House Intel Committee Votes To Release Nunes FISA Memo, Democrats Are Sad! [VIDEO]

House Intel Committee Votes To Release Nunes FISA Memo, Democrats Are Sad! [VIDEO]

House Intel Committee Votes To Release Nunes FISA Memo, Democrats Are Sad! [VIDEO]

The issues and spin surrounding the FISA Memo have been front and center across the news cycle for over a week now. The reaction from the lawmakers who ACTUALLY read the memo is highly concerning. Immediately a #ReleaseTheMemo trend started. 

This afternoon the House Intelligence Committee voted.

The House Intelligence Committee on Monday evening voted to make public a GOP-crafted memo alleging what some Republicans say are “shocking” surveillance abuses at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

At the same time, the committee voted against making public a Democrat-drafted counter-memo.

While the panel voted to release that memo to the entire House, Republicans expressed concern that publicly releasing the minority memo would damage sensitive intelligence sources and methods, according to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the committee’s ranking member.

Both votes — to release the GOP memo and withhold the Democratic one — were along party lines.

Of course, you and I know what’s coming. SPIN BABY SPIN!!

No sooner had the news of the vote been released, than the Democrats were out in full force showing their SADS.

Oh, my goodness!

Meanwhile, Adam Schiff (I don’t understand the Constitution – CA) just couldn’t help himself.

Oh, really? You’re the one that crafted the Democrat memo response that you now want to stay within the confines of the House and not be released to the public. Why? Likely because YOUR memo throws people, places, and procedures under the bus! Then there’s this laughable comment from good ol’ Schiffster.

HAHAHA!! DUDE! The “deeply flawed” person who ‘infected’ other areas of the government was your favorite pal, Obama! Do not try to spin that President Trump, in just a few short months, has caused all the problems you are now scrambling to hide.

And do not tell me that you and your Democrat cohorts, many of whom never bothered to read the Nunes FISA memo, have a leg to stand on regarding how you do and don’t handle classified security?  Two words: Imran Awan.

But, yeah, that doesn’t stop Ted Lieu (Constitutional Idiot – CA) from “helping” spin backwards.

Exactly! If it’s such a big ol’ nothing burger…then Americans should be able to read BOTH memos…right? So Schiffster wanting to his memo inside the House is one of those…

Meanwhile, Schiff tried to spin everything back to the Russia investigation and laments further that everyone is being super big ol’ meanies to now former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Here’s the deal with McCabe. He was forced to resign by Director Christopher Wray, after Wray reviewed the memo. Furthermore, as Sara Carter notes, McCabe is facing THREE federal inquiries into conflicts of interest during his time with the FBI. Most notably during the time period involving the Russian investigation, Hillary Clinton email investigation, and more. The inquiries involve improper political activity and sexual discrimination.

Schiff is crying out for full transparency…but this might be problematic.


As predicted, the vote to Release The Memo has sent the Democrat Spin into serious overdrive. And they are just getting started.

President Trump has five days to review the memo and determine if he wants to sign off on it being released to the public. Tomorrow is the Constitutional State of the Union address. All heads will be on swivel waiting to see if he will do anything with the memo before then.

Stock up on popcorn, ladies and gentlemen, and buckle up. The Democrat spin regarding the memo is about turn into one massive comedy hour.

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