Hunter Biden: Just A Guy Who Loves To Paint

Hunter Biden: Just A Guy Who Loves To Paint

Hunter Biden: Just A Guy Who Loves To Paint

While Hunter Biden’s dad is busy wrecking the country, President Pudding Pop’s son makes appearances on Twitter Spaces because, apparently, he loves to paint.

In fact, Hunter Biden loves painting so much, he does not want to talk politics. He will talk about crypto and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), however, and appeared alongside “Tron” producer, Donald Kushner on a crypto show. Seems safe, right?

Biden appeared alongside Donald Kushner on “The Crypto Roundtable Show”, with host Mario Nawfal yesterday afternoon. Kushner talked about his creation of the Web-3=inspired Cryptosaurs collection. Hunter? Well, from what we’ve gathered, didn’t talk much about anything, really.

The twist in the plot comes towards the end of the interview, when a glitch cuts off the feed between host, Nawfal and the guests as he was thanking them for appearing on the show. Perceiving this as a slight, Nawfal launches into a rant:

They just jumped off now. So, that gives you an idea of how – behind the scenes, that was tough. There was a lot of requirements we had to meet. F— that was so stressful. That was so f—ing stressful, man.” -Mario Nawfal

Hmmm. What requirements, exactly?

There’s a lot of stories that I wasn’t aware of that kind of made this significantly more tricky and delicate. Usually, I’m very open, I ask questions, I debate. It’s like a free mic, anyone could ask any questions. We always let debates happen. But this is the first time where we, like, kind of f—ing hands tied: ‘These are the questions you ask. You can’t ask any other questions.’ And, bro, it was difficult.”-Mario Nawfal

There’s Burisma. There’s Hunter’s ties to Chinese banking firms, there’s the laptop from hell, strippers and crack and, well, the obvious. Hunter Biden is attached to Joe. He is the son of our standing (barely) president. And while Joe Biden does not know what day it is most of the time, it’s no Bob Ross happy-little-accident that a lid was placed on questions Mario Nawfal was allowed to ask on his program.

Impressive, for sure. Fully-clothed and not smoking any crack. Was Nawfal wrong to jump to conclusions on “emerging artist“, Hunter Biden? Mike Bonhoeffer, Donald Kushner’s partner on Cryptosaurs, seemed to think so.

I have not heard anybody thrown under the bus that way because of a glitch on your system that knocked Donald and Hunter off the network go so quickly dark and put the blame on somebody that had no control over what happened and quickly construct a narrative. This is part of the bull—- that goes on. You build a narrative that had no basis in truth. Hunter is somebody who does not want to talk about politics because he’s not a politician, he’s an artist. And we took a look at the stream of vitriol that came when you put the promo up on your Twitter feed, and it was thousands of people s—-talking Hunter Biden. So, we had to put constraints on this.”-Mike Bonhoeffer

He’s not a politician, people. He’s an artist. He’s just a guy who loves to paint. A regular Matisse or Degas:

See? It’s all good. Hunter doesn’t even know the identity of his buyers. Though, he may give ten percent of the proceeds to the “Big Guy”.

What legacy? And thousands of people s-talking Hunter Biden? Sorry, not sorry, here. Hunter Biden is a garbage human being. But, apparently, he’s not a politician. Should have thought about that in his early years when he was working and making the big bucks off of his dad’s influence. C’mon, man.

The question is why is Hunter Biden in the spotlight if an open dialogue is not encouraged? Mario Nawfal could have blown the lid off of something huge but now will have to settle for his 15 minutes of fame. Hunter, the artist. Here are the guidelines. Do not mention Ukraine, China, or the words cocaine, crack and laptop.

We tell people sometimes: We’re like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn’t take much to get you addicted.”-Bob Ross

Heh. Go sniff some acrylics and paint us some pretty trees, Hunter. Look at that crooked tree. To quote our friend Bob Ross again, (God rest his soul), “we’ll send him to Washington.”

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG, Darleen Click.

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  • Kevin says:

    Since you’re so enthralled with presidential children, did you hear about the Saudi’s throwing $2,000,000,000 Jared Kushner’s way to run a hedge fund? What about the Saudi’s tossing TFG’s family $1,500,000,000 to put the toxic name of TFG on a hotel in Saudi Arabia? Want to venture outside TFG’s family and look at Steve Mnuchin and the $2,500,000,000 from the Saudis for another hedge fund?

    Giving the Saudi’s cover and some legitimacy by TFG comes with a high price tag … What are we up to now, $6,000,000,000? I’m running out of zeros to tally up all the money being tossed their way for “looking the other way” for Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder.

    But hey, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. It’s kind of like, “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.” Toss up a smoke screen and hope no one sees the grifting TFG did while in the White House. God that was a pathetic performance the other night at Mar-a-Lardo.

    Lots of comments on this article by the way. Time well spent putting this together.

    • Sartr says:

      Hey look at that! Whataboutism! The thing every Liberal hates!*

      * unless of course, they need to distract people from the corrupt/incompetent Biden administration. Then it’s totally fine. Hey look over there, a squirrel!

    • werewife says:

      Who or what the heck is “TFG”?

      • Cameron says:

        “That Fucking Guy” which is how Kevin likes to show how edgy he is on this site when talking about Trump. Don’t worry about the Little Epsilon too much.

    • Laka says:

      You sound very much like you’re saying influence peddling is wrong when a Trump relative does it. Therefore you must agree it’s wrong when a Biden relative does it. I won’t believe you actually care until you say it straight out. Go ahead, say “Hunter and Joe are crooks, Hillary and Bill are crooks, and their influence-peddling rackets are a corrosive blight on America, and it needs to stop.” If you’re only upset about Kushner, you don’t actually care.

    • Scott says:

      ““Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.”” Good people died there because clinton refused to do her job, and obama was more concerned about campaigning, then they orchestrated a huge cover-up. EVERY American (guess that doesn’t include you since you hate this country) should be pissed, and demand justice for those killed.
      Before you go on some ridiculous rant about believing propaganda, etc, I’ve had long conversations with three of those who survived, and they all tell exactly the same story, not a changing one like clinton and obama told, and it’s a damning one about the failures of that administration. the same one thats running this one from the shadows.
      So why don’t you step off before you shit on good men, men who you’re not even worthy to lick the shit off their boots, before you say something to the wrong person.. FAFO loser.. (of course you’re brave as hell on the internet, but likely a beta cuck pussie in person.

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