#Inauguration Protests: Violence At #DeploraBall, Celebrities, And Children Setting Fires??!! [VIDEO]

#Inauguration Protests: Violence At #DeploraBall, Celebrities, And Children Setting Fires??!! [VIDEO]

#Inauguration Protests: Violence At #DeploraBall, Celebrities, And Children Setting Fires??!! [VIDEO]

You know, perhaps we spoke too soon regarding how unique our country is to have a peaceful transition of power. Little did I know that what would happen in Washington D.C. last night outside the DeploraBall and in New York City, would shed a light on how “peaceful” people aren’t.

Keep in mind, these folks are those who:

A. Refuse to acknowledge that the election is done and Trump will take office later today.
B. Believe that inciting violence and participating in it themselves will somehow reverse the election results
C. Capably demonstrate how little they understand of our Constitution and Republic.

Think I’m wrong. Take a good look at the Twitter evidence below.

Even worse, there are kids involved! And by involved, I mean willing participants in attempting to destroy property!

Where the hell are his parents??!! Seriously folks, where the hell are his parents??!! A young boy gleefully participating in a violent protest decides its peachy keen to set a fire (with help and encouragement from all the masked protestors I’d bet), and then happily admits it on live TV?

That young boy’s actions are not cute, they are NOT misunderstood, and they absolutely should NOT be excused! He is in the wrong, his parents are in the wrong, and they should all be dealt with…harshly.

Oh but wait, there’s certainly more. The protests in New York City were idiotic on a whole different level. Led by Mayor Bill de Blasio, an entire plethora of butthurt celebrities, including Cher, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, and others rallied the anti-Trump crowd.

Thousands of defiant New Yorkers filled President-elect Donald Trump’s backyard Thursday on the eve of his inauguration for a star-studded, full-throated statement of protest.

Joined by celebrities, government leaders and union organizers, angry protesters flooded Columbus Circle, Broadway and several blocks of Central Park West.

“There are those who are working to divide us,” said “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon. “We are not going back. We’re not turning around.

Well toots…you can’t turn anything around! The election is done. Its certified. Oh wait, that doesn’t matter to y’all. You’d rather continue with Obama’s divisiveness than work to solve the country’s problems.

Robert DeNiro at pre-inaugural anti-Trump rally in New York City

However, many in New York were NOT AMUSED at de Blasio et al’s antics.

Many residents that weren’t involved in the protest — attended by Alec Baldwin, Cher, Mark Ruffalo, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rosie Perez, Shailene Woodley, Robert DeNiro and Natalie Merchant — were outraged by de Blasio and how the traffic-snarling protest seemed to be fueled by his quest for the political spotlight and anger toward the President-elect.

“I’m appalled at what’s happening here and I am angry at de Blasio,” said Susan Miller, a local Trump supporter. “[The protest] is a vanity project. The money could be used on housing, veterans, cleaning up the city, etc.”

The actions of those opposed to President-Elect Trump are both idiotic and dangerous. However, they’ve learned from one of the best. One who, for the last eight years has rewarded violent behavior, put politics far above the rule of law, and done his best to push the Alynsky/Ahers style of community organizing onto us all. The protests last night were out of line and shameful. But what they and former President Obama will always fail to realize is that this Republic and our Freedom of Speech granted us by our Constitution are stronger and better because and in spite of their refusal to accept reality and deal with it.

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  • GWB says:

    That young boy’s actions are not cute, they are NOT misunderstood, and they absolutely should NOT be excused!

    I think he should be arrested and charged with arson. Then – besides learning not to do stupid s–t and to not be an ignoramus – he can learn the important lesson not to admit to your stupidity on TV or social media.

    The money could be used on housing, veterans, cleaning up the city, etc.

    Or given back to the taxpayers they took it from……

    I wonder if the Koch brothers would be interested in funding a Hollywood alternative? Starting without any of the “big name” mouthy folks currently over-charging movie-goers?

  • Nina says:

    Agreed. He definitely should face consequences for his actions…as should his parents wherever they are.

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