Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Memorial Day and the overture for the opera of summer. Use this image as your inspiration to fire your muse and compose a story of 100 words – no more, no less – and post in the comments.

I’ll start with this story:
He wintered on the porch, watching the angry grey ocean. Summers he retreated into his tiny cottage, trading the view for a book, avoiding the summer people. Her first summer, she waved at him each time she passed.

The second, he learned to wave back.

He endured that winter, the ocean a distant second to his thoughts of her.

For the first time since he returned from the desert filled with fury and death, summer would not find him hiding in the cottage.

He absently reached to scratch an itch on a leg that was no longer there and waited.


Now, your turn.

Written by

  • Roy Poole says:

    For five years, they had come to the lake to bask in the cool waters. They would sit for hours in their floats, watching the sun set, holding each other’s hand gently. It was a mystical time, with only the gentle breeze, the crystal water, and a deeply-felt love flowing between them.
    And then, two months ago, the Colonel and the Chaplain were at her door. The words were lost on her, but the meaning was painfully clear. He had died near a place she couldn’t pronounce.
    Maybe today, the cool waters would bring the unspoken love back to her.

  • Steven Fletcher says:

    Well see, we was headed to school. I had my ‘rithmetic book and my slate, when Tadpole grabs my arm and sez… “Le’s skip school. Miller’s pond is over that hill. Won’t anybody know we’re gone.”

    Well, I was like, “No tadpole. What’s wrong ‘ith you. We gotta go to school…”

    But he was too strong. Pulled me along. I had no power to resist.

    Then, we was shocked! We was shocked to see some girl already in the water.

    I sez to Tadpole. I sez. “She ought to be in school. Teacher’s gonna be angry.” That’s what I said.

  • Nell says:

    She walked to the beach after school wearing a floppy straw hat and carrying the last inner tube her Daddy had given her. He was a soldier.
    Milly stepped into the water. It pulled her gently as it receded and the sand shifted under her feet. She imagined he was just on the other side looking back in her direction, standing ankle deep at the opposite edge of the same waters that were touching her.
    She placed the inner tube on the water and pushed it out to sea, saying, “your turn, Daddy.” She watched it floated out of sight.

  • jkash (@USjkash2) says:

    Escaping here again. A place of childhood joy with family.

    Now just one of two alienated spouses, haunted.

    The choice had seemed so economically sound at the time, but it was now visible as economic success at the cost of a Faustian bargain.

    A barren future yawned ahead of them, the living promise of their love, a child, detonated out of the womb because that child could not make an entrance before they had secured for it a healthy nest egg.

    Consequences they’d never even considered.

    Why had she bought the life preserver?

    Could love dare ask for a second chance?

  • Andrew says:

    “Behold, Sancho, yonder person is in some danger. She defends herself with a sun hat, and her shield is but plastic and air.”


    “Courage, Sancho! See how the monster Helios beats down on her head like a savage. Look how the water monster even now surrounds her ankles.”


    “Ride with me now and we will rid the land of these awful creatures.”



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