Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media Misinformation [VIDEOS]

Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media Misinformation [VIDEOS]

Donald Trump the Candidate: Fact-Checking Supporter and Media Misinformation [VIDEOS]
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Let me make my position on Donald Trump perfectly clear (now stick with me, Trump supporters, because you may appreciate at least two of the bullet points!): I think he’s a demagogue who’ll say and do anything to get himself elected. I think he’s tapped into a very real anger in America, but it’s an anger he’s exploiting, not one he truly understands. I think he flip-flops on his positions more often then he changes wives. I think he has precisely zero core values. And I think he’s a big government guy, not a conservative. Why? Because he cannot articulate what conservatism is, which is an easy pop-quiz for those of us who truly are. So, with that said, I’ll get to the point of this article: Some Trump supporters, and especially the media, have engaged in misinformation about Donald Trump the Candidate. Here are five of the most noteworthy:


Last week Trump blamed Ted Cruz for saddling America with ObamaCare. Ted. Cruz. The man who stood willing to shut down the federal government to rid us of that albatross. I think Trump would like us all to forget his support for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, two of the nation’s most destructive politicians, who are directly responsible for shoving that turkey down our throats. So no, Donald, you are far more responsible for the ObamaCare monstrosity than just about any of the other candidates.

Trump supporters argue that Trump is not for socialized medicine. In his own words, as recently as during last Saturday’s GOP Debate:

Clear as mud. You can’t make up your own facts, and you can’t obfuscate the candidates own words. It’s absolutely true that Trump has called for socialized healthcare on multiple occasions. Now last I checked, conservatives, and many independents, have begged for the eradication of ObamaCare as swiftly and harshly as the ebola virus. So we can’t then find socialized medicine acceptable because our candidate of choice embraces it. Progressivism is progressivism, and letting it in the door eventually infects our entire house. Picking and choosing the parts of what Trump says makes us willfully ignorant, in the tradition of the mindless Obama flunkies of 2007. He’s telling us what he may push for as POTUS. We should listen. And demand clarification.


Trump likes to tout his support for eminent domain. And yes, it has been used for the greater good of the nation with the construction of railroads, bridges, and highways, for example. But that’s not how Trump tried to employ it on at least one occasion: He attempted to force an elderly woman to sell her home, so that he could build a parking structure on her land. And at last week’s GOP debate, Jeb! finally called him on it:

Trump likes to say, altruistically, that the elderly woman wouldn’t sell, as if to imply he then just walked away. The truth is: He instigated court proceedings, and lost. He owns it.


For example:

  • Healthcare: As noted above.
  • Syrian refugees: He was for allowing them in before he was against it just weeks later.
  • Planned Parenthood: Again, he supported funding Planned Parenthood, and by extension, abortion, before he was against it shortly thereafter.

And that’s just for starters. You can read more on his many relatively recent position shifts here.


Mind you, I’m loath to defend Donald Trump on just about anything, but on the next two points, I’m firmly with Camp Donald, well, in spirit. Why? Because the media, Univision being an oft-repeat offender, and their liberal useful idiots, are just flat-out misstating his words. Here’s what the media would like us to believe about Donald Trump:

He and his supporters are racists, bigots, xenophobes, yada yada yada. See my fellow Victory Girl, Lisa’s take on that here.

Yawn. You get the picture.

Here’s a couple of clips of what he actually said about illegal immigration:

You can listen to his entire campaign launch address here and judge for yourself.

And he’s right. Americans have been the victims of scores of crimes committed by aliens entering this country illegally, including rape and murder. So no, Trump is not a racist as far as I can tell. He’s talking about national security, along with the billions in taxpayer money wasted going to illegal immigrants in myriad ways. He supports sensible legal immigration in the long tradition of this free nation. And so do I.

And by the way, Katie Pavlich over at Townhall had a piece out yesterday verifying that yes, indeed, illegal immigrants have received hundreds of millions in Obamacare subsidies (our tax dollars), after our illustrious Dear Leader lied and said they would not. Trump was right:

Trump ObamaCare


The same goes for Trump’s position on Muslims coming into America from the Middle East. Here’s what the media would like us to believe:

Remember, CAIR has has been deemed a terrorist group by the UAE, for good reason. So you’ll excuse me if I disregard this America-shaming rhetoric.

Here’s what Trump actually said:

“UNTIL our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Nothing wrong with that. It’s common sense. Just slightly edited to push the tired ‘ol “All Republicans are racist, bigoted, red-necked hillbillies” agenda, eh?

