escape their crimes because victims were afraid to speak.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I want this sick, twisted piece of cow manure to suffer just as much as the 80-plus women he allegedly targeted during his decades of KNOWN-TO-ALL-OF-HOLLYWOOD sexual predation. The same Hollywood that’s virtually halted holding the sexual predators among their ranks accountable—the movement was aimed at downing Donald Trump and failed as miserably as a Nicolas Cage film—some of whom were likely seated in this audience:

While I applaud Asia Argento for calling out Hollywood’s legions of self-righteous hypocrites, it’s a diatribe that should have been uttered years ago by the likes of enablers like Meryl Streep. Perhaps had they thought about something beyond their own self-interests, untold numbers of women might have been spared the same fate as those who’ve helped bring charges against Weinstein in New York. You know, exploitative users like this world renowned enabler/twice failed presidential candidate:

They knew. They ALL knew. (Photo Credit:

But here’s my rub: the #MeToo movement has claimed the scalps of multiple high-profile men on mere accusations. Bill Cosby is the most prominent man to date to face losing his freedom on little more than testimony from his accusers. Do I think he’s guilty? Yep. But that’s not how our justice system is supposed to work. What we’re guaranteed is the right to trial by jury, who must find the accused guilty beyond reasonable doubt, after hearing convincing evidence from prosecutors. Did Cosby receive that? I’m not so sure. But it doesn’t appear that way from where I’m sitting. So imagine finding yourself in court, facing spending your remaining days in a jail cell, bunking with a guy named “Bubba,” based on little more that the word of your accuser and your own sordid past. Is this justice? Or is it mob vengeance? Maybe we should ask this guy, who’s now the next big Hollywood target of sexual harassment accusations, some of whose ickiness was caught on camera:

Freeman is now “damaged goods,” apparently, on nothing more than accusations and some creepy, on-camera statements. Um, last I checked, Chris Matthews is hard at work over at MSNBC and Ben Affleck is still Hollywood’s golden boy. I guess some men get free passes for their “inappropriate” behavior.

So Weinstein will turn himself in to authorities today on sex crime charges, one of which is fourteen years old. And I can’t say that I’m shedding any tears.

But will Weinstein receive justice? Or will he be the sequel to Bill Cosby’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Only time will tell what physical, direct, and/or circumstantial evidence the prosecutors possess, or if the charges are based solely on the word of Weinstein’s accusers. While I’d love to toss Weinstein’s cell key into Mount Doom myself, I love our system of justice far more. So here’s hoping the prosecution’s case is much stronger than words. Because if it’s not, it could open the floodgates to an endless sea of he said/she said prosecutions, which presents an imminent threat to the constitutional protections of us all.

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  • Scott says:

    Very well said, as usual Jodi!

  • Best piece yet on this tricky issue. I was a model for Eileen Ford back in the ’70ies and 80ies. Exactly the same thing was going on all the time, and everyone knew it. Outrageous as Eileen could sometimes be, when she could, she made it very tough for abusers in many ways, sometimes by keeping them from booking the top models. I think many of the professional women in those days did what they could to create a climate where that kind of behavior was discouraged. When I later retired and worked in the corporate world, more of the same went on. I believe that in my day if you went into a room alone with a man, you were fair game and on your own, but even back in the ’70 there was same sex sexual harassment by both sexes. I was married to an actor and found out that he, too, was playing around behind my back when he was at work. Wrote about it in a book Bedeviled

    • Jodi says:

      Hi, Marcy! Thanks so much for the wonderful complement, and I appreciate you sharing your story here. I will most definitely check out your book! 🙂

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