Halloween in a Perpetually Offended World, Oh the Joy!

Halloween in a Perpetually Offended World, Oh the Joy!

Halloween in a Perpetually Offended World, Oh the Joy!

The PC police are out in full-force this Halloween on college campuses nationwide. And, of course, MTV’s weekly series, Decoded has decided to provide their own take on children’s Halloween costumes this year:

Oh, MTV! I’d like to thank you for the sheer unintentional comedy that you all provided in this clip!

Little Amigo: You are so cheeky with your Donald Trump comment. Yes, as a matter of fact, Donald Trump sees ALL Mexican children this way. Complete with fully grown mustaches!

China Boy: Yep. The costume is made in China. Funny, seems the Chinese factory didn’t have a problem cranking it out and shipping it off to America, did they?!

The Sultan/”Unisex Power Ranger” Get-up: Hmmm..I thought you folks were all about “unisex” get-ups. After all, wouldn’t that outfit be less offensive than the pink Power Ranger girl?

Some of the best lines from the video?

“Coming 2015-All your kids are ethnic prositutes!”

And, who can forget this one about the Confederate Soldier:

“If you buy this costume for your kid, I hope you get into a car accident…”

Wow, just wow.

I’m waxing nostalgic here but seriously, whatever happened to the days MTV just shut up and played the music videos? I loved sitting around and waiting for Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” back in the day and watching Headbangers Ball with my BFF in high school. I think it’s flat-out hysterical that they have developed a “social conscience” whilst airing rap videos that throw around the word “pimp” (heck, they even had a show called “Pimp My Ride” once upon a time) and they had no problems whatsoever with Miley Cyrus, their 2015 VMAs host walking out in various stages of undress and throwing out a gratuitous mammary for the camera as an “oops”. But yes, let’s talk about concubines and slavery and immigration and like, indigenous people because, like they truly care!

And, just in case you were wondering, college campuses nationwide have hopped upon the bandwagon:

According to Breitbart, Wesleyan College asked students “Is your costume offensive?” on a Halloween checklist that defines an offending costume as one that mocks “cultural or religious symbols such as dreadlocks, headdresses, afros, bindis, etc.,” attempts “to represent an entire culture or ethnicity,” or “trivialize human suffering, oppression, and marginalization such as portraying a person who is homeless, imprisoned, a person with disabilities, or a person with mental illness.”

“We aren’t trying to tell students what they can and cannot wear,’ but get them ‘to have conversations about the hard topics.

I was hoping students would look at their costume and decide ‘is this the image I want to project during Halloween? Am I comfortable with that image? Are other people going to be offended? Do I care if they are offended or not?'”–Elisa Cardona, Wesleyan University

On the list of what the PC police may find offensive? Here you go:

The parents must be Trump Supporters:

These Bible-thumping parents must hate the LGBT community:

Call CPS. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars:

And a note of caution to the adults: dressing as Caitlyn or Bruce or Caitlyn/Bruce is NOT okay, either:

But this, ladies and gentlemen, is highly-praised and ingenious:

MTV may have thought they were providing a “cautionary tale” this Halloween, but we’ve cracked the code. Amazing you all can say Halloween and not get your knickers in a knot. In fact, Halloween is of Celtic origin so why on earth would you all want to celebrate a “white” holiday, anyway? (I know, Halloween is cool but you all need to be careful about Christmas, though.) I’m waiting for the “Uptight Millennial Girl” costume to hit the shelves-it comes complete with faux nose ring, skinny jeans, a flannel and a t-shirt that reads “I have no sense of humor”. The male version? Emasculated Man! Stay scary, my friends!

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  • Mike says:

    The harem girl costume would work. Just make sure a boy wears it and goes as I dream of Gene.

  • Interestingly, these same people never seem to have a problem putting children in clothing typically worn by prostitutes, strippers, and on porn sets.

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  • Lisa Carr says:

    So true! I just went to a “harvest dance” put on by my son’s school this past Friday night and was taken aback to see two fifth grade girls in policewoman uniforms with short skirts, fishnets and handcuffs. 5TH GRADE! SMH. My kid can’t wield a fake sword (the flyer specifically stated “nothing violent, no weapons”) but these girls can waltz into the school sporting fishnets. (Facepalm)

    I have to laugh, too at these 20-somethings ripping on fringe on costumes and how they “poke fun” at ethnicity. Funny, very popular fall fashion must-haves for these millennial are ponchos (how RACIST), southwestern prints (obviously, “glamorizing” oppressed people) and yes, some have FRINGE!

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