Islamic jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 Americans in San Bernardino last December. (Photo Credit:
Islamic jihadists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 Americans in San Bernardino last December. (Photo Credit:

Did he articulate his position in an artful way? No. Does that mean he’s therefore wrong, and worse, a racist, bigoted, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic Islamaphobe who hates puppies, small children, and ice cream (did I leave anything out)? No. Our own FBI Director, James Comey has stated that Syrian refugees are virtually impossible to vet. ISIS has promised to infiltrate them. And the current White House occupier is willfully leaving our country vulnerable to attacks in more ways than I can count. So Trump is right. We should halt the import of Muslims coming in from countries where ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boka Haram, and any other Islamic terror groups reign. We’ve already seen what one mis-vetted Islamic jihadist can do. It’s immoral, and irresponsible to place one American life at risk. It’s not about xenophobia; it’s about national security. Nothing else matters more.

So, as I’ve briefly lain out, Donald Trump is a mixed bag, and why so many of us distrust much of what comes out of his mouth. While I’m with him on national security and illegal immigration (liberals like to commingle legal immigration with illegal immigration to further confuse the electorate, by the way; they are two very different issues), his serious flip-flops and frequent unwillingness to clarify his position on socialized medicine, for example, give me pause. I have no way of knowing exactly what I’d be getting with a Donald Trump presidency. Reduced government, the elimination of unconstitutional agencies, a return of power to the states? Or a bigger government that’s simply better managed, but just as intrusive? This country already made that mistake—twice—and I’m unwilling to wager our ailing Republic on yet another unknown. And so I ask: Please vet your candidate. Take off any blinders you may be wearing and really listen to him. Our nation is at stake.

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  • I agree that says:

    I agree that he is not a conservative.

    I don’t want him because of his conservative-or-not status.

    I want him because he’s a demagogue that rails against immigration and political correctness. The SJWs and progressives regard him as kryptonite.

    That… Is… Enough.

    Seriously. That is the extent of what I expect from him and why I’m voting for him. He isn’t the goal but the means.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      I commend you for your brutal honesty. That I can respect! It’s the “no, he never said that” folks I take issue with. If the issues I’ve covered don’t bother you, just say it. But stop acting like he’s some sort of savior. He’s not. He IS a demagogue. And that concerns me for the Ever After part.

      • I agree that says:

        “Ever after” doesn’t concern me.

        I want him to goad the progressives into a civil war so we can get this society straightened out and enact a more Heinlein-ish state.

        • Jodi Giddings says:

          But that’s just it: Trump IS a progressive. He has a very liberal history. It’s therefore highly likely he’ll not only continue Obama’s shredding of our constitution, but make Dear Leader look like an amateur in comparison. Anger at the current spineless GOP leadership is not rationale to elect another liberal dictator. He’s indicated in his own words he could be just that. He’s a chameleon. He said so himself.

  • Kauf Buch says:

    It’s a shame to see prople “fighting the last war,” knowing that’s how you lose.

    Cruz *might* have been enough in the past – when America could have withstood more damage from his betrayals (please don’t tell me Cruz is an altar boy, HE’S AS CORRUPT AS THE REST) – but not today.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      So instead of electing the most conservative candidate for once, we’re going with a big government liberal progressive with dictator tendencies. That’s nonsensical.

  • GrayRider says:

    You “conservative” pundits still don’t get it. Trump isn’t just our candidate. He’s our murder weapon‼️ And the GOPe is our victim. We good now⁉️

  • Somebody says:

    I took his answer regarding health care at the debate to be referring to the indigent and the poor. He explicitly talked about opening up insurance sales across state lines, etc. Then he went off on that rant about people not dying in the streets. My take was he wants to keep Medicaid, but for whatever reason didn’t cite the program.

    Personally I thought it was a bizarre rant. He goes off on tangents like that a lot, he certainly doesn’t speak in rehearsed, focus grouped talking points……..which is some ways is good and in others not. Another thing I’ve noticed being an outsider he nor the other outsiders, save Fiorina seem to have a depth of knowledge regarding government programs. I guess in some ways that is good, but managing the government is a big part of the president’s job description. Clearly many of us would prefer POTUS had less to manage, but still managing or reducing or gutting those programs is part of their job so if they don’t know the behemoth is that good or bad???

    Like you Trump has me on the immigration issue, although in one of the debates he seemed to hedge on H1B visas which pissed me off. His written immigration policy is gold and if he simply accomplished that he’d be worth electing……but I fear he’s probably like the rest of them…..say one thing to get elected and do another once in office.

