Hillary on Trump’s Rape Allegations Recap: No I Won’t Defend Bill’s “Honor”

Hillary on Trump’s Rape Allegations Recap: No I Won’t Defend Bill’s “Honor”

Hillary on Trump’s Rape Allegations Recap: No I Won’t Defend Bill’s “Honor”

Sean Hannity is off my official Watch List. It’s unnecessary to lay out the reasons here, but like many of our readers, I remain aghast at his continued lack of thoroughly vetting Donald Trump. So in case you missed it, as I did, Mr. Trump reportedly dropped the “R” Bomb on Hannity’s show Wednesday evening, repeating the allegations of rape by multiple women at the hands of the philandering husband of the Democrat frontrunner. Here’s the exchange:

Now, I don’t know about you, but if anyone accused my husband of rape with a capital R and an exclamation point, I’d be screaming bloody murder from the rooftops. But then, my name isn’t Hillary Clinton. And I don’t have a history of aiding and abetting a serial womanizer slash sexual predator. So, rather than react as any normal wife would, here’s how “She Who Should Be in Prison” responded when the sycophantic Chris Cuomo asked about Trump’s comment:

Did you catch that? She’s not going to defend his “honor.” I’ll give you a moment while you finish cackling like a hamstrung hyena.

Ready? Ok.

Kathleen Willey, one of many women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)
Kathleen Willey, one of many women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

So. There was no outrage from Mrs. Clinton that Donald Trump would dare repeat an accusation that her hubs is a rapist. No “How dare he!” repeat an unproved allegation, complete with fist-pumping and angry eyebrows. No threats of unleashing a swarm of lawyers armed with cease and desist orders. Just a limp-wristed response to an otherwise outrageous comment, and a half-witted insistence that she won’t sink to Trump’s “level.” And do you know what that tells us, folks? At least three things: A) She’s simply dismissing an unsettling narrative that’s been swirling around the pair for years, or B) she knows she can’t take on Trump with any success on this issue because her hands are just as dirty if not moreso, or C) she couldn’t care less about her husband’s extracurricular activity. All of which are equally disturbing in myriad ways. And at least one of Bill Clinton’s accusers is calling on the New York Times, who a few days ago published a less-than-blistering tell-all on Donald Trump’s history with women, to do the very same with the former First Lady’s other half:

Yes, they should. But holding my breath waiting for them to become fair and balanced seems detrimental to my health. In case you’re unfamiliar with Ms. Broaddrick’s narrative, you can read more about what she alleges Bill Clinton perpetrated upon her here.

Meanwhile, a second Bill Clinton accuser tweeted this from her account yesterday afternoon:

Mrs. Clinton rivals only Barack Obama in her penchant for lying like the proverbial Egyptian rug.

You may recall last Fall Mrs. Clinton released this short video, to great ridicule by those who know her sordid history:

Unless, of course, the accused is named Bill Clinton and you’re riding on his coattails as a White House hopeful.

Juanita Broaddrick, another Clinton accuser who has claimed for years that the former president raped her. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)
Juanita Broaddrick has claimed for years that the former president raped her. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Reality check: I’m no fan of Donald Trump. I’ve made that perfectly clear in blog after blog after blog. But I’m a realist. I know there’s but a millimeter of a chance of keeping either Hillary or Trump from becoming the next President of the United States. Mitt Romney has foregone the daydream of a third-party candidate whose goal would’ve been to stop the two eventual nominees from reaching the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency. It’s a pipe dream and really always was. The scariest part of that potential plan was that it could hand Hillary Clinton the presidency, and the Supreme Court, on a silver platter, one she’d add to the collection of other stolen property from her last White House occupancy. So what is my point you may be asking? Well, it’s that Hillary Clinton cannot be the Commander in Chief. She has shown her willingness to allow Americans to die if it benefits her personally, she lies as easily as she breathes, and she’s arguably, at least partially, responsible for the rise of ISIS and the tens of thousands who’ve died at their monstrous hands. While I’m loath to admit it, Donald Trump is at the very least not responsible for four dead Americans and multitudes of innocents and, purely by resume comparison, is far more adept at problem-solving than a woman who hung up on her 4 am phone call and lied to the faces of grieving parents as their children lie in caskets behind them. I’m not saying I’m supporting him as the presumptive nominee. He makes my skin crawl, and he’s got much work ahead of him to convince me I can trust him. I am saying that, if for no other reason, I begrudgingly welcome the race between these two because—and we know the media won’t do its job—no other candidate will throw clay-based mud bricks at Hillary Clinton the way Donald Trump will, and I relish the thought of her facing the demons she created. He’s given us a small taste of that this week. And no one deserves it more than the woman who bullied and blamed the victims of her husband’s sexual predation, all the while feigning concern for victims of rape and championing the rights of women. Seems a whole new generation of Americans appear to be seeing right through her lies and her utter lack of anything resembling honor. And at least for that, I am thankful.

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  • mudbug says:

    Neither our system nor any system gives us the opportunity to vote for the right candidate for position, but rather a choice. Complaining about Trump’s shortcomings (I don’t minimize the number) is a waste of time. The question is, “Which candidate would we prefer to be our next president?” For me, the choice is easy.

  • J walter says:

    feminism 101 teaches us that all men are rapists.

    Defending an accused rapist is enabling rape culture. So if Hilary defends her husband, she will piss off her feminist base.

  • OC says:

    Jodi, to be fair, Hannity said he would back the GOP nominee, which it looks like Trump will be. He said that at the start of this whole mess.

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