Kamala Harris Stumps In Churches For VA Election

Kamala Harris Stumps In Churches For VA Election

Kamala Harris Stumps In Churches For VA Election

If Kamala Harris blatantly breaks the law and no one notices, did it really happen?

Late yesterday, the black churchgoers of Virginia were told that there would be a super-special speaker on video during church services today. Oh boy! Who would it be?

Surprise! It was Kamala Harris, campaigning for Terry McAuliffe via video message. I mean, if this video doesn’t a) convince you that Kamala Harris is a sincere believer and churchgoer, and b) convince you to vote for Terry McAuliffe to save Joe Biden’s agenda, I don’t know what will. I mean, how could putting the most insincere politician in America on video and then broadcasting it to over 300 churches in Virginia possibly go wrong???

Yeah. That was completely illegal.

Kamala Harris is stumping for a politician, BY NAME, in a video deliberately created for churches to show on a Sunday morning during services. Now, the dirty little secret is, of course, that she will never be held accountable for it, because it would be RAAAAAACIST to call out a black church. The left freaked out when Donald Trump said he wanted to do away with the Johnson Amendment, which is the rule that regulates what political positions tax-exempt organizations like churches can promote. Will the left call out Kamala Harris in the same way? Pffffft. They just don’t want Donald Trump to do it, but if they give Kamala a pass, what’s to stop the right from doing the same thing?

The black churches airing Harris’s message will doubtless go unpunished by the IRS lest the agency be accused of racism in failing to respect the African-American tradition of faith-driven political activism. But that’s fine from the Republican point of view. They don’t want the Johnson Amendment enforced, they want it discredited and ultimately repealed. Harris, McAuliffe, and the churches involved in this stunt have made that argument easier for them.”

If you don’t think politics belongs in church, on either the right or the left, then Kamala Harris just ran right over you, and her actions will become the rationale for both sides to escalate it.

Also, did anyone notice how Kamala Harris is incapable of pronouncing “McAuliffe” correctly? Just listen to her again (if you can stand it).

She keeps saying “Terry McCalloff.” Some friend she is; she can’t even get his name right. Is this some kind of strange California accent? Maybe it’s her Canadian accent coming through instead. I’m sure that the vice president has deep, consistent, fond memories of attending church in Oakland – seeing as she spent a good chunk of her teen years in Montreal. This memory is probably on par with her “fweedom” story.

So, we’ve established that Kamala Harris broke the IRS rules against campaigning for a candidate in a church, and that she can’t pronounce her “good friend’s” name. This video, once again, makes it painfully obvious that Kamala Harris is deeply unlikable and comes across as disingenious. Between this campaign video and her extremely cringy piece with child actors on space exploration, it’s little wonder that Democrats are desperate to keep Grandpa Joe upright and breathing until 2024. The problem that they have made for themselves, though, is that Kamala Harris fully expects to be the next Democrat nominee, if not the incumbent, by the 2024 election. Her poll numbers are currently better than old Joe’s, but they won’t stay that way if she keeps making videos like this one and the space one. Her numbers have only risen because Joe’s have collapsed, and she’s been largely in hiding. If she puts herself out there doing videos, it’s just going to remind voters of what a terrible politician she is.


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  • GWB says:

    If Kamala Harris every Democrat since at least Nixon blatantly breaks the law and no one notices, did it really happen?

    the black churchgoers of Virginia were told
    Isn’t that racist?

    She keeps saying “Terry McCalloff.”
    Meh. The pronunciation I hear most is “M‰k-kol-‰f” where ‘‰’ is that little upside-down ‘e’ they use in dictionaries. She’s not really that far off.

    My problems with the video are 1) she looks like she’s going to break out in one of those cackles/guffaws she does when she’s nervous throughout the whole thing, and 2) she obviously hasn’t read these lines before or she just can’t read out loud – she is read-… ing it by the … lines on the… teleprompter. I hope she didn’t sing those hymns she fondly remembers that way. Ugh.

    As to the illegality – yeah, neither she nor the churches who played it will ever see any consequences from it. But I’ve never much liked the idea of not being allowed to mingle church life and politics. Nor of not taxing non-profits. (I’m ok not taxing charities and churches. But “non-profits” is way too broad of a term for taxation.)

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