H.R.1’s ‘For The People’ Act Would Give Congress Electoral Power Over States

H.R.1’s ‘For The People’ Act Would Give Congress Electoral Power Over States

H.R.1’s ‘For The People’ Act Would Give Congress Electoral Power Over States

The ‘For The People’ Act (H.R. 1), would give Congress unchecked electoral power over states. Vice President Pence outlined his concerns about this in an op-ed at The Daily Signal.

“Under the Constitution, elections are governed at the state level. And each state is required to appoint presidential electors “in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct.”

Many of the most troubling voting irregularities took place in states that set aside laws enacted by state legislatures in favor of sweeping changes ordered by governors, secretaries of state, and courts.”

Making changes without legislative approval is a key issue, as we’ve noted more than a few times since November. It’s an issue that SCOTUS punted down the road much to the dismay of Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, and Alito. 

Evidently, wanting states to follow their own election rules and not change those rules on a whim, is a false claim of fraud according to CNN. 

Further on in Keilar’s broadcast, Daniel Dale tried to debunk Vice President Pence’s assertion that H.R. 1 would eliminate voter ID safeguards. 

“Dale acknowledged that the bill effectively forces states to allow voters to vote without presenting ID, but he claimed that Pence’s article was false because H.R. 1 did not explicitly strike state voter ID laws. This is technically true, but it is a meaningless distinction. Allowing voters to cast a ballot without an ID effectively bans voter ID, whether or not the text explicitly strikes voter ID laws.”

On one hand, Dale claims that voter ID would be banned according to Pence. However, if you go back and READ his op-ed, Pence doesn’t claim that. What he says is that the safeguards would be removed. Which Dale actually admits to! Under H.R.1’s ‘For The People’ Act, voters could show up at a polling place and be allowed to vote whether they have a photo ID or not. 

Let’s think about that for a minute. The Democrats would have us believe that having to present a PHOTO ID is voter suppression. Guess what? If you want to fly from one place in this country to another, you need a photo ID or you don’t get on the plane. Purchase or refinance a home, buy a car? Photo ID. The list goes on. But by golly, it’s suppression of some kind if you have to show a PHOTO to verify who you are in order to vote. 

This tweet thread has a comprehensive list of what is in this 800 page behemoth. Which, as briefly mentioned above, gives the federal government complete control over our elections. Which is completely against what our Constitution states. Secondly, automatic voter registration would happen across multiple instances. 

So, zero safeguards against ensuring those not LEGALLY here in the United States won’t be allowed to vote. Got it. Never mind the fact that a majority of countries around the world do NOT let illegals vote, the US under this law would throw the doors wide open. Moving on, our taxpayer dollars will go towards Motor Voter registration including same-day registration whether we want it to or not. 

Being jailed and pay more than $100,000 in fines for posting a meme? Unbelievable! Then again, social media will love this. Side note: who in the last two days is now seeing “fact-checks” on Dr. Seuss memes? *Raises hand. Does social media realize that we DO know that Cat In The Hat wasn’t canceled? That it was six other Seuss books? I’m sure they do. What they are pushing back against is our anger and the fact that we genuinely understand that once cancel culture gets started, it’s very tough to stop the avalanche. 

Thus, for Congress to attempt to stifle free speech (memes in this case) is a very real danger to our Constitutional rights. 

Meanwhile, this bill, the more one digs into it, you find that it’s harmful to free and fair elections. Mandatory mail voting, telling states they aren’t allowed to ask for voter ID, and no checks and balances on absentee ballots is truly opening the door to fraud on multiple levels. Read the entire tweet thread I linked above. It’s all there. 

People around the country KNOW and realize that there were multiple problems with votes and vote counting across multiple states. The distrust in our system of elections is at an all-time high. As Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) points out, several of the items in this legislation will give rise to very serious chain of custody issues. Something the Democrats hope we’ll ignore. 

“The integrity of our elections must be self evident, where the mere possibility of fraud is improbable because the process itself is airtight and secure. Many states do not meet that standard. We should be working together to make elections more secure, not less,” he continued

This is what the Democrats want. 

Yes indeed. Brian said the quiet part rather loudly here. Democrats want H.R.1, the ‘For The People’ Act rammed through so they can ensure that the next Presidential election is fortified exactly as they want it to be, our Constitution and our freedom to vote as we chose be damned. 

H.R. 1 is the very opposite of a “For The People” piece of legislation. It is Constitutionally wrong on all levels and needs to be stopped. 

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  • Mike Hamm says:

    No way in hell this becomes the law of the land.

  • That Trump-I-am
    That Trump-I-am!
    I do not like
    That Trump-I-am

    Do you like
    real votes and ham?

    I do not like them,
    I do not like
    Real votes and ham.

    Would you like them
    Here or there?

    I would not like them
    Here or there.
    I would not like them
    We do not like
    Real votes and ham.
    We do not like them,

    We do not like them
    midnight in Philly
    or in Atlanta
    Don’t you be silly.

    We will not have
    election observers
    while counting votes
    on Chinese servers.

    We do not like
    real votes for Trump
    That’s why we drive them
    to the dump

    We’ll erase them with our
    CheatWare Systems
    and Steal the Deal
    with Mail-In fictions

    We just can’t stand
    that Trump-I-am
    So we’ll vote FOR you,
    sirs and ma’mes!

  • Hate_me says:

    I love the 10th amendment. I’m a big fan of voting with one’s feet – if I disagree with my state to a degree that can’t be reconciled with my one voice, I will move to another state.

    I can choose to not be a New Yorker. It’s largely illegal to renounce one’s citizenship in the US (and most other nations). I cannot simply choose to not be an American. When my options are limited to choosing between part of a system with which I disagree or being a different part of that system with which I disagree, I’m placed on dying ground.

    For anyone familiar with Sun Tzu, dying ground is not where you want to place your enemies. It’s a place you do want to place your own soldiers, but only in a situation where they’re facing the enemy.

    The enemy always has a vote. I love this country. Madam Liberty, please don’t make me an enemy of America.

  • Howy says:

    How can this, and a mandated national minimum wage, stand under the 10th Amendment? Republicans and others opposed better have their court briefs on the ready. Just another clear indications that Democrats, since they can’t eliminate it, will simply ignore the Constitution and assume the public, too busy streaming and gaming, won’t notice.

  • American Human says:

    Let’s assume that this law, if enacted, gets boosted to the SCOTUS eventually. It is so blatantly unconstitutional that even a small insignificant peon such as myself can see. There will still be at least 3 and possibly 4 (Roberts) votes to allow the law to stand.

    Some things are so simple that it only a leftist supreme court judge could screw it up.

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