Kamala Plays Hide And Seek With Media

Kamala Plays Hide And Seek With Media

Kamala Plays Hide And Seek With Media

After watching Joe Biden shuffle out to the podium over the last week, say that he takes responsibility as he throws everyone else under the bus, crumple under questioning, and then shuffle back out again, one has to wonder just how much longer President Meat Puppet is going to even appear semi-functional.

Which means… Kamala Harris.

Any honest observer of the Democrat primary knew just how opportunistic and craven Kamala Harris was – and just how badly prepared she was. Let’s remember that she dropped out of the primary BEFORE a single vote was even cast. Joe Biden pulled her off the political ash heap, much as Barack Obama did for him, and she hitched her star to the old man’s wagon. It probably sounded like a great idea, especially since it seemed like a safe bet that Joe Biden would be a one-term president at best. Kamala was ready to inherit either the presidency, or the nomination.

What Team Biden was too blind to see, or thought they could gloss over, is just how unlikeable Kamala Harris is, and how much THEY THEMSELVES don’t like her. It’s pretty clear that Kamala has been frozen out of the day-to-day West Wing work, and only being dragged out or drafted into appearing when absolutely necessary. And in an absolute display of tone deafness, Kamala gave her trademark cackle as she boarded a plan for her pre-planned trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

Yes, the optics were horrible, but Kamala was still willing to hop on a plane and get as FAR away from Old Man Biden as possible right now. Even though she bragged about being the last one in the room with him when he made the decision to leave Afghanistan, she wasn’t going to be caught standing by him right now, nope nope nope. Biden-Harris administration? Not if she’s not there, it’s not.

Except that had to keep listening to the foreign press ask questions about Afghanistan, and hear the Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, deliver his own assessment of the United States’ foriegn policy and committment to allies. And while he was trying to be diplomatic about it, the undercurrent was definitely there – “we’re not sure that we can keep trusting you.”

And her stop in Vietnam didn’t go much better, as Kamala got a front-row seat to what China’s intentions are.

Harris was en route to Vietnam to offer a coronavirus rescue package, including 1 million extra doses of the Pfizer vaccine, when her plane was delayed over a feared case of the so-called “Havana Syndrome.”

During the delay, Beijing rushed its envoy in Hanoi to meet with Vietnam’s prime minister — and he doubled the US offer with a pledge of 2 million vaccines, the Washington Post reported, citing Chinese state media.”

The offer undercut the VP’s eventual announcement, and reflects Chinese sensitivity about the US trying to win over Vietnam, its former adversary that is a fast-growing nation of nearly 100 million, the paper said.”

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh thanked the Chinese envoy for the offer, saying Vietnam “does not ally with one country to fight against another,” the Washington paper said, again citing state media.”

But the timing of the offer was an obvious move by China during Harris’ weeklong trip to Southeast Asia during which she accused Beijing of “bullying” and “intimidation” in the South China Sea.”

China, exploiting a situation for their own personal gain? Wow, I’m so shocked.

Between this situation and Afghanistan, Kamala Harris didn’t exactly return from her second trip abroad with any fanfare. At all. In fact, no press, either. It seems the vice president has no interest being in front of the media right now.

Media access to Vice President Kamala Harris’s address to U.S. troops at Pearl Harbor was suddenly blocked on Thursday.”

No explanation was given, according to the White House press pool, but the move came hours after two explosions outside the airport in Kabul killed 13 U.S. service members and 60 Afghans during evacuations.”

“The VP’s staff informed the pool during the flight that her event with troops at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam would now be closed press. No explanation given by the VP’s team for why it has been changed to closed press when asked by a member of the pool,” the dispatch said.”

Harris traveled to Hawaii from Vietnam with a refuel stop in Guam.”

Her original schedule said Harris would “participate in a troop engagement event at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam” and that there would be “travel pool coverage of this event.”

And that car rally that Kamala planned on having with Gavin Newsom in California, who has just a few more weeks before the recall election? Canceled.

You have to wonder who pulled the plug on this car rally. Was it Kamala, telling Newsom “I don’t have the time for this right now and can’t be seen doing a political rally at the moment,” or was it Newsom, telling Kamala “please don’t come, I can’t be seen with you because I’m trying to win.”

Regardless, Kamala Harris is going back to Washington DC, to do… what? Probably hide and hope that people forget that she’s vice president. The fact that she isn’t being sent out to run point on Afghanistan, instead of the crumpled and frail old man, speaks volumes about Team Biden’s confidence in Kamala, and her own sheer unlikeability. And that could spell doom for the Democrats in the future.

Now, if the country can just survive the present…

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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