Kamala Getting Sent To California, Take Two

Kamala Getting Sent To California, Take Two

Kamala Getting Sent To California, Take Two

The political stop that Kamala Harris was supposed to accomplish on her way back from Vietnam is finally going to happen.

If you will recall, Kamala was being sent to help campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election in California. However, the planned visit collapsed when Afghanistan did, and no one was anxious to turn Harris and her inappropriate nervous cackles loose on camera after the suicide bombing that murdered American servicemembers at the Kabul airport.

However, California is too important for Team Biden to simply write off. They need to make sure it stays blue – and the fact that Biden was still committed to come out and campaign for Newsom speaks volumes about the kind of danger the internal polling is showing, despite what the media says.

But is this a good idea?

The optics of a cross-country campaign appearance could be poor for Biden as the president continues to face heavy criticism over Afghanistan. The president’s poll numbers have plunged nationally after the Taliban seized control of the country as American troops exited.”

Biden’s numbers have also fallen in California, though he still enjoys strong ratings. A Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday night showed 58 percent of Californians approve of Biden, down from 70 percent in January and 66 percent in May. Still, 83 percent of Democrats back the president, and his support could help motivate the governor’s base.”

So, what do you do when you’ve committed to go to California to campaign, but know your personal approval ratings are plummeting?

The White House’s answer to that question is apparently “Send the person with even WORSE poll numbers FIRST! It will make Biden look great in comparison!”

So Kamala is being sent to California after all.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Newsom campaign said Harris will appear with Newsom at a rally in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Harris, a former California senator, is one of a series of Democrats converging on California in an effort to lift turnout for Newsom ahead of the Sept. 14 election. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was scheduled to appear with Newsom at a rally in Culver City on Saturday, and Newsom has said he expects President Joe Biden to “be out here soon.”

Notice what is happening here. Kamala Harris is being sent to a “safe” zone – the Bay Area – which is heavily Democrat and which Newsom is going to win easily. Even with as unpopular as she is, there is no chance that San Francisco turns its nose up at Kamala. Notice that she isn’t going to even try and touch the purple or red areas of the state. The whole point of bringing Kamala Harris in is to make sure the heavily populated blue areas vote, because turnout is key. Ditto for Elizabeth Warren’s visit to Culver City, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Not exactly Republican territory. And it is true that if these campaign rallies can push a higher Democrat turnout, then the recall will fail. No one is excited about Newsom as governor on a personal level, after his highly publicized French Laundry visit and the insane amount of COVID lockdown policies that he has pushed. His only hope is simply to convince apathetic Democrats to vote.

But what if Kamala Harris is poorly received in her former backyard? She’s being sent as the canary into the coal mine. If Harris gets negative press, or heckled, or gets asked uncomfortable questions by the media, it will be seen by the White House as a signal to keep Biden away. After all, President Meat Puppet must be handled gently. The likely plan is to get him to California, have him read a speech off the teleprompter, give him some local ice cream, and then get him back out of there. But Kamala Harris is being sent first in order to test the California waters.

Chalk this visit up to another example of how much Biden’s handlers (mostly Jill) really loathe Kamala, because they’re setting her up to take the political hit first. Enjoy your visit home, Madam Vice President.

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