Media Peddles Vicious Fake News About Border Patrol Using Whips

Media Peddles Vicious Fake News About Border Patrol Using Whips

Media Peddles Vicious Fake News About Border Patrol Using Whips

The Border Patrol, according to the media, was using whips, illegal immigrants. All it took was one viciously irresponsible reporter at the El Paso Times, and the Fake News story took off.

A mounted U.S. Border Patrol agent shouted commands in a tense encounter with Haitian migrants wading through the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas.

As the Haitians tried to climb onto the U.S. side of the river Sunday afternoon, the agent shouted: “Let’s go! Get out now! Back to Mexico!”

The agent swung his whip menacingly, charging his horse toward the men in the river who were trying to return to an encampment under the international bridge in Del Rio after buying food and water in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

One migrant fell as he tried to dodge, others shielded their heads with their hands.

Read the above again. Whips. Seriously?? Then, these two tweets about the story went viral yesterday afternoon, and show no signs of abating. 

It’s highly illuminating, for a number of reasons, that Democrat hack Sawyer Hackett sends this out. 

  1. The media has barely reported on the illegal immigrant crisis on our border. You have to search to find out how bad it is down at the crossings. 15,000 illegals at the border are not our concern you see.
  2. The media spin is that Biden has been handling the border issues pretty ok right now while Kamala is AWOL.
  3. Mayorkas, Biden, and Psaki are all on record for telling people not to come to our border
  4. Now that the Biden Administration is sending people back to Haiti, they cover the story, but conveniently leave out that only SINGLE Haitian men being returned to that country. 
  5. The media is ALSO not reporting and blatantly ignoring that illegals are hardly being tested for Covid. 

Watch the above video again. Do you see any whips? No, you don’t, because they don’t exist. 

But that didn’t stop the media, politicians, and others from piling on. 

Here’s the media in all their breathless outrage. 

The Intercept journalist Ryan Devereaux similarly highlighted the Times reporting, writing, “Border Patrol agents on horseback cracking whips and charging into crowds of Haitian asylum seekers in Texas, shouting at them to go back to Mexico — strong reporting from @psskow on the situation in Del Rio/Ciudad Acuña.”

“My God,” Sunny Hostin from “The View” reacted.

“This is absolutely horrifying. Like something out of the 19th century,” The Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer tweeted. “I don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t aware border patrol agents were authorized to use whips on human beings.”

“Wait… cracking whips?” Associated Press reporter Jim Vertuno asked.

Politicians tweeting things they know nothing about, and playing the racist card in an ugly way.

Nancy Pelosi jumped on the Fake News bandwagon.

Jen Psaki 

Folks, one of the key photos highlights an agent grabbing the shirt of one of the Haitians who was running away. As the video above shows as the lead photo, an agent is yelling at another Haitian and HOLDING ONTO THE REINS of his horse. REINS being the key word here. Not one whip in sight. NONE.

People, meaning political hacks, are showing their ignorance regarding Western horse riding. Some have seriously opined that reins are a continuous loop, while others, as mentioned above, firmly believe that whips along with firearms are issued to each and every Border Patrol agent. 

Facts don’t matter in this case. Not one bit. The reporter responsible for viciously spreading the lie that the Border Patrol was using whips on illegal immigrants is probably cheering because her story has hit the big time! Facts? To hell with facts. 

Except that the FACT IS, the Border Patrol is riding western. Which means SPLIT REINS. That is exactly how I grew up riding. Watch any footage of barrel racing or cutting horse contests, split reins are front and center. Watch any Western movie, it’s ALL split reins. 

But the media and political hacks don’t care about that. Instead they are pushing the latest narrative, the Border Patrol is whipping people!! 

The media, in the last two days, has gone the extra mile by writing a totally vicious fake news story about Border Patrol agents using whips on people, and then sat back to enjoy the show.

Look at the photo gallery published by the El Paso Times, go through all of them. Do you see whips anywhere in evidence? I sure as hell don’t. Why? Because there’s not one single agent who is carrying a whip. 

Our Border Patrol is stretched massively thin because of the failure that is the Biden Administration. The media, instead of choosing to highlight the issues they are facing, crafted a vicious Fake News in order to make them look bad and somehow make the Biden Administration look good. And now, because of this vicious lie, those agents are facing an internal investigation. 

It is the MEDIA, that is now claiming agents were using “whip like cords,” who should be held accountable for this vicious smear, not the Border Patrol for doing their job under untenable circumstances.

Feature Photo Credit: Agent from McAllen CBP Horse Patrol Unit via CBP Flickr, cropped and modified

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