#Inauguration Power Play: Mexico Extradites “El Chapo” To U.S. In Return For What From Trump? [VIDEO]

#Inauguration Power Play: Mexico Extradites “El Chapo” To U.S. In Return For What From Trump? [VIDEO]

#Inauguration Power Play: Mexico Extradites “El Chapo” To U.S. In Return For What From Trump? [VIDEO]

On the eve of the Inauguration, Mexico made a very interesting move.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the notorious drug lord known as El Chapo, who twice slipped out of high-security Mexican prisons and into criminal legend, was being extradited to the United States on Thursday night, officials said, drawing to a close a decades-long effort to successfully prosecute the head of one of the world’s largest narcotics organizations.

Guzman, on the run for over 15 years, faces 6 separate indictments across the U.S., including Miami, California, New York, and Texas. Up until just a year ago, El Chapo, with his network and money, was a master at evading capture or making spectacular escapes. Including his most notorious one that served as a major embarrassment to Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

He was sent to the Altiplano maximum prison in Almoloya de Juárez. That was where Mr. Guzmán pulled off his most spectacular escape. He stepped into a shower in his cell in what was supposed to be the most secure wing of Mexico’s most secure prison.

No matter what anyone says, nor the celebrities fawning over him (yes, I’m looking at you Sean Penn), the guy was not a nice dude.

Supposedly this extradition is a “gift.”

A Mexican official told The Washington Post that the Thursday evening transfer, on the last full day of the Obama administration, was meant as a “farewell gift” to Obama and not as an overture to President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office Friday.

Oh really? This is an attempt to shore up Obama’s so-called legacy? I don’t think so. I think that Mexico is expecting something in return from President-Elect Trump.

We already know that relations between Mexico and the U.S. won’t be exactly cordial, and we all know why. Unless you’ve been living under a rock that is.

Which again, leads me to believe that Mexico wants something in return. And I’d be willing to bet it involves that pesky WALL.

FILE – In this Jan. 4, 2016 photo, a U.S. Border Patrol agent drives near the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Santa Teresa, N.M. Can Donald Trump really make good on his promise to build a wall along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border to prevent illegal migration? What’s more, can he make Mexico pay for it? Sure, he can build it, but it’s not nearly as simple as he says. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras)

Or perhaps Mexico wants the U.S. to continue adding more sanctuary cities to the roster, therefore leading to more Americans killed by criminals who are in this country illegally, like Kate Steinle was?

Then again, maybe this really was a “gift” to Obama. Yeah…that’s a stretch. The fact is, its a safe bet that Mexico wants something in exchange for El Chapo’s extradition. We’ll find out soon enough what it is.

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