SC Student Arrested in Classroom Raises Over $42K through Go Fund Me

SC Student Arrested in Classroom Raises Over $42K through Go Fund Me

SC Student Arrested in Classroom Raises Over $42K through Go Fund Me

It’s not enough that Deputy Ben Fields, the police officer involved in the arrest of a disruptive student, was fired. It’s never enough. Now the unnamed student has a “Go Fund Me” page set up by her attorneys. As of midnight in the Eastern Time Zone, the monies raised amounted to nearly $42,500.

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Why does she need money? According to her attorney, Todd Rutherford of the Rutherford Law Firm, located in Columbia, South Carolina:

Jane Doe was the victim of police brutality. While seated in her desk, doing her math work, former Deputy Ben Fields forcibly removed her from the desk by choking her, flipping the desk over while she was still seated, and slinging her six feet across the classroom by her clothes. As a result, she suffers injuries to her ribs, back, neck, shoulder; a broken arm, and abrasions to her face. The funds raised will be put towards medical costs, educational expenses, and any other expenses she has to endure. (Bold face mine).

Yes, dear readers! The poor darling was just quietly doing her math homework when a racist cop burst into the classroom and brutalized her. She needs to collect money for her “broken arm” — which sounds about as specious as the false claim that she was an “orphan.” (Richland County sheriff Leon Lott — who fired Fields, incidentally — claimed ‘she might have had a rug burn . . . but she was not injured.’) And “educational expenses”? What “educational expenses?” Isn’t public high school free? Or is this to go into a college fund, which is puzzling, since I question whether she is college material.

But, as I mentioned above, it’s never, ever enough for grievance-mongers. Now a second student arrested during the same event has her own Go Fund Me page, and you will be shaking your heads over what she wants with her funds.

Niya Kenny was in the same classroom as the disruptive female student, and when she saw resource officer Ben Fields entering the classroom to deal with the unruly girl, she did what any would-be social justice warrior would do: she got her classmates to video the action.

“When I saw deputy Fields, that’s when I started . . . that’s when I told them to get the cameras out, because we know his reputation – well, I know his reputation,” she told a newspaper.

Niya kenny

She also stood up and began screaming obscenities, adding to further disruption in the classroom.

“I was screaming ‘What the f, what the f is this really happening?’ I was praying out loud for the girl. I just couldn’t believe this was happening. I was just crying and he said, since you have so much to say you are coming too. I just put my hands behind my back.” Kenny was also arrested and charged with disturbing school, which is a misdemeanor in South Carolina.

Kenny was released from custody. Her mother supports her.

Niya Kenny, left, and her mother. Credit:

And, of course, she has a Go Fund Me page, too. And yes, it’s sponsored by the same law firm that represents the unnamed original perpetrator.

As of midnight, Eastern Time, Niya Kenny has gained a little over $3000 from her fellow social justice warriors:

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And what does Ms. Kenny desperately need?

According to attorney Rutherford, “The funds raised for Ms. Kenny will go towards counseling, future educational expenses, and a car.”

Yes, you read correctly. She wants a car.

But wait — doesn’t Go Fund Me prohibit setting up crowd funding accounts when the beneficiary is charged with violations of the law? Why, yes, yes, they do — like when they shut down the account of a Christian bakery which refused to serve a lesbian couple, or those of the Baltimore police officers charged in the Freddie Gray death. As Go Fund Me’s spokesperson said:

GoFundMe cannot be used to benefit those who are charged with serious violations of the law. The campaign clearly stated that the money raised would be used to assist the officers with their legal fees, which is a direct violation of GoFundMe’s terms. Specifically, ‘campaigns in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts’ are not permitted on GoFundMe.

I guess Go Fund Me accounts are only issued to those who represent liberal causes. Especially if they might want a car.

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  • GWB says:

    Oh, c’mon, Kim. Read the disclaimer more clearly:

    GoFundMe cannot be used to benefit those who are charged with serious violations of the law.

    You know, like not baking a cake. Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are not serious law-breaking.

    Sadly, there are loads of stupid people who will gladly give their $$ to this woman’s lawyers so they can fight The Man. *smh*

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