Illegal Scum Confesses To Heinous Rape Of Underage Girl

Illegal Scum Confesses To Heinous Rape Of Underage Girl

Illegal Scum Confesses To Heinous Rape Of Underage Girl

A “migrant” (illegal) from Ecuador had his day in court today after raping a 13 year-old girl in broad daylight.

Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy was ordered to leave the country in 2022. He is still here, this “Ecuadorian migrant”, as The New York Post dubs him. Just yesterday, he sat in a courtroom with his public defender (funded by the taxpayers) and admitted to recording his attack on this young girl:

I was nervous at first, then got comfortable and recorded it.”-Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy

Nervous at first? This sick you-know-what decided to pull out his phone (probably sponsored by Biden and Mayorkas) and record this heinous act. Inga-Landi held two teenagers-a boy and a girl-at knifepoint with a “machete-style blade” in the attack in Kissena Park in Queens on June 13th. He raped the 13 year-old girl. This sick SOB also has a child of his own, and was detained in Texas after crossing illegally in 2021.

He crossed the besieged US-Mexico border on June 25, 2021, with his son into Eagle Pass, Texas, where he was captured, processed and released by Border Patrol agents, according to the sources.

He and his then-3-year-old son were released to a local nonprofit organization with a document providing a future court date known as a Notice to Appear document,’-Jennie Tier, The New York Post

Illegal “migrants” can only be held for 72 hours, apparently. So, Inga-Landi was released to go sponge off the system because of “humanitarian” reasons. He claimed he was going to live in an apartment in Flushing, New York.

The migrant tied the teens together with a shoelace, stuffed a bandana in the girl’s mouth and cut off her shorts and underwear, Inga-Landi allegedly said in the video.

After Inga-Landi raped the girl, he told the kids to wait 20 minutes while he ran off with their phones and threw them away.”-Assistant District Attorney Kasey Esposito

And, what did this illegal piece of trash do after he violated a 13 year-old girl?

I went to buy drugs, afterwards.”-Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy

So, here we are, folks. Inga-Landy is being held without bail until July 1. Inga-Landy gets a public defender. But Inga-Landy somehow, has enough capital to “buy drugs afterwards”.

Thank God for some sanity. Enter Jeffrey Flores, a Corona, Queens resident, who tracked down the perp and turned him in. Inga-Landy was described as having a large boar tattoo on his chest. Appropriate because the poor excuse for a man is a pig, but I do not want to insult pigs. Inga-Landy also was described as having “dental braces” on his teeth.

Braces are expensive. WHO paid for them?

Inga-Landy is also now blaming his crime on drug addiction. He’s “never done this before”. This was the “first time” he raped a teenage girl.

Must be all of the troubles he saw and trauma he endured in Ecuador. This is why he takes drugs and behaves this way, the bleeding heart, pro-(illegal) immigration advocates would say. He wanted to give his son a “dream”, or something.

I call BS. And, meanwhile…

This is more than the fault of the illegal criminals who come into this country to do crime because crime is the only lifestyle they know. This is not only on the hands of Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas. This is on the hands of New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, and NYC Mayor, Eric Adams. They’ve also allowed this to happen.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but don’t bet the farm that justice will be served and that he will get his ass beaten at Rikers. They will continue to “game” the system, as Mayorkas says because Biden and Mayorkas will let them “game” the system. This scumbag will be sprung. He will be let off, free to roam the streets again, sadly, this useless piece of human excrement.

The reality is that some people do indeed try to game the system. That does not speak to everyone whom we encounter, but there is an element of it, and we deal with it accordingly.”-Alejandro Mayorkas

Deal with it accordingly? Define “accordingly”, Mr. Mayorkas…? The sane garbage people who “game” the system are the same ones killing “individuals” who are hard-working mothers to five children. We’ll say her name. Rachel Morin was murdered by an illegal “individual”-not a “migrant”-from El Salvador.

But we have to do the things and keep those “American families seeking asylum together” even when they are not, in fact, American at all. Just a random musing here…has anyone asked Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy where his son is? You know, the son he illegally crossed into Texas with in 2021? I’d be willing to wager that he does not have any idea where this kid is at currently nor that he has done anything for this young boy since arriving in America. Inga-Landy sure as hell didn’t waste any time putting braces on his ugly mug and buying drugs, though.

To Democrat liberals on your islands and in your bubbles, I say this. You voted for this. You continue to vote for this. Yes, there is such a thing as an illegal (garbage) human. Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy, who raped a 13 year-old girl, is a prime example of this. Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, a gang member from El Salvador who killed a mother of five children, also, is a picture perfect illegal piece of trash. So, go ahead. Take your “no human is illegal” virtuous platitude sign and shove it where the sun does not shine on this lovely summer solstice day.

Photo Credit: JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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  • Lloyd says:

    Biden should be charged as an accessory to this crime…and all others committed by illegals. And, yes, many are the “illegals” that have invaded this country.

    • Scott says:

      Damn right Lloyd…

      And now that this illegal invader has admitted to his crime, walk him out behind the courthouse, put one in his mostly empty brainpan, and throw the husk in the dumpster. he deserves nothing more/ less

  • GWB says:

    Inga-Landy gets a public defender.
    I’m perfectly fine with that. It shouldn’t cost the taxpayers much to convict, sentence and fry him.
    I’m more worried the public defender is just a grift because the DA will let him off with a sternly worded letter, or something.

    This sick SOB also has a child of his own
    He crossed the border with a child. That doesn’t mean it was his. Does anyone know where this child is now?

    who tracked down the perp and turned him in
    Honestly, I’d have preferred he just track him down and do him in. Since the justice “system” will do all in its power to make it easy on him.

    He’s “never done this before”.
    I call BS. I don’t believe him. (See that big tattoo? That’s usually a gang sign in South/Central America.)

    has anyone asked Christian Geovannny Inga-Landy where his son is?
    Oh, look. You went there, too. Now, why would we all think this way? Hmmmm, must be our MAGA bigotry or something.

    Yes, there is such a thing as an illegal (garbage) human.
    Well, I will agree with the statement “no human is illegal” in that all humans have a right to life. But when people say “illegal alien” (and the shorthand “illegal”) they don’t mean the human is illegal, they mean they are aliens in this country, and are in that status illegally. It means they are in the ongoing process of committing a crime. So, a murderer is an “illegal killer.” And a thief is an “illegal redistributionist.”

    And, yes, he should be tried, convicted, and sentenced in short order. But I disagree with Scott that he should shot behind the court house and dumped in the trash. Aside from our health laws that prohibit dumping bodies, I want him hung publicly, then his body shipped back to Ecuador and dumped on the airport tarmac (or the dock), with a note stapled to his chest that says “Don’t mess with America.”

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