    ** Side note, I’m curious if the H1B issue might become a little more relevant in SC. Trump and Cruz are vying for votes in the northern part of the state. The very northern part of the state is part of the Charlotte metro area, lots of tech, H1B’s I would think would be of interest to those voters.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      All great points, Somebody. This is my problem with Trump. Is he just saying what he thinks we want to hear to get elected? I believe he is. We’ve played that record before.

  • Joe Miller says:

    Trump voters are like Dr. Frankenstein. And Trump is the monster. They think they can control him and that he’d never, ever, turn on them. I think they’re wrong.

    • Kauf Buch says:

      Thanks for confirming that many, many anti-Trump folks are that way out of FEAR of the unknown/different.

      You think you know Cruz? That he’s “dependable?!
      Naive. Foolish.

      • Jodi Giddings says:

        What we know about Trump is that he’s been a lifelong progressive. What we know about Cruz is that he’s stood in defense of the Constitution time and again.

        • Karmy says:

          NO Cruz puts on a good show but when push comes to shove he doesn’t vote the way he said he would. He voted for TPP, did not vote to audit the Fed. If you do the research you will find that there are ways that Congressmen can work the system and vote on some legislation but it doesn’t show in the roll call. Don’t be fooled. I have learned a lot that changed my mind about Cruz. Singularly, for such a Constitutional expert, he is ineligible to be elected President as he is NOT a natural born citizen. Talk about flip flopping. He initially believed to be a NBC you had to have two citizen parents and be born on US soil. Then in 2015 he changed his mind about the requirements. He was a Canadian citizen up to 2014 when he renounced his Canadian citizenship. This is just outrageous. And he continues with the deceit. See here for a timeline on his citizenship.

      • Joe Miller says:

        I fully expect every politician to disappoint me at some point. That doesn’t mean I’m going to support someone whose flaws are glaringly obvious at the start. That’s for the Hope And Change crowd. I know Trump supports ethanol and Cruz went to Iowa and told them he doesn’t. I know Trump thinks it’s fine to use eminent domain to take from someone else and give to him. I think Trump believes that anything legal is therefore moral. What do YOU know about Trump that I don’t?

  • Super says:

    What a joke. Is any elected official “conservative”. They do not exist, it’s all just talk.

    They do nothing, and talk out of both sides of their mouths.
    Wannabe Dukes, Earls, Overlords will not get another vote from me.

    Ditto GrayRider…

    I am pretty certain Trump loves this country.

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  • Karmy says:

    Jodi Giddings you have not done your homework. I will provide you with a link to C. Steven Tucker’s site where he explains Donald Trump’s position on Healthcare based on his research. I suggest you read it so that you know the truth of where Donald Trump really stands. Regarding eminent domain, Vera Coking still has her house. She fought and won against Trump. However, Jeb Bush is a big hypocrite because he used eminent domain in Florida unconstitutionally. “Due to an outbreak of citrus canker, from 2000-2006, then Governor Jeb Bush ordered citrus trees to be cut down from residents’ backyards. Tree cutters who were hired by the Bush administration and at times, escorted by sheriff’s deputies came equipped with chainsaws and removed trees without the homeowners’ permission. People were threatened with jail time if they did not allow the state workers to chop down their trees, citizens began referring to key players as the “citrus gestapo” and “fruit Nazis”.
    Visit these two links for his positions on abortion and Planned Parenthood.
    Anyone who doesn’t change their position when receiving new information is a rigid ideologue and a fool. Donald Trump is no fool. He is a successful leader, businessman and negotiator. He has more experience to run this country than any of the current crop of candidates this year or the last two Presidential elections. I believe he loves this country and will do whatever it takes to bring it back to its former glory and raise our status in the world. He will renegotiate our trade deals, protect and close our borders, bring jobs back to this country and raise our standard of living. I also believe he is the only one who can protect this country from the decline it is experiencing from the Marxist Progressives ( in both parties) who are destroying this country because they hate it and want to break it down so they can rebuild it into their Marxist utopia which doesn’t exist except in their alternative universe. As far as being a conservative, frankly we have voted “conservatives” into Congress in the last two elections and they have screwed us royally and have made promises they did not keep. They just rolled over. So I’m done being a purist and going for the man I know has the guts to do what he can to get the job done. He is not beholden to anyone and doesn’t need the power or the money so that means more to me than someone who claims they are conservative. I think you should watch some videos of his rallies and don’t read media reports of them. You will learn more about the man and see how he really is with people.
    I posted this at Joe Miller’s site but wanted to post it here tool.